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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG1.4 Application of stable isotopes in biogeosciences (co-listed in IG)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Schimmelmann, A
Conversion of ammonium to organic nitrogen in maturing kerogen

Mansfeldt, T.; Schulte, U.; Weihmann , J.
Stable Carbon (12/13C) and Nitrogen (14/15N) isotopes as a tool for identifying the sources of cyanide in wastes and contaminated soils

Sivan, O.; Sela, M.; Yaari, N.G.; Eckert, W.
The redox couplings between carbon, sulfur and iron in Lake Kinneret (Israel)

Steinbeiss, S.; Temperton, V. M.; Gleixner, G.
Mechanisms of short-term soil carbon storage in experimental grasslands

Keppler, F.; Röckmann, T.; Vigano, I. ; McRoberts, C.W.; Hamilton, J.T.G
Methoxyl groups of plant pectin as a precursor compound for atmospheric methane: evidence from deuterium labelling studies

Böttcher, M.E.; Piel, C.
Kinetic S-34/S-32 fractionation during degassing and hydroxylation of hydrogen sulfide, and protonation of hydrogen bisulfide

Bouillon, S.; Veuger, B.; Dehairs, F. ; Middelburg, J.
Differential fate of C and N from labile organic matter in intertidal mangrove sediments: results from an in situ 13C-15N labeling experiment

Bartlett, R; Coulson, J; Bottrell, S; Chapman, P; Clark, J; Carlton, G
Recovery from acidification in organic soils: sulfur cycling and dissolved organic carbon dynamics

Zopfi, J.; Böttcher, M.E.; Jorgensen, B.B.
Biogeochemistry and stable isotope geochemistry of sulfur in Thioploca-colonized

Kress, A; Saurer, M; Siegwolf, R; Bugmann, H
The Role of Climate and Larch Budmoth Outbreaks reflected in δ13C- and δ18O-Signatures of an Alpine Tree-Ring Chronology

Stange, C. F.
Inverse analytical approach to quantify the fraction of heterotrophic nitrification on trace gas emissions based on indirect isotope labelling of soil organic matter

Biasi, C; Lind, S.E.; Pekkarinen, N.M.; Huttunen, J.T.; Shurpali, N.J.; Hyvönen, N.P.; Repo, M.E.; Martikainen, P.J.
Using stable isotopes to separate lime-borne CO2 from biotic CO2 in managed peat soils

Paetsch, J.; Serna, A.; Daehnke, K.; Schlarbaum, T.; Emeis, K.-C.
Reconstruction of the Nitrogen Cycle in the German Bight/South East North Sea by means of Stable Nitrogen Isotopes in surface sediments, suspended matter and nitrate - A Model Study

Kromdijk, J.; Albanito, F.; Fitton, N.; Lanigan, G.; Finnan, J.; Carroll, F.; Jones, M.; Schepers, H.E.; Griffiths, H.
Is CO2-uptake by C4-Grass Canopies limited by Leakage of CO2 from Bundle Sheath Cells?

Uchida, M.; Kumata, H.; Kondo, M.; Murayama, S.; Sigusa, N.
Coupled 13C and 14C isotopic signatures of plant derived organic molecule in forest fine aerosol: Implication for a proxy for photosynthetic carbon isotopic discrimination at ecosystem-scale

Millo, C.; Dupraz, S.; Ader, M.; Menez, B.
Carbon isotope tracing of CO2 sequestration during CaCO3 precipitation induced by ureolytic bacteria

Sebilo, M.; Billen, G.; Garnier, J.; Lot, K.; Pillet, E.; Aubry, E.; Mariotti, A.
Isotopic biogeochemistry of agricultural nitrate contamination of surface water in the Seine watershed (France)

Wang, L.; Macko, S.A.; Okin, G.
Soil carbon sources and variations in southern African savannas

Koeniger, P.; Marshall, J.D.
Stable isotopes used as artificial tracers of snow melt infiltration and plant water uptake

Riou, V.; Colaço, A.; Bouillon, S.; Chevalier, E.; Mangion, P.; Korntheuer, M.; Connelly, D.; Khripounoff, A.; Dehairs, F.; Santos, R.S.
Assimilation of carbon and nitrogen from dissolved and particulate material in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge deep sea hydrothermal mytilid Bathymodiolus azoricus : use of stable isotopes

Chapligin, B.; Meyer, H.; Marent, A.; Friedrichsen, H.; Hubberten, H.-W.
Oxygen isotopes of diatom silica from El’gygytgyn Crater Lake, NE Russia - Analyses using a remotely-operated laser-fluorination based mass spectrometry unit

Serna, A.; Paetsch, J.; Daehnke, K.; Schlarbaum, T.; Emeis, K.
Reconstruction of the Nitrogen Cycle in the German Bight/South East North Sea by means of Stable Nitrogen Isotopes in surface sediments, suspended matter and sediment cores - An empirical study

El gaouzi, E.; Sebilo, S.; Plagnes, P.; Ribstein, R. ; Zakeossian, Z.; Somon, S.
Characterization of sources of water in karstic aquifers in the watershed of Paris by measurement of the isotopic composition of nitrogen and oxygen in nitrate

Accoe, F.; Duta, S.; Hennessy, C.; Berglund, M.; Taylor, P.; Van Hoof, K.; De Smedt, S.
Combined use of N and O isotopes in nitrate and B isotopes to identify sources of nitrate pollution in surface water in Flanders.

Rothfuss, Y.; Bariac, T.; Braud, I.; Durand, JL.; Biron, P.; Richard, P.; Canale, L.
Realising a partition of evapotranspiration into soil evaporation and plant transpiration using isotopes of water in controlled conditions

Accoe, F.; Berglund, M.; Geypens, B.; Taylor, P.
Improved determination of the oxygen isotopic composition of nitrates and other nitrogen containing compounds by TC-EA-IRMS.

Torrentó, C.; Otero, N.; Menció, A.; Soler, A.; Mas-Pla, J.
Environmental isotopes (N, S, C, O, D) to evaluate occurrence and temporal variability of natural denitrification processes in a regional system (Osona, NE Spain)

Spott, O.
Facing the 15N tracer technique with the process of codenitrification

Huygens, D.; Rütting, T.; Paulino, L.; Godoy, R.; Oyarzun, C.; Van Cleemput, O. ; Templer, P.; Müller, C. ; Boeckx, P.
Refining the paradigm of N cycling in temperate rainforests in southern Chile

Barrett, G; Mair, L; Weitz, H; Mahmood, S; Baggs, E
Using stable isotope enrichment approaches to determine the significance of nitrifier denitrification as a soil source of nitrous oxide

Gottschalk, PG; Bellarby, JB; Foereid, BF; Wattenbach, MW; Chenu, CC; Smith, JS
Evaluation of RothC at three chronosequence sites in Zimbabwe and France using 13Carbon measurement data

Berdea, P.; Cuna, S.; Balas, G.; Magdas, A.; Szilagyi, E.
The study of the deuterium isotopic fractionation through the cell membrane of the plant (withdrawn)

Puig, R.; Folch, A.; Bach, J.; Soler, A.; Mas-Pla, J.; Otero, N.
Natural attenuation of nitrate in some vulnerable areas in Catalonia (NE Spain)

Woulds, C.; Andersson, J. H.; Cowie, G. L.; Middelburg, J. J.; Levin, L. A.
Factors affecting the short-term fate of organic carbon in marine sediments: evidence from stable isotope enrichment studies

Balas, G.; Cuna, S.; Magdas, A.; Szilagyi, E.; Berdea, P.
TThe use of stable isotopes for studying the effect of environmental factors on aquatic plants from Aries River, Romania (withdrawn)

Mortazavi, B.; Conte, M.; Smith, M.; Chanton, J.C.; Weber, J.; Crumsey, J.; Barkman, J.
Contribution of stored carbon pools to leaf level biosynthesis and respiration as revealed by 13C labeling experiments

Mangelsdorf, K.; Wohlfahrt, K. ; Kämpf, H.; Pfanz, H.
Investigation of the impact of degassing geogenic CO2 on the grass Deschampsia cespitosa in a mofette area

Mortazavi, B.; Chanton, J.; Conte, M.; Martin, T.
Influence of tree height on the carbon isotopic discrimination of canopy photosynthesis in southeastern US pine forest ecosystems

Balas, G.; Cuna, S.; Magdas, A.; Szilagyi, E.; Berdea, P.
The use of stable isotopes for studying the effect of environmental factors on aquatic plants from Aries River, Romania (withdrawn)

Inglima, I.; Cotrufo, M.F.
Quantification of carbon (C) reservoirs and belowground C input in soil in terrestrial ecosystems of the italian peninsula under different land-uses.

Dilly, O.; Zyakun, A.
The 13C-12C ratio as a tool to study soil microbial metabolism

Bottrell, S.H.; Böttcher, M.E.; Schippers, A.; Parkes, R.J.; Jorgensen, B.B.; Raiswell, R.; Telling, J.; Gehre, M.
Abiotic sulfide oxidation via manganese fuels the deep biosphere: Stable isotope evidence

Siegwolf, R.; Kayler, Z.; Reynolds, Ch.; Saurer, M.
Leaf water 18O enrichment is controlled by stomatal conductance, ambient vapor pressure and oxygen isotope ratio of water vapor

Woule Ebongue, V.; Verhack, J.; Bronders, J.; Van Keer, I.; Swennen, R.; Geypens, B.; Berglund, M.
Assessment of the relative contribution of the degradation and the sources for chlorinated ethenes in groundwater using stable carbon isotopes

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