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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH3.01 Documentation and monitoring of landslides and debris flows for mathematical modelling and design of mitigation measures (co-listed in GM) (co-sponsored by International Association Engineering Geology)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Milenkovic, S.; Jelisavac, B.; Vujanic, V.; Jotic, S.
Monitoring of landslides on corridor 10 passing through Serbia (withdrawn)

Hawarey, M.
Comparison of applicability of different adjustment methods for monitoring of deformation in natural and artificial structures

Hawarey, M.
Implementation of Kalman filtering technique to monitor deformation in natural and artificial structures in the absence of dynamical information

Yesiloglu, N.; Gokceoglu, C.; Sonmez, H.
Heuristic geological hazard potential mapping of Egirdir (Isparta, SW Turkey) settlement area

Miyamoto, K.; Itoh, T.
Two-dimensional numerical simulations for movements of soil block

Marcato, G.; Mantovani, M.; Fujisawa, K.; Pasuto, A.; Tagliavini, F.; Zabuski, L.
Evaluation of seismic effects on the landslide deposits of Monte Salta (Eastern Italian Alps) using distinct element method

Hikida, M; Hashimoto, H; Moriyama, T
Real-time acquisition and evacuation technique on debris flow in Mt. Sakurajima, Volcano, Japan

Tagliavini, F.; Mantovani, M.; Marcato, G.; Pasuto, A.; Silvano, S.
GPS monitoring system in landslide hazard mapping. A case study in the Dolomites (Eastern Alps, Italy)

Damm, B.
Bed Load Transport and Debris Flow Processes in Torrential Watersheds of Low Mountain Ranges of Germany

Sosio, R.; Pozzoni, M.; Ambrosi, C.; Crosta, G. B.
Modeling the debris flow expansion on alluvial fan areas - A comparison of different modeling approaches

Haberler-Weber, M; Huber, M; Kandler, Ch; Wunderlich, Th
Advanced monitoring concept for the Eiblschrofen rockfall area

Franzi, L.; Arattano, M.
Estimation of the effects of uncertainties in the determination of water-sediment flow rheology

Glisci, C.; Spilotro, G.
A method for processing landslide hazard map

Belaya, N.L.; Perov, V.F.; Budarina, O.I.; Sidorova, T.L.
Mapping of debris-flow catchments and developing of the Northern Caucuses debris-flow catchments database for investigation of climate impact on debris-flow activity.

Simoni, A.; Berti, M.
Experimental error sources in pore pressure measurement in very low permeability soils.

Foglino, L; Lovisolo, M; Della Giusta, A
Contribution of DMS monitoring systems in the analysis of slide micro-movements for early warning management, risk assesment and evaluation of mitigating actions.

Cannata, M.; Ambrosi, C.
Landslide monitoring data: WebGIS application and analysis tools.

Ronchetti, F.; Borgatti, L.; Campagnoli, I.; Cervi, F.; Corsini, A.; Gatti, A.; Leuratti, E.; Lucente, C.C.
Hydrogeological and geotechnical monitoring of some large landslides in the Province of Modena (Northern Appennines) for prevention and mitigation purposes

Gigli, G.; Bertolini, G.; Casagli, N.; Lombardi, L.; Mugnai, F.
Investigating the stability conditions of the Canossa cliff (Reggio Emilia, Italy)

Dunning, S.A.; Massey, C.R.; Rosser, N.J.; Petley, D.N.
The role terrestrial laser scanning in the documentation and numerical modeling of landslides and debris flows

Pirulli, M.; Deline, P.; Mangeney, A.; Mortara, G.; Noetzli, J.; Scavia, C.; Tamburini, A.
The Thurwieser rock avalanche, Ortles-Cevedale (Italian Alps): description and dynamic analysis

Magri, O.; Mantovani, M.; Pasuto, A.; Soldati, M.
Monitoring of lateral spreading phenomena along the north-west coast of Malta using the GPS technique

Huebl, J.; Scheidl, C.; Schnetzer, I.; Kollarits, S.
Standardised event documentation, a starting point for modeling and design of natural processes.

Munachen, S. E.
Debris-flow surge dynamics

Ghilardi, P.; Pagliardi, M.
Debris flow parameters for the design of check dams

Squarzoni, C.; Armento, M.C.; Scotton, P.; Genevois, R.
Field data and numerical simulations of the July 19th, 2004 debris flow event (Cortina d'Ampezzo, Northern Italy)

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