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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST3 Open session on the ionosphere and thermosphere including connections to regions above and below

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Sidorova, L.
Longitudinal distribution and statistics of the He+ density depletions (bubbles): Northern and Southern hemispheres

Sidorova, L.
Topside ionosphere irregularities: He+ density depletions (bubbles)

Aburjania, G.D.
Turbulent generation of zonal flows and large-scale magnetic fields by small-scale drift-Alfven modes in the ionosphere

Gudadze, N. B.; Didebulidze, G. G.; Lomidze, L. N.; Todua, M.
Coupling between the night variations in the red 630.0 nm line nightglow intensity and long-term changes in the meridional wind velocity

Ning, B.; Li, G.; Hu, L.
Investigation of plasma bubble occurrence characteristics over China

Chargazia, Kh.
Ultra Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Generation, Amplification and Mutual Transformation at Interaction with Local Inhomogeneous Non-stationary Shear Flows

Liu, L.
Case study on unusual enhancements in NmF2 and total electron content enhancements at low latitudes during low geomagnetic activities

Chum, J.; Hruska, F.; Buresova, D.; Sindelarova, T.; Hejda, P.; Bochnicek, J.
Geomagnetic Pi2 pulsations and related ionospheric oscillations measured by Doppler sounding

Uspensky, M.; Pellinen, R.
EISCAT-STARE study of irregularity drifts in high-latitude E-region and wave-wave interaction

Bencze, P.; Lemperger, I.
Solar cycle variations of plasmaspheric plasma parameters based on

Bencze, P.; Kis, Á.
Equatorial anomaly in the F-region of the ionosphere and in the thermosperic total neutral

Cnossen, I.; Richmond, A.D.
Modelling the effects of changes in the Earth’s magnetic field from 1957 to 1997 on the ionospheric hmF2 and foF2 parameters

Griffin, E.; Aruliah, A.; Yiu, H.-C.; McWhirter, I. ; Charalambous, A. ; McCrea, I.
Spatially extended observations of the coupled thermospheric and ionospheric temperature and velocity field over Svalbard

Baddeley, L
Funding Opportunities at the European Incoherent Scatter (EISCAT) Radars

Kalogerakis, K. S.; Slanger, T. G.; Kendall, E. A.
Remote oxygen sensing by ionospheric excitation (ROSIE)

Zherebtsov, G.A. ; Pirog, O.M.; Polekh, N.M.; Romanova, E.B.
Ionospheric effects of geomagnetic storm in different sectors: observation and modeling

Pirog, O.M. ; Polekh, N.M.; Romanova, E.B.; Zherebtsov , G.A.; Shi, J.K.; Wang, X.
A study of ionospheric response to magnetic superstorms

Romanova, E.B.; Tashchilin, A.V.
A theoretical study of dynamics of mean ionospheric trough

Voiculescu, M.; Nygrén, T.
Effect of IMF on the trough location and relationship to plasma convection

Tsagouri, I.; Koutroumbas, K.; Belehaki, A.
Solar wind driven autoregression model for short term ionospheric forecast

Amm, O.; Aruliah, A.; Buchert, S.C.; Fujii, R.; Gjerloev, J.W.; Ieda, A.; Matsuo, T.; Stolle, C.; Vanhamäki, H.; Yoshikawa, A.
Understanding the electrodynamics of the 3-dimensional high-latitude ionosphere: present and future

Ptitsyna, N.G.; Tyasto, M.I. ; Kasinsky, V.V.; Villoresi, G.
Influence of geomagnetic storms on railway telemetry

Lamy, H.; Roth, M.; De Keyzer, J.; Sergienko, T.; Gustavsson, B.; Sandahl, I.; Brandström, U.
Two-dimensional map of the field-aligned potential drop obtained from ALIS observations of auroral arcs

Nagorsky , P.M.; Tscibikov , B.B.
Evolution of level of the medium scale wave-like disturbances in the ionosphere at transition of earth’s magnetic field from quiet to disturbed conditions

Cumnock, J.A.; Kullen, A.; Karlsson, T. ; Sundberg, K.Ĺ.T; Blomberg, L.G.
Small-scale characteristics of transpolar arcs

Mosna, Z.; Sauli, P.
Analysis of parameters coupled to ionosphere processes

Sundberg, K Ĺ T; Blomberg, L G; Cumnock, J A
The low-latitude dynamo: An event study

Lathuillere, C; Marchaudon, A; Menvielle, M
Comparative study of thermospheric storms observed by Champ

Stauning, P.; Troshichev, O. A.; Janzhura, A. S.
The Polar Cap (PC) index. Present (unified) and past index calculations

Hamar, D.; Lichtenberger, J.; Ferencz, Cs.; Bodnár, L.; Steinbach, P.; Parrot, M.
The effect of the ionosphere on VLF wave propagation by LEO (Demeter and Compass) satellite measurements

Truhlik, V.; Podolska, K.; Triskova, L.
Modeling of Plasma Temperatures in the Topside Ionosphere and Plasmasphere – Quasiempirical Models

de La Beaujardičre , O.; Rich, F.; Huang, C. ; Cooke, D. ; Mozer, J.; Gentile, L.
The PECOS mission of small space weather satellites to provide the required observations for the post DMSP era

Coffey, V; Minow, J; Wright, K
In-situ observations of the Ionospheric F2-Region from the International Space Station (withdrawn)

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