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  List of Accepted Contributions - PS3.0 Outer planets and satellites (including David Bates Medal Lecture)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Zuchowski, L. C.; Yamazaki, Y. H.; Read, P. L.
GCM studies of Jovian turbulence and jet stability

Zuchowski, L. C.; Yamazaki, Y. H.; Read, P. L.
A simple Jovian cloud scheme for OPUS

Kochemasov, G.
The wave modulation approach to explain sizes of some features on Saturn and Titan

Tseng, W.-L.; Ip, W.-H.
Charge Exchange and Ion Chemistry in the Gas Coma of Enceladus

Coustenis, A. ; Jennings, D.; Jolly, A.; Bénilan, Y. ; Gautier, D. ; Nixon, C.; Flasar, M.; Achterberg, R. ; Conrath, B.; Vinatier, S.
Titan's stratospheric composition

Baines, K; Momary, T; Roos-Serote, M; Atreya, S; Brown, R; Buratti, B; Clark, R; Nicholson, P
Saturn’s Polar Hexagon at depth: New images of stationary planetary waves in the North Polar Region by Cassini/VIMS

Waite, J.H.; Young, D.T.; Coates, A.; Crary, F.; Cravens, T.E.; Kasprzak, W.T.; Shemansky, D. ; Coustenis, A.; Magee, B.; Westlake, J.
Organic Chemistry at Titan

Rappaport, N.J.; Iess, L.; Tortora, P.; Somenzi, L.; Wahr, J.M.; Lunine, J.I.; Armstrong, J.W.; Asmar, S.W.
Titan's gravity and interior structure

Orton, G.; Encrenaz, T.; Leyrat, C.; Puetter, R.; Meadows, V.; Burgdorf, M.
Spatial Inhomogeneity in Thermal Infrared Images of Uranus and Neptune: The Context For Spitzer IRS Spectral Analysis

Kliore, A.J.; Nagy, A.F.; Flasar, F.M.; Schinder, P.J.; French, R.G.; Marouf, E.A.; Rappaport, N.J.
New results from Cassini radio occultations of Titan's ionosphere

Encrenaz, T.; Leyrat, C.; Orton, G.; Pantin, E.; Ferrari, C.
The latitudinal temperature distribution in the stratosphere of Neptune as observed by VISIR/VLT infrared high-resolution imaging spectroscopy

Ma, Y.; Nagy, A.; Toth, G.; Najib, D.; Cravens, T.; Crary, F.; Coates, A.; Bertucci, C.; Neubauer, F.; Russell, C.
3D Global Hall MHD Simulations of Titan's interaction with its surrounding plasma

Kanik, I.; Orzechowska, G. E.; Hodyss, R. P.; Johnson, P. V.; Goguen, J. D.; Lane, A. L.; Kirschvink, J. L.; Yung, Y. L.
Laboratory Investigation of Potential Chemical Pathways for the Formation and Degradation of Organics Relevant to Outer Planets and Satellites

Flasar, F. M.; Achterberg, R. K.; Conrath, B. J.; Schinder, P. J.; The Cassini CIRS and Radio Science Teams
The dynamics and composition of Saturn’s atmosphere

Tejfel, V; Kharitonova, G
The seasonal trend of the methane absorption in Southern hemisphere of Saturn

Khodachenko, M. L.; Kislyakov, A. G.; Panchenko, M. ; Taubenschuss, U. ; Rucker, H. O.
On the solar wind and Saturn moons signatures in modulations of SKR and near Saturn magnetic field

Hesman, B. E.; Jennings, D. E.; Sada, P. V.; Bjoraker, G. L.; Simon-Miller, A. A.; Boyle, R. J.; McCabe, G. H.
Saturn’s hydrocarbon emission from ground-based and Cassini/CIRS observations

Read, P. L.; Fletcher, L. N.; Irwin, P. G.; Achterberg, R.; Conrath, B. J.
Zonal mean dynamics on Saturn from Cassini and Voyager data

Wei, H. Y.; Russell, C. T.; Dougherty, M. K.; Neubauer, F. M.; Bertucci, C. ; Ma, Y. J.
An upper limit to the intrinsic magnetic moment of Titan

Lorenz, R. D.; The Cassini RADAR Team
Lakes on Titan : RADAR Observations and models of Physical Processes

Lorenz, R.; The Cassini RADAR Team
Cassini RADAR - New Results on Titan's Diverse Surface

Krimigis, S
Ring currents at Earth, Jupiter and Saturn: Dominance of internal plasma sources

Paganelli, F.; Janssen, M.; Stiles, B.; Johnson, W.T.K; Lorenz, R. D.; Lunine, J.I.; and the Cassini Radar Team, .
Titan’s northern lakes and terrains from SAR and high-resolution radiometry

Marouf, E. ; French, R.; Flasar, M.; Schinder, P.; Kliore, A. ; Rappaport, N.; McGhee, C.; Anabtawi, A.
Titan's Atmosphere: Cassini Radio Science Extinction Observations

Niemann, H; Demick-Monterlara, J; Owen, T; Raulin, F
The Composition of Titan’s Surface at the Probe Landing Site

Jaumann, R.; Brown, R. H.; Stephan, K.; Soderblom, L. A.; Sotin, C.; Le Mouelic, S.; Barnes, J.; Clark, R. N.; Buratti, B. J.; et, al.
Erosion on Titan

Tobie, G.; Choukroun, M.; Gautier, D.; Grasset, O.; Hersant, F.; Le Corre, L.; Le Mouélic, S.; Rannou, P.; Rodriguez, S.; Sotin, C.
Release of volatiles from Titan’s interior: origin, evolution and consequences.

Tobie, G.; Duval, P.; Sotin, C.
Grain size evolution in convective ice shells: Application to Europa and the other icy satellites.

Lin, I L.; Ip, W.H.
An Exospheric Model of Iapetus

Saturn’s Titan: Evidence for surface activity

Dougherty, M. K.; Khurana, K. K.; Neubauer, F. M.; Russell, C. T.; Saur, J.; Leisener, J. S.; Burton, M. E.
Discovery of a Dynamic Atmosphere at Enceladus from Cassini Magnetometer Observations

Brown, R. H.; Barnes, J. W.; Sotin, C.; Jaumann, R.; Soderblom, L. A.; Buratti, B.; Clark, R.; Baines, K.; Nicholson, P.; LeMoulic, S.
A large, tectonic complex in Titan’s southern hemisphere—Impact spawned?

McCord, T. B.; Hayne, P.; Combe, J.-P.; Hansen, G. B.; Barnes, J. W.; Buratti, B.; Baines, K. H.; Brown, R. H.; Nicholson, P.
Titan: Surface composition from Cassini VIMS

Strobel, D
Titan Aeronomy

Anderson, C.M.; Young, E.F.; Chanover, N.J.; McKay, C.P.
Titan's tropospheric methane and lower atmospheric haze distribution from HST/STIS observations

Shemansky, D.
UVIS at Saturn

Coradini, A.; Magni, G.
The Formation of Jupiter and Saturn (David Bates Medal Lecture)

Szopa, C.; Cernogora, G.; Hadamcik, E.; Alcouffe, G.; Renard, J.B.; Quirico, E.
Physcial and chemicla properties of analogues of Titan’s aerosols produced with a radio-frequency plasma experiment

Ventura, B.; Casarano, D.; Notarnicola, C.; Di Rosa, D.; Posa, F.
Cassini RADAR: modeling and Bayesian inference of physical and morphological parameters of Titan's surface features

Andert, T. P.; Pätzold, M.; Tyler, L. G.
Derivation of the masses of Pluto and Charon from the New Horizons´s flyby in 2015

Lavvas, P.; Coustenis, A.; Vardavas, I.M.
Titan’s atmospheric structure: Chemistry, Haze & Temperature.

Garnier, P.; Dandouras , I.; Toublanc , D.; Mitchell , D.G.; Roelof , E.C.; Brandt , P.C.; Krimigis , S.M.; Krupp , N.; Hamilton , D.C.; Waite , J.H.
The Titan exosphere and its interaction with the kronian magnetosphere : INCA/LEMMS observations statistical analysis and modeling

Le Mouélic, S.; Sotin, C.; Rodriguez, S.; Tobie, G.; Le Corre, L.; Brown, R.H.; Barnes, J.W.; Clark, R.; Jaumann, R.; Soderblom, L.
Processing of Cassini VIMS surface images of Titan : spatial and spectral filtering

Cassidy, T. A.; Johnson, R. E.
Europa's atmosphere and its relation to surface composition (withdrawn)

Irwin, P.; Teanby, N.; Davis, G.
Near infrared observations of the latitudinal variation of vertical (withdrawn)

Barrado, N.; Sanchez-Lavega, A.; Hueso, R.; Pérez-Hoyos, S.
Jupiter’s Polar Clouds and Dynamics from HST and Cassini imaging: 1994-2000

Garcia-Melendo, E; Sanchez-Lavega, A; Hueso, R; Legarreta, J; Perez-Hoyos, S
Observations and Simulations of the Jovian Anticyclone BA and its interaction with the Great Red Spot

Atreya, S.K.; Bolton, S.; Encrenaz, T.; Mahaffy, P.; Niemann, H.; Owen, T.
Formation of Jupiter and Saturn and their atmospheres: Clues from composition and thermochemistry

Rodriguez, S.; Le Mouélic, S.; Tobie, G.; Sotin, C.; Rannou, P.; Griffith, C.A.; Hirtzig, M.; Barnes, J.W.; Brown, R.H.; the VIMS Science team
Mapping Titan’s clouds with the VIMS instrument during the two first years of the Cassini mission

Rodriguez, S.; Crapeau, M.; Le Mouélic, S.; Paillou, P.; Sotin, C.; Wall, S.; Brown, R.H.; the VIMS and RADAR Science teams
Cassini VIMS and Altimeter joint study of Titan surface

Negrao, A.; Coustenis, A.; Hirtzig, M.; Lellouch, E.; Maillard, J.-P.; Rannou, P.; Gendron, E.; Drossart, P.; Combes, M.; Schmitt, B.
Ground-based observations of Titan in the near-infrared

Rannou, P; Montmessin, F; Hourdin, F ; Lebonnois, S; Tobie, G
Stability of the methane and the ethane in Titan atmosphere

Alberti, G.; Papa, C.; Flamini, E.; Orosei, R.; Picardi, G.; Seu, R.; Del Marmo, P.P.; Callahan, P.S.; Walls, S.
Processing of altimetric data of CASSINI mission

Luz, D.
15 years of Titan General Circulation Modeling (withdrawn)

Smythe, W; Nelson, R; Boryta, M
The search for ammonia frost on Titan

Schwingenschuh, K.; Besser, B.P.; Hofe, R.; HASI-PWA Team
HUYGENS in-situ observations of Titan's atmospheric electricity

D'Aversa, E.; Bellucci, G.; Baines, K.; Brown, R.H.; Team, VIMS
Saturn atmosphere from Cassini/VIMS: distribution of the tropo-stratospheric aerosols

Rannou, P; Montmessin, F
Haze and cloud microphysic in Pluto atmosphere

Young, E.F.; French, R.G.; Young, L.A.; Ruhland, C.R.; Buie, M.W.; Olkin, C.B.; Regester, J.; Shoemaker, K.
Vertical structure in pluto’s atmosphere from the 12 June 2006 stellar occultation

Atkinson, D.H.; Bird, M.K.; The Doppler Wind Experiment Team
The Huygens Titan probe Doppler Wind Experiment: recent progress

Doose, L; Tomasko, M; Engel, S; Dafoe, L; West, R; Lemmon, M
Titan’s Atmospheric Aerosols

Tomasko, M.; Bezard, B.; Doose, L.; Engel, S.; Karkoschka, E.
Measurements of the absorption of methane at long paths and low temperature from observations on the Huygens Probe in the atmosphere of Titan

Rodin, A.V.; Skorov, Yu.V.; Keller, H.U.; Grieger, B.; Tomasko, M.
Coagulation and scavenging on tholin haze in the Titan atmosphere

Hartle and/CAPS Team, R.; CAPS Team
Ion composition at Titan’s magnetosphere-ionosphere transition region

West, R
Aerosol measurements of Saturn and their significance

Sotin, C.; LeCorre, L.; LeMouelic, S.; Rodriguez, S.; Brown, R.H.; Barnes, J.W.; Griffith, C.; Jaumann, R.; Soderblom, L.; THE VIMS IMPLEMENTATION TEAM
The recent VIMS observations of Titan’s surface and atmosphere : implications for the methane cycle

Hirtzig, M; Rodriguez, S; leMouélic, S; Sotin, C; Coustenis, A; Drossart, P; Combes, M; Gendron, E; Lai, O
Monitoring Titan's atmospheric dynamical activity during the last decade

Hirtzig, M; leMouélic, S; Rodriguez, S; Negrão, A; Tobie, G; Sotin, C; Coustenis, A; Rannou, P; Brown, RH
VIMS cartography of Titan: cleaning out the atmosphere and constraining the surface spectrum

Barth, E. L.; Rafkin, S. C.
Clouds and Precipitation on Titan Modeled with the Titan Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (TRAMS)

Mitchell, J.L.; Lorenz, R.D.
The drying of Titan’s dunes: A link between climate and surface morphology

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