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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH3.05 Landslides, ground-failures and mass movements induced by earthquakes and volcanic activity (co-listed in GM)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Nepop, R.
Contribution of aftershock-induced landslides to erosion (by the example of Chuya earthquake (M=7.3) Gorny Altay, Russia)

Ozcep, F.; Kaya, H.
Integrated Use of Soil Amplification and Earthquake Induced Slope Stability in the Microzonation Studies : Esenyurt (Istanbul) Example

Jibson, R.
Landslides triggered by the 2002 Denali fault, Alaska, earthquake: What do they tell us about the strong shaking?

Del Gaudio, V.; Wasowski, J.
New observations on directivity phenomena in the dynamic response of slopes to seismic shaking

Wu, W.
Dynamic Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

Keefer, D
Landslides caused by recent earthquakes

Hannich, D.; Hoetzl, H.; Ehret, D.; Huber, G.; Danchiv, A.; Bretotean, M.
Liquefaction probability in Bucharest and influencing factors

Chen, T. C.; Wang, H. Y.; Shu, C. Y.; Ming, W. S.; OuYang, S.; Lin, R. R.
Chi Chi Earthquake and Typhoons Influence Debris Flows - 106 Debris Flow Events in Taiwan

Maybodian, M.; Zare, M.; Memarian, H.
Seismic vulnerability of the sarcheshmeh open pit mine, SE Iran

Jurko, J.; Sassa, K.; Fukuoka, H.
Study on mobility of earthquake induced landslides in silty soils by means of ring-shear apparatus

Gokceoglu, C.; Duman, T.Y.; Nefeslioglu, H.A.; Yildirim, C.; Can, T.; Emre, O.; Sonmez, H.
Evaluation of landslide proximity to faults: the Almacik tectonic block in the North Anatolian Fault Zone (Turkey)

Bourdeau, C.; Havenith, H.B.
Is the triggering of Kainama landslide (Kyrgyzstan, 2004) related to seismic shaking, groundwater flow or a combination of both ?

Marques, R.; ZÍzere, J.L.; Queiroz, G.; Coutinho, R.
GIS-based logistic regression method for susceptibility assessment of earthquake-triggered landslides: A case study from Fogo Volcano (S. Miguel, Azores)

Chigira, M.; Yagi, H.; Kausar, A.B.
Landslides induced by the 2005 northern Pakistan Earthquake and long-term gravitational slope deformation

Guemache, M.A.; Beldjoudi, H.; Semmane, F. ; Kharroubi, A. ; Amrani, A. ; Djellit, H.; Yelles-Chaouche, A.K.
On earthquake-related landslides: the case of the March 20th, 2006 Kherrata earthquake (Mw=5.3) and the La‚lam landslide (Babor chain, Wilaya of Bejaia, North-East Algeria).

Pavanelli, N.; Capaccioni, B.; Vaselli, O.; Sarocchi , D.; Floris, M.; Falorni, G.; Tassi, F.; Duarte, E.
Mass movement hazard at Irazu volcano (Costa Rica): the Rio Reventado debris avalanche case study

Dunning, S.A.; Mitchell, W.A.; Petley, D.N.; Rosser, N.J.; Cox, N.J.
Landslides predating and triggered by the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake: rockfall to rock avalanches

Lee, C.T.; Huang, C.M.
Neuro-fuzzy-based landslide susceptibility analysis °V an example from Central Western Taiwan

Chan, Y.C.; Wu, C.Y.; Chang, K.J.; Hu, J.C.
Structural and geomorphic controls on the earthquake-triggered landslide in the Chiufenershan area during the Mw 7.6 Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan

Wang, K.-L.; Lin, M.-L.
The run-out and recessional distances of granular slope based on shaking table model tests

Sassa, K; Fukuoka, H; Wang, G; Wang, F; Marui, H; Soridum, R; Furumura, T
The 2006 Leyte landslide, Philippines triggered by a small nearby earthquake after rainfall

Mitchell, W. A.; Petley, D. N.; Dunning, S. A.; Rosser, N. J.
Coseismic generated slope conditions related to the Mw 7.6 Kashmir earthquake of October 2005

Chang, K.J.; Chan, Y.C.; Chen, R.F.; Tsao, S.J.
Surface features of paleo-landslides analyzed by LiDAR topographic data

Meunier, P.; Haines, J.; Hovius, N.
Patterns of landslide density in the Santa Susanna Mountains, California, in response to strong ground motion during the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Meunier, P.; Hovius, N.; Haines, J.
Rate and Pattern of earthquake-induced landslides and their relation to seismic shaking

Evans, S.G.; Roberts, N.J. ; Ischuk, A. ; Morozova, G.
Landslides triggered by the 1949 Khait Earthquake, Tien Shan, Tajikistan

Marques, F.
The seismically triggered deep-seated landslide of Praia do Telheiro (SW Portugal)

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