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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH1.04 Lightning

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gladysheva, O.G.
A Large Electric Discharge as an Important Part of the Tunguska Catastrophe

Gladysheva, O.G.
Time and a place of a huge discharge in the Tunguska catastrophe

Beneti, C.; Calvetti, L.; Jusevicius, M.; Gin, R.; Pereira Filho, A.
Lightning and hydrometeorological observations of severe weather events in Brazil

Dotzek, N.; Carey, L. D.; Rabin, R. M.; MacGorman, D. R.; McCormick, T. L.; Demetriades, N. W.; Murphy, M. J.; Holle, R. L.
Lightning activity related to satellite and radar observations of a mesoscale convective system over Texas on 7-8 April 2002

Betz, H.-D.; Oettinger, W. P.; Schmidt, K.; Wirz, M.
Modern Lightning Detection and Implementation of a New Network in Germany

Keyn, S.; Hauf, T.
On the potential use of lightning and total lightning information for nowcasting - a review

Defer, E.
Concurrent ground-based VHF and space-born optical measurements of lightning flashes during the STERAO-A experiment

Deus, R.; Pinto, P.
Squall line: a case study using lightning detection system and weather radar information (withdrawn)

Jones, M; Newton, D; Kos, K
New lightning phenomena and protection issues

Telesca, L.; Bernardi, M.; Rovelli, C.
Time-clustering behaviour in Lightning sequences

Chronis, T.; Anagnostou, E.; Morales, C.
Validation of ZEUS Long Range Lightning Detection Network in Africa, ITCZ Atlantic and Northern South America.

Goodman, S.; Darden, C.; Burks, J.
Lightning Mapping and the Nowcasting of Severe Storms

Prigent, C.; Defer, E.; Pardo, J.; Rossow, W.; Pinty, J.-P.
Analysis of the polarized scattering signatures observed by the TRMM Microwave Instrument in relation with the electrical processes in cloud systems

Adamo, C.; Defer, E.; Medaglia, C.M. ; Kotroni, V. ; Lagouvardos, K. ; Dietrich, S. ; Mugnai, A.
Observational- and modeling-based study of Mediterranean thunderstorms

Lay, E. H.; Rodger, C. J.; Holzworth, R. H.; Dowden, R. L.
Introduction to the World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN)

Defer, E.; Lagouvardos, K.; Kotroni, V.
Lightning activity in Europe as sensed by long range NOA-ZEUS and UK Met Office ATD VLF lightning systems and NASA TRMM-LIS sensor

Katsanos, D.; Lagouvardos, K.; Defer, E.; Kotroni, V.; Argiriou, A.
Correlation of Lightning Activity with Brightness Temperatures in the Mediterranean

Adamo, C.; Goodman, S.; Medaglia, C.M. ; Cecil, D.; Dietrich, S.; Mugnai, A.
Lightning in the Mediterranean Storms

Biron, DB; De Leonibus, LDL
The Lightning Network LAMPINET of the Italian Air Force Meteorological Service

Ciciulla, FC; Ciotti, CC; Terzo, AT; Biron, DB; De Leonibus, DL; Puca, SP
The use of high resolution lightning information at the Italian Air Force Meteorological Service

Arason, P.
Lightning during volcanic eruptions in Iceland

Barthe, C.; Pinty, J.-P.; Molinié, G.
Explicit simulations of the storm electrical activity with the mesoscale model Meso-NH

Kononov, I.; Yusupov, I.
Some Meteorological Aspects of Lightning Location Systems Using

Boussaton, M.P.; Coquillat, S.; Soula, S.
Day-of-the-week variability of the total lightning activity in the urban area of Paris, France

Medaglia, C.M; Formenton, M.; Adamo, C.
Nowcasting of Convective Cells over Mediterranean Basin

Papadopoulos, A.; Chronis , T.G.; Anagnostou, E.N.
Assimilation of Continuous Cloud-to-Ground Lightning in Mesoscale Models

Bernardi, M.; Giaiotti, D. B.; Stel, F.; Tosoratti, L.
Physical climatology of diurnal and monthly cloud to ground frequency over an area characterized by complex topography

Correoso, F.; Hernández, E. ; García-Herrera, R.; Paredes, D. ; Barriopedro, D.
Cloud to Ground lightning characteristics of Western Mediterranean Mesoscale convective systems.

Morales, C.A.; Anagnostou, E.N.; Pinto, O.
Evaluation of peak current polarity retrieved by the Zeus long-range lightning monitoring system

Beneti, C. ; Calvetti, L.; Jusevicius, M.
Severe weather forecasting with the integration of lightning detection network, radar and satellite in operational center (withdrawn)

LaJoie, M.; Laing, A.; Reader, S.; Pfeiffer, K.
El Nino-Southern Oscillation and Cloud-to-Ground Lightning along the Gulf Coast of the United States

Diendorfer, G.; Pichler, H.; Mair, M.
Characteristics of positive upward lightning measured on an instrumented tower

Pessi, A.; Businger, S.; Cherubini, T.; Cummins, K.; Turner, T.
The Use of Lightning Data to Improve Storm Simulations over the Pacific Ocean

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