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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV21 Understanding Physical and Chemical Signals at Active Volcanoes

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Zaccarelli, L.; Pandolfi, D.; Bianco, F.; Saccorotti, G.; Bean, C.
Seismic wave temporal changes during the 2002-2003 Mt. Etna eruption

Carbone, D.; Zuccarello, L.; Saccorotti, G.
The ability of joint seismological-gravity studies to detect states of unrest at active volcanoes

Patanè, D.; Di Grazia, G.; Ferrari, F.; Montalto, P.; Boschi, E.
The geometry of Mt. Etna shallow central feeding system

Benson, P.M.; Vinciguerra, S.; Meredith, P.G.; Young, R.P.
Laboratory simulation of VT, hybrid and LF seismic signals.

Werner, C.; Sherburn, S.; Christenson, B.; Hurst, T. ; Britten, K.; Cole-Baker, J.
Relationships of Degassing and Seismicity at Quiescent Volcanoes in New Zealand

Jolly, G; GeoNet
Multidisciplinary monitoring of the 25 September 2007 phreatic eruption at Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

Di Lieto, B.; Saccorotti, G.; Zuccarello, L.
Quantitative analysis of Very-Long-Period (VLP) seismicity at Etna during summer 2005

Vinciguerra, S.; Caricchi, L.; Burlini, L.; Scarlato, P.
Melt flow in a conduit and seismic signals time evolution: A Laboratory Study

De Siena, L.; Del Pezzo, E.; Bianco, F.; Tramelli, A.
Imaging of Mt. Vesuvius' s quiescent stage using velocity and attenuation tomography.

Zuccarello, L.; Burton, M.; Saccorotti, G.; Bean, C.; Patanè, D.; Salerno, G.G.
How significant is VLP seismicity for determining gas budget at Etna Volcano?

Jousset, P.; Chouet, B.
Long-period earthquakes in Bouillante hydrothermal system, French Antilles.

Monteiller, V; O'Brien, G.S.; Metaxian, J.P.; Bean, C.J.; Macedo, O.
Moment-tensor inversion of explosion events recorded on Ubinas Volcano, Peru

Ruzzante, J.; Lòpez Pumarega, M.I.; Piotrkowski, R. ; Gregori, G.P.; Marson, I.; Paparo, G. ; Poscolieri, M.; Zanini, A.
Acoustic emission (AE), tides and degassing on the Peteroa volcano (Argentina)

Geyer, A.; Gottsmann, J.
Stress field and ground deformation at volcanoes: Influence of reservoir multiplicity and host rock lithology

Rymer, H.; Locke, C. A.; Borgia, A.; Martinez, M.; Brenes, J.
Volcanic eruption prediction – 5 years before the event

Tramelli, A.; Del Pezzo, E.; Galluzzo, D.; Fehler, M. C.
Inhomogeneous properties of the scattering wavefield on Mt. Vesuvius

Lokmer, I.; Bean, C.; O'Brien, G.; Saccorotti, G.
Sensitivity of Moment Tensor solutions to the shallow velocity structure: synthetics and data example from Etna Volcano, Italy

Madonia, P. ; Federico, C. ; Cusano, P. ; Petrosino, S. ; Aiuppa, A. ; Gurrieri, S.
Crustal dynamics of Mt. Vesuvius from 1998 to 2005: effects on seismicity and fluid circulation

Del Pezzo, E. ; La Rocca, M. ; Galluzzo, D. ; Petrosino, S. ; Cusano, P. ; Bianco, F. ; Breton, M. ; Orozco-Rojas, J. ; Ibanez, J. ; Veneruso, M.
A seismic survey at Colima volcano (Mexico)

Cusano, P.; Petrosino, S.; Saccorotti, G.; Chiodini, G.
Source dynamics of the LP events occurred during the recent uplift at Campi Flegrei volcanic complex

Hjaltadottir, S.; Vogfjord, K. S.; Slunga, R.
Seismic Signs of Magma intruding from the Crust-Mantle Boundary preceding and during two Intrusion Episodes in the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, south Iceland

Saccorotti, G.; Petrosino, S.; Bianco, F.; Galluzzo, D.; La Rocca, M.; Del Pezzo, E. ; Zaccarelli, L.; Cusano, P.
Seismicity associated with the 2004-2006 renewed ground uplift at Campi Flegrei caldera, Italy.

Vassalli, M.; Longo, A.; Saccorotti, G.; Papale, P.; O'Brien, G.
Numerical simulations of geophysical signals in response to magma chamber dynamics at Campi Flegrei volcanic complex, Italy.

Longo, A.; Bisconti, L.; Saccorotti, G.; Papale, P.
Approaching volcanic sources using a finite element, numerical modelling of fluid-rock interaction based on the space-time discontinuous Galerkin method.

Jónsdóttir, K.; Roberts, R.; Tryggvason, A.; Lund, B.; Pohjola, V.; Jakobsdóttir, S.S.; Bödvarsson, R.
Local lp-events study in a glaciated volcanic environment in south Iceland

Alparone, S.; Cammarata, L.; Cannata, A.; Gambino, S.; Milluzzo, V.; Gresta, S.
Time-space variation of the 2004-2006 micro-seismicity at La Fossa (Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy)

Todesco, M.
Multi-parameter modeling of hydrothermal fluid circulation

Burton, M.; Allard, P. ; Murè, F.; La Spina, A.
Lessons learnt from eight years of FTIR measurements on Mt. Etna

Roberts, M. J.; Vogfjörð, K. S.; Slunga, R
Seismic observations of glacial flooding from the ice-cover of Katla volcano, Iceland

Vogfjörd, K. S.; Slunga, R.; Gudmundsson, M. T.
Indications of subsurface mass movement in the Katla volcano in Iceland during 1997-2007, revealed by evolution of earthquake locations and geothermal activity within the caldera, as well as crustal deformation around the caldera rim.

Bean, C.J.; Martini, F.; The VOLUME Consortium, &
Multidisciplinary field and computational studies of sub-surface mass movement at volcanoes: highlights from the VOLUME project.

Lane, S.J.; James, M.R.
Fluid flow as a source mechanism for ground motion at volcanoes

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