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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS0 Open session: Tectonics and Structural Geology (including Stephan Mueller Medal Lecture)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Harutyunyan, A.; Abazyan, E.; Grigoryan, S.
Seismisity and Oil Gas Bearing on the Three-Dimensional Model of Lesser Caucasus Earth Crust

Bento dos Santos, T.; Fonseca, P.; Munhá, J.; Tassinari, C.; Dias Neto, C.
Structural and thermochronological constrains on the tectonic evolution of Ribeira Belt, SE Brazil

Parsiegla, N.; Gohl, K.; Uenzelmann-Neben, G.
Structure and Formation of the Agulhas Plateau Large Igneous Province

Gee, D. G.; Andreasson, P-G.
The "unknown" hinterland of the North Atlantic Caledonides - a key for understanding the orogen

Lerchbaumer, L.; Klötzli, U.; Pestal, G.
Schists and Amphibolites of the Ankogel-Hochalm-Gruppe/New Insights on the Variscan Basement in the eastern Tauern Window

Ennis, M; Meere, P.A.; Timmerman, M.J. ; Sudo, M.
Dating of cleavage formamation in the Irish Variscides: an in situ 40Ar/39Ar ULVA approach

Watanabe, K.; Sanematsu, K.; Duncan, R.
Fracture formation process by 40Ar/39Ar dating at the Hishikari epithermal gold deposit, Japan

Abushaala, Y.; Ben Suleman, A.
Integrated Geophysical Studies of Eastern Sirt Basin and Southwestern Cyrenaica Platform, Libya

Hsu, Y. J.; Lu, C. Y.; Chang, C. P.; Yeh, E. C.
Using pressure shadows to analyze the deformation history in the subduction-collision conjunction, Taiwan

Hastie, W. W.; Aubourg, C.; Watkeys, M. K.
The Rooi-Rand and Lebombo dyke swarms: implications for the Karoo mantle plume (withdrawn)

Sitdikova, E.; Sitdikova, L.
The migmatite-granulite complex of the Miass Pluton (Southern Urals)

Najafi, M; Yassaghi, A; Bahroudi, A
The Significance of basement faulting on fold style of cover sequence with median detachment in Zagros foreland fold-thrust belt: Analogue modeling and natural examples. (withdrawn)

Abueladas, A; Alzoubi, A; Akawi, E; Niemi, T; AlRuzouq, R; Ben-Avraham, Z
Ground penetrating radar for investigations shallow active faults in Aqaba area, Jordan

Pereira, A.; Venâncio, P.; Neves, L.; Godinho, M.; Ferreira, N.; Castro, P.
Remote sensing applied to geological mapping and tectonics: a study in the Viseu region (Central Portugal)

Sequeira, A.; Pereira, L.; Vicente, A.; Pereira, A.
The tectonics and lithostratigraphy of Precambrian to Lower Cambrian metasedimentary rocks of the Douro group (Northeastern Portugal) revisited

Süle, S.; Hajnal, Z. ; Pandit, B.
Integrated Tectonic and Petrophysical Investigation of the Williston Basin Sediments in and around the Weyburn CO2 Sequestration Reservoir, Canada (Part I: tectonic considerations)

Süle, S. ; Hajnal, Z.; Pandit, B.
Integrated Tectonic and Petrophysical Investigation of the Williston Basin Sediments in and around the Weyburn CO2 Sequestration Reservoir, Canada (Part II: petrophysical considerations)

Meere, P; Mulchrone, K; Sears, J; Bradway, M
The Effect of Non-Passive Clast Behaviour in the Estimation of Finite Strain in Sedimentary Rocks

Ghorbani, M. A.; Pourkermani, M.; Mohajel, M.; Alimohammadi, M.; Mozaffari Amiri, N.
Structural analysis of Hired mining area and its relation with gold mineralization using aeromagnetic data, satellite images and field studies, southern Birjand, Iran

Yamasaki, S; Chigira, M
Structures and formative processes of non-tectonic faults in pelitic schist

Monié, P.; Agard, P.
Modification of plate-slab coupling in subduction zones : the large-scale (>3000km) Neotethyan example

Delescluse, M.; Chamot-Rooke, N.
Very first pulse of deformation at 9 Ma in the Central Indian Basin.

Moreno, M; Klotz, J; Melnick, D; Grund, V; Echtler, H; Bataille, K
Active faulting and forearc block rotation in south-central Chile from GPS-derived deformation (36-39°S)

Cecys, A.
Ca. 1.45 Ga Danopolonian magmatism and deformation in southwestern Fennoscandia

Neben, S.; Block, M.; Reichert, C.; Schreckenberger, B.; Heyde, I.; Jokat, W.; Klingelhöfer, F. ; Aslanian, D.; Moulin, M.; Ehrhardt, A.
Cruise BGR07 MOBAMASIS - Marine Geophysical Investigations offshore Central Mozambique

Shulgin, A; Planert, L; Kopp, H; Müller, C; Lüschen, E; Flüh, E
Subduction along the Sunda-Banda Arc Transition: Marine Wide-Angle Seismic Modelling

Pueyo Anchuela, Ó.; Gil Imaz, A.; Pocoví Juan, A.; Pueyo Morer, E.L.
AMS as a fast and sensitive method to test and detect vertical axis rotation in fold and thrust systems. Southern Pyrenees, Aragón, Spain

Mueller, C.; Kopp, H.; Djajadihardja, Y.; Engels, M.; Flueh, E.; Gaedicke, C.; Lueschen, E.; Neben, S.; Planert, L.; Shulgin, A.
Subduction along the Sunda-Banda Arc transition: Marine multichannel seismic profiling

Tesón, E.; Pueyo, E.L.; Barnolas, A.; Teixell, A.; Agustí, J.; Furió, M.
Timing of mountain building and deformation rates in the High Atlas of Morocco (magnetostratigraphic, paleontological and sructural data in Ouarzazate foreland basin)

Mozaffari Amiri, N. ; Pourkermani, M.; Shahpasandzadeh, M.; Matkan, A. A.
Implication of drainage offsets to reconstruct the tectonic history of the eastern North Tehran fault, Central Alborz, Iran

Broenner, M.; Olesen, O.
Inside the basement structure of northern Norway: an integrated onshore-offshore study

Saheel, A; Salim, M; Hammuda, O
Basement Mapping and Structural Analysis Of the Jifarah Plain and Adjacent Area,NW Libya

Brun, J.-P.
Deformation of a brittle-ductile continental lithosphere: Observations vs models (Stephan Mueller Medal Lecture)

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