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  List of Accepted Contributions - GD21 Long-term Rift Evolution: Topography, Tectonics and Genesis

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Cornwell, D.; England, R.; Maguire, P.; Kendall, J-M.; Stuart, G.
Two-stage magmatism during the evolution of the transitional Ethiopian rift

Yamasaki, T.; Stephenson, R.
Change in tectonic force inferred from basin subsidence: implications for the origins of tectonic force in the Valencia Trough

Corti, G
The relations between magmatism and deformation during continental rifting: examples from the Main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa

Simon, N.S.C
Mantle phase transitions during rifting

Haq, B.
Magnitude of Sea Level Changes: A perspective from the Paleozoic

Bauer, F.U.; Glasmacher, U.A.; Reiners, P.; Schumann, A.; Nagudi, B.; Bechstaedt, T.
Denudation history of the Rwenzori Mountains, Albertine Rift, Uganda

Wallner, H.; Schmeling, H.
Why are the Rwenzori Mountains so high ?

Karlsson, E.; Sigmundsson, F.
How do grabens form: the influence of plate spreading on topography in a magma starved rift

Babuska, V.; Plomerova, J.
Western Eger Rift (Bohemian Massif): role of mantle lithosphere in the rift origin, its tectonic development and present geodynamic activity

Bunge, H.-P.
Linkages between rift evolution and deep mantle flow

Spasojevic, S.; Liu, L.; Gurnis, M.
Implications for regional and eustatic sea level since Late Cretaceous from North America dynamic models

Malkin, B.
Calibration of Upper Cretaceous sea level transgression peaks and unconformity level by method of vertical-motionless reference points (East European platform).

Robin, C.; Guillocheau, F.; Vrielynck, B.
Very low term (250 Myr) quanification of the eustasy during Mesozoic – Cenozoic time based on coastal onlap measurement at the tethys and world-scale

Albaric, J.; Deschamps, A.; Déverchère, J.; Wambura-Ferdinand, R.; Perrot, J.; Le Gall, B.; Sue, C.; Tiberi, C.; Petit, C.
Seismotectonic and structural study of the North Tanzanian Divergence: first results from the SEISMO-TANZ’07 experiment

Calais, E.; Stamps, S.; d'Oreye, N.; Wright, T.; Hamling, I.; Saria, E.; Lewi, E.; Fernandes, R.; Ebinger, C.; Buck, R.
Geodetic constraints on rifting processes in East Africa

Rasskazov, S.; Liu, J.; Chuvashova, I.; Fanchao, M.
Unusually long-lived Cenozoic Rifting and Magmatism in Southern Siberia: Correlations with Processes at convergent Boundaries of Asia

Moucha, R.; Forte, A. M.; Mitrovica, J. X.; Rowley, D. B.; Simmons, N. A.; Grand, S. P.
Implications of mantle convection for eustatic and relative sea level change

van der Beek, P.A.; Braun, J.; Persano, C.
Long Term topographic Development, Denudation Histories, and vertical Motions of high-elevation rifted Continental Margins: a Review

Macheyeki, A.S.; Delvaux, D.; De Batist, M.; Mruma, A.
Active tectonic deformation in Central Tanzania: the Manyara-Dodoma rift segment

Delvaux, D.; Fontijn, K.; Kraml, M.; Temu, E.B.; Mbede, E.; Jacobs, P.; Ernst, G. GJ
Tectonic evolution, volcano-tectonic architecture, geothermal systems and geo-hazards in the Rungwe Volcanic Province (East African rift, SW Tanzania)

Cogné, J.P.; Humler, E.
Pangea breakup, seafloor area-age balance and sealevel

Greenhalgh, E.E.; Kusznir, N.J.
Geodynamic modelling of continental lithosphere thinning leading to sea-floor spreading: Implications for post-breakup rifted margin hinterland uplift

Koehn, D; Lindenfeld, M; Ruempker, G; Aanyu, K
Abnormal fault populations in rift transfer sections

Japsen, P; Bonow, JM; Green, PF; Chalmers, JA; Lidmar-Bergström, K
Elevated passive continental margins may form much later than the time of rifting

Sankov, V.A.; Lukhnev, A.V.; Miroshnitchenko, A.I.; Ashurkov, S.V.; Byzov, L.M.; Dembelov, M.G.; Calais, E.; Déverchère, J.
Extension in Baikal rift basin after 13 years of GPS measurements: present-day kinematics of passive rifting

van Wijk, J.; van Hunen, J.; Goes, S.
Small-scale convection beneath continental rifts: evidence from the Rio Grande rift

Link, K.; Barifaijo, E. ; Tiberindwa, J. ; Foley, S.F.
Pyroxenite- xenoliths from the silica-poor alkaline volcanic rocks in the Toro-Ankole region of western Uganda

Foley, S.F.
Magmatic characteristics of incipient rifting

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