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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS22 - HS2.1/NP1.05 Climate, Water and Health (co-organised by HS & NP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Porcu, E.; Mateu, J. ; Christakos, G.
new space-time models with non Euclidean metrics for studying integrated climate-water-health systems

Modis, K. ; Vatalis, K.; Papantonopoulos, G.; Sachanidis, Ch.
Uncertainty management of a hydrogeological data set in a lignite basin, using BME

Yu, H-L; Choi, K-M; Christakos, G.
Climate issues of influenza mortality risks

Nazarenko, O.
Climate change during second half of the XX century and its influence on the transformation of groundwater recharge in Rostov region

Betancourt B., J.; Ortiz, E.; González, A.; Brito, H; Varela, Y
Interdisciplinary strategy against environmental affectations from communities

Sivakumar, B.
Climate change and its impacts on water resources: a case for nonlinear data downscaling approaches

Ma, C.
Spatio-temporal random fields with discrete ARMA temporal margins

Varouchakis, E.A.; Hristopulos, D.T.
Geostatistical study of groundwater level variability in the Messara valley of Crete

Tartakovsky, D. M.
Environmental decision support systems

Bogaert, P.; Fasbender, D.
Multivariate prior distributions using the maximum entropy principle: implementation and benefits for spatial prediction

El Adlouni, E.A.; Bayentin, L.B.; Ouarda, T.O.; Gosselin, P.G.
Assessment of Climate effects on morbidity in Quebec (Canada) over last 20 years

Huang, F.; Wu, J.
Assesment of the relationship between land use ,climate and surface water quality in Hangzhou, China

Ranjineh Khojasteh, E.; Sauter, M.
Stochastic modeling of hydrogeological and geological features in a changing environment

Lin, H.T.; Yu, H.L.; Tan, Y.C.; Chen, C.H.
Effective hydrogeological parameter estimation with a novel modified Tabu search algorithm

Montosi, E; Manzoni, S; Montanari, A; Porporato, A
Modeling hydro-climatic controls on seasonal malaria dynamics

Lee, S. J.; Wentz, E. A.; Gober, P.
Extrapolation mapping of water demand: Case study using historical water use data in Phoenix, Arizona

Khabarova, O.V.; Ragulskaya, M.V.; Babayev, E.S.
Human sensibility to environmental parameters’ changes in dependence on geographic latitude (results of international experiment).

Fasbender, D.; Peeters, L.; Bogaert, P.; Dassargues, A.
Bayesian data fusion applied to water table spatial mapping

Duhau, S.
Solar activity declination in the near future and its consequences in hydro meteorological processes.

Zhang, X. D.; Huang, G. H.
Inexact multicriteria decision analysis for climate change impacts on small drinking water systems

Acar, R.; Ţenocak, S.
Detection of statistically significant trends in the short duration rainfalls (sdr) of Adana city

Sivakumar, B.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, B.S.; Kyoung, M.S.; Kim, B.K.
Incorporating climate change in water resources planning and management: scientific challenges and beyond

Kim, B.S; Kim, B.K; Kim, H.S; Yoon, S.Y; Sivakumar, B
Impact assessment of climate change on occurrence of weather events in South Korea using extreme indices

Kim, B.S.; Kim, B.K.; Kyung, M.S.; Kim, H.S.; Sivakumar, B.
Estimation of Change in Extreme Rainfall Across Korea under Climate Change using Bartlett-Lewis Rectangular Pulses Model (BLRPM) and Adjusting Method

Borbor, M.J.; Hayden, M.; Mejia, R.; Stewart, A.
Climate variability in the North Andes, implications for human health

Tonini, M.; Maignan, M.; Sharshenova, A. ; Shilonosov, V.; Ten, E. ; Kanevski, M.
Health risk assessment of the population of Bishkek. Spatio-temporal analysis of cancer clusters

Hristopulos, D.T.; Elogne, S.N.
Fast Spatial Interpolation using Spartan Random Fields with Environmental Health Applications

Kim, B.S; Kim, B.K; Kim, H.S
Evaluation of Spatial Rainfall Data Uncertainties in Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model Using Meta-Gaussian approach

Malkhazova, S.M.; Prasolova, A.I.
Creation of the medical-demographic atlas (withdrawn)

Zukovic, M.; Hristopulos, D.T.
A Non-Parametric Approach for the Conditional Simulation of Large Environmental Data Sets based on Statistical Physics Models and an Application to the Walker Lake Data

Bertuzzo, E.; Azaele, S.; Maritan, A.; Gatto, M.; Rodriguez-Iturbe, I.; Rinaldo, A.
Hydrologic control on the spreading of diseases: on the space-time evolution of a cholera epidemic.

Svircev, Z.; Vukadinov, J.; Krsric, S.; Stefan-Mikic, S.; Markovic, S.B.
Distribution of leptospirosis in freshwaters of Vojvodina regon, Serbia

Kanevski, M.; Pozdnoukhov, A.; Timonin, V.; Foresti, L.
Predictive Modeling of Geospatial Data with Machine Learning Algorithms

Rapti-Caputo, D.; Vaccaro, C.
Influence of climatic and human activities on the salinization process in two coastal aquifer systems of Sicily (Italy)

Kolovos, A.; Yu, H.-L.
Knowledge Synthesis-Based Tool Development for Spatiotemporal Analysis

Mekaru, S; Ozonoff, A
Temporal association of major waterborne disease outbreaks and heavy precipitation events

Serre, M.L.; Akita, Y.; Escamilla, V.; Emch, M.; Kolovos, A.
Spatial analysis of arsenic exposure and diarrheal disease risk in Bangladesh related to population pressures on groundwater resources

Akanda, A; Jutla, A; Islam, S
Understanding the seasonality of Cholera transmission in South Asia: role of Hydroclimatology

Mena-Lorca, J.; Carsteanu, A.A.; Ramos-Jiliberto, R.; Morales-Alvarez, W.
Statistical parameterization of the dynamics of lake plankton populations

Amini, M.; Mueller, K.; Abbaspour, K.c.; Johnson, A.C.
Statistical modelling of global geogenic fluoride contamination in groundwaters

Manariotis, I.D.; Yiannopoulos, A.Ch.; Chrysikopoulos, C.V.
Performance of a solar reactor for anaerobic wastewater treatment under different climatic conditions

Rieckermann, J.; Christakos, G.
Sewage epidemiology – assessing community health factors by wastewater monitoring

Zarkadoulas, N.; Koutsoyiannis, D.; Mamassis, N.; Papalexiou, S. M.
Climate, water and health in ancient Greece

Kolovos, A.
Gaussian Correlation as a Source of Numerical Instabilities in the Modelling of Interactive Water-Health Processes (withdrawn)

Joigneaux, E.; Albéric, A.; Pauwels, H.; Guttierez, A.; Baran, N.; Binet, S.
The impacts of climate change on point groundwater discharge in a fluviokarst landscape

Paleologos, E.K. ; Schwabedissen, R.
Effect of Probability Models and Loss Functions on Decisions in Emission Control Problems

Modis, K.
How many samples are enough? A theoretical determination of optimal sampling density in environmental-health applications

Berdeja-Sotelo, I.A.; Christakos, G.; Carsteanu, A.A.
Algorithmic pattern identification in pollution-precipitation dynamics from Mexico City

Georgopoulou, E.; Restrepo, P.; Kotronarou, A.; Koussis, A.; Mazi, K.; Gomez-Gotor, A.; Rodriguez, J.J.; Destouni, G.; Prieto, C.
A Decision Aid Tool for the management of coastal aquifers based on sea-intrusion control through recharge with treated wastewater and desalination of brackish groundwater

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