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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS13 Time series observations at fixed points in the open ocean: Insights into the dynamics of our deep seas (co-listed in BG)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Honda, M; Watanabe, S; Matsumoto, K; Kawakami, H; Sasaki, K; Wakita, M; Fujiki, T; Nakano, Y
Time-series observation for the biogeochemistry at station K2 in the northwestern North Pacific

Mata, M.; Cirano, M.; Caspel, M. ; Goni, G.; Baringer, M.
Observations of the Brazil Current baroclinic transport variability near 22oS

Weller, R.
Air sea coupling under the persistent stratus in the southeastern Pacific

González-Dávila, M.; Santana-Casiano, J.M.; Suárez de Tangil, M.
Inter-annual Variability of the Upper Ocean Carbon Cycle in the ESTOC station

Bigorre, B; Weller, W
Air-sea interactions in the Gulf Stream region from long-term in-situ observations

Coppola, L.; Marty, J.C.; Migon, C.; Guieu, C.; Miquel, J.C.; Chiaverini, J.; Leblond, N.; Dufour, A.; Desprez de Gésincourt, F.
DYFAMED Time Series: A synthesis of 20 years observation in the Ligurian Sea

Petihakis, G.; Nittis, K.; Ballas, D.; Pagonis, P.; Drakopoulos, P.
Eulerian Observations in Hellenic Seas

Murty, V.S.N; Sarma, M.S.S; Suryanarayana, A.; Lakshmi, A.S.N; Anil Kumar, M.; Vidya, P.J.
Intraseasonal, seasonal and interannual variability in the measured currents in the equatorial Indian Ocean

Lankhorst, M.; Send, U.; Biastoch, A.
Transport Time Series of Northeastern Atlantic Currents Derived from Long-Distance Geostrophy

Cronin, M
Upper ocean heat balance at the Kuroshio Extension Observatory (KEO)

McPhaden, MJ; Meyers, G.; Ando, K.; Syamsudin, F.; Masumoto, Y.; Murty, VSN; Ravichandran, M; Vialard, J; Yu, L; Yu, W
RAMA: Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction

Orcutt, J.; Vernon, F.; Arrott, M.; Chave, A.; Krueger, I.; Schofield, O.; Peach, C.; Glenn, S.
Cyberinfrastructure for the US NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative

Given, H.; Weller, R.; Delaney, J.; Orcutt, J.
Preliminary network design of the Ocean Observatories Initiative

Send, U; Weller, R
The global timeseries program OceanSITES

Cardin, V.; Gacic, M.
Salinity increase and warming in the southern Adriatic between 2002-2006 as evidenced from a deep-sea mooring site

Nodder, S.; Boyd, P.; Chsiwell, S.; Pinkerton, M.; Sutton, P.
Seasonal and interannual variability in oceanographic processes from time-series biophysical and biogeochemical data collection in subtropical and subantarctic waters off New Zealand, SW Pacific Ocean

Wallace, DWR; Cotrim da Cunha, L; Körtzinger, A; Visbeck, M; Karstensen, J; Brandt, P; Santos, C; Melicio, O; Silva, P; Monteiro, I
The Tropical Eastern North Atlantic Time-Series Observatory at Cape Verde (TENATSO). Status and initial results from the ocean site.

Drakopoulos, P.; Nittis, K.; Zervakis, V.; Petihakis, G.; Ballas, D.; Pagonis, P.
The new generation of optical instruments for the POSEIDON system: Current status and first observations

Somavilla, R.; González-Pola, C.; Rodriguez, C.; Sanchez, R.F.; Lavín, A.
Large hydrographical changes at the Bay of Biscay after the extreme winter mixing of 2005 from an open-ocean monthly time series of profiles

Skjelvan, I.
Carbon time series at Ocean Weather Station M

Larkin, K.E.; Hartman, S.E.; Lampitt, R.S.; Pagnani, M.R.; Gooday, A.J.; Körtzinger, A.; Billett, D.S.M
Biogeochemical time-series from the ocean interior to the seafloor at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (PAP) Observatory (49°N, 16.5°W)

Lampitt, R.S.; EuroSITES
EuroSITES: Integrating Europe’s deep ocean observatories from the ocean interior to the seafloor and subseafloor

Melnikov, V. A.; Golenko, N.N.
Mezopolygon-85 time-space scales of hydrophysical processes

Conte, M
The Oceanic Flux Program (OFP): A thirty-year continuous record of particle flux in the deep Sargasso Sea

Řsterhus, S
Station M, the Eulerian Observatory of the Norwegian Sea

Hansen, B; Hatun, H; Řsterhus, S; Quadfasel, D; Jonsson, S; Valdimarsson, H; Turrell, B; Hughes, S; Sherwin, T
Monitoring the exchanges between the Atlantic and the Arctic across the Greenland-Scotland Ridge

Miquel, J.C.; Martín, J.; Gasser, B.; Rodriguez-y-Baena, A.; Toubal, T.; Fowler, S.
Long-term study of settling particle flux and carbon export at the DYFAMED open sea station (Ligurian Sea, Northwestern Mediterranean)

Berger, J.; Orcutt, J.; O'Sullivan, J.; Halkyard, J.
The Extended Draft Platform: An advanced OOI prototype buoy

Cianca, A.; Godoy, J.M.; Perez-Marrero, J.; Villagarcia, M.G.; Maroto, L.; Cardona, L.; Barrera, C.; Rueda, M.J.; Llinas, O.
Seasonal Chlorohyll-a concentration cycle and interannual variability at three subtropical ocean sites

Church, M.; Karl, D.; Letelier, R.; Lukas, R.; Dore, J.; Bidigare, R.; Landry, M.
The Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) program: 20 years of sustained ocean observations in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre

Lavín, A.; Alonso, J.; Cabanas, J.M.; Díaz del Río, G.; González, N.; González-Pola, C.; Rodríguez, C.; Ruiz-Villarreal, M.; Sánchez Leal, R.F.; Somavilla, R.
Spanish Deep Standard Section and (CO)VACLAN Projects: studying the variability of deep waters in the southern Bay of Biscay

Gehlen, M.
Eulerian observatories and a modeling perspective of pelagic-benthic coupling in the open ocean.

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