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  List of Accepted Contributions - SM10 Precambrian lithosphere: insights from geophysics, geochemistry, and geodynamics

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Eken, T.; Shomali, H.; Roberts, R.
Deep Lithospheric Structure of the Baltic Shield below the Swedish National Seismological Network (SNSN) Resolved by Teleseismic Tomography

Toteu, S.F.; Numbem Tchakounté, J.; Van Schmus, W.R.; Penaye, J.; Deloule, E.; Mvondo Ondoua, J.; Bouyo Houketchang, M.; Ganwa, A.A.; White, W.M.
Evidence of ca 1.6 Ga detrital zircon in the Bafia Group (Cameroon): Implication for the chronostratigraphy of the Pan-African Belt north of the Congo craton

Liu, S.W.; Wang, L.S.
Thermal regime and rheological structure of Precambrian continental lithosphere in China: implications for Cenozoic diffuse boundary deformation

Wuestefeld, A.; Bokelmann, G.H.R
Shear-wave splitting beneath thick lithospheric keels: a case study of the East European Craton

Peltonen, P.; Kozlovskaya, E.; Korja, T.; O´Brien, H.; Lehtonen, M.; WG, SST; WG, BEAR ; WG, EMMA
Continental mantle root deep analysis: a 620-km-long cross section of the Archean Karelian craton (Fennoscandian shield)

Zozulya, D.; Peltonen , P.; O'Brien, H.
Mantle composition and heat flow of the southern Kola craton (Fennoscandian shield)

Artemieva, I M
Differential growth rate of the lithosphere in Precambrian: a comparative study of different cratons

Artemieva, I M
Age-dependence of structure and properties of the continental lithosphere

Plomerova, J.; Babuska, V.; Kozlovskaya, E.; Vecsey, L.
Structure of the Precambrian lithosphere in Fennoscandia - an indication of stability of mantle lithosphere fabrics and existence of an early form of plate tectonics

Darbyshire, F.; Lebedev, S.
Upper mantle anisotropy beneath the Superior and Grenville Provinces, Ontario, Canada: insights from tomographic inversion of Rayleigh wave phase velocities.

Bogdanova, S.V.; Bibikova, E.V.; De Waele, B.; Postnikov, A.V.
Volgo-Uralia: a large piece of the global Archaean framework

Deschamps, F.; Lebedev, S.; Meier, T.; Trampert, J.
Stratification of seismic anisotropy beneath the east-central United States

Walther, M; Plenefisch, T; Ruempker, G.
Automated analysis of SKS shear-wave splitting for regional seismic networks

Heikkinen, P.; Korja, A.
Northwestern extension of the TransEurasian Megatransect–a compilation of BABEL and FIRE deep seismic reflection profiles

Moorkamp, M.; Jones, A. G.; Eaton, D. W.
A lithosphere-scale relationship between electrical conductivity and seismic velocity in the Slave Craton ?

Janik, T.; Kozlovskaya, E.; Heikkinen, P.; Yliniem, J.; the FIRE Working Group, &
Evidence for early plate tectonics in the northern Fennoscandian Shield derived from P- and S- wave velocity models of POLAR and HUKKA wide-angle profiles and FIRE4 reflection profile

Hamilton, M.P.; Jones, A.G.; Evans, R.L.; Muller, M.R.; Miensopust, M.; Fourie, C.J.S; Ngwisanyi, T.; Hutchins, D.; Evans, S.F.; Mountford, A.; The SAMTEX Team
Electrical and seismic anisotropy properties over Southern Africa

Brown, L
Prospectus: A Trans-EurAsian Megatransect (TEAM)

Bogdanova, S.; Lubnina, N.
Paleomagnetic evidence of rotations and conjugate rifting of the East European Craton in the Mesoproterozoic

Muller, M.R.; Jones, A.G.; Evans, R.L.; Hatton, C.; Hamilton, M.P.; Miensopust, M.; Mountford, A.; Fourie, C.J.; Hutchins, D.; Ngwisanyi, T.; THE SAMTEX TEAM
Constraints from broadband magnetotellurics and mantle xenolith geochemistry on lithospheric thickness and stabilisation age of the Rehoboth Terrane, southern Africa

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