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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL16/GD14 East African geodynamics, climate and evolution (co-organized with GD) (co-listed in TS & SSP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Hailemichael, M.; Aronson, J.; Savin, S.
Oxygen isotope study of Holocene soil carbonates of the Afar Depression and Ethiopian Western Plateau, Ethiopia

Roller, S.; Hornung, J.; Bieg, U.; Hinderer, M.
Uplift history of the Rwenzori Mountains (Uganda) revealed from the sedimentary record of alluvial fans and adjacent rift-graben deposits

O'Halloran, A.; Nicholas, C. J.; Goodhue, R.
Nitrogen isotopes: Did climate change affect low latitude Paleogene plankton?

Lithostratigraphy and sedimentology of the hominid-bearing Pliocene Mount Galili Formation, southern Afar Depression, Ethiopia

Rümpker, G.; Barifaijo, E.; RIFTLINK GROUP, THE
The RIFTLINK project: studies on rift-dynamics, uplift and climate change in Western Uganda

Joordens, J.; Vonhof, H.; Feibel, C.; Quinn, R.; Lepre, C.; Kroon, D.
Reconstruction of the local climate record in Plio-Pleistocene deposits at Koobi Fora (Kenya) improves age control for hominin evolution

Trauth, M.H.; Maslin, M.; Deino, A.; Strecker, M.; Bergner, A.; Duehnforth, M.; Garcin, Y.
High- and low-latitude forcing of Plio-Pleistocene East African climate and human evolution

Scholz, C.A.; Cohen, A.S.; Johnson, T.C.; King, J.; Peck, J.; Overpeck, J.T.; Talbot, M.R.
Pan-African Megadroughts, Post-70 ka Climate Release, and the Expansion and Exodus of Early Modern Humans: Results of Deep Lake Drilling in East and West Africa (withdrawn)

Marwan, N.; Junginger, A.; Trauth, M.; Bergner, A.; Garcin, Y.
Recurrence in climate variability – a comparison of modern climate data from Nakuru, Kenya, with Early Holocene palaeo-climate records

Wölbern, I.; Batte, A.; Lindenfeld, M.; Jakovlev, A.; Twesigomwe, E.; Rümpker, G.; Kind, R.
Rift-related uplift of the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda investigated by seismological methods

Görner, A.; Gloaguen, R.; Jolie, E.
Non-climatic growth of Lake Beseka, Main Ethiopian Rift

Garcin, Y.; Trauth, M.H.
Salty puddles and megalakes, the two faces of tropical lakes

O'Halloran, A.; Nicholas, C. J.; Goodhue, R.
Paleogene climate variations on the East African margin.

Link, K.; Rosenthal, A.; Foley, S.F.; Pearson, D.G.; Nowell, G.
Isotopic constraints on the petrogenesis of the kamafugites of Uganda

Kaspar, F.
Validation of a present-day regional climate simulation for East Africa

Epp, L. S.; Trauth, M.; Tiedemann, R.; Graduate School GRK 1364, the
Ancient and recent DNA from East African lakes: insights into a highly variable environment

Sachau, T.; Koehn, D.
Modeling extension-related regional vertical movements, on the example of the Rwenzori Mountains

Kaspar, F.; Cubasch, U.; Büchner, M.
A comparison of tectonic, orbital and vegetation forcing on East African climate based on simulations with a global coupled ocean-atmosphere model

Koehn, D; Aaynu, K; Haines, S; Sachau, T
Rift nucleation, rift propagation and the creation of basement micro-plates within active rifts

Larrasoaña, J.C.; Roberts, A.P.; Rohling, E.J.; Winklhofer, M.
A 3 Myr Mediterranean perspective on monsoon variability over the Sahara; implications for landscape and hominin evolution in tropical Africa

Brachert , T.C.; Jacob, D.E. ; Kullmer, O.; Mertz, D.F.; Schrenk, F.; Semanda, I.
Paleoclimate reconstruction for the East African Rift from geochemical studies of mammalian teeth

Wynn, J; Alemseged, Z; Roman, D
The role of regional tectonics in determining paleoenvironments of human evolution in the Dikika Research Project area, Ethiopia.

Bauer, F.; Glasmacher, U.A.; Reiners, P.; Nagudy, B.; Bechstaedt, T.
Low-temperature thermochronology, uplift and denudation history of the East African Rift System with special emphasis to the Rwenzori Mtns, Uganda

Sepulchre, P; Ramstein, G; Fluteau, F; Schuster, M; Tiercelin, J.-J.; Brunet, M
Modelling the impact of Eastern Africa elevation changes during the late Neogene : Climate and vegetation responses

Ségalen, L.; Maurer, A-F.; de Rafélis, M.; Lee-Thorp, J.A.; Senut, B.; Pickford, M.; Person, A.; Renard, M.
Geochemical investigations on biogenic materials from the Lukeino formation (Tugen Hills, Kenya) to assess the palaeoenvironment of the early hominid Orrorin tugenensis.

Wolff, C.; Haug, G.; Plessen, B.; Kristen, I.; Verschuren, D.; CHALLACEA Participants, &
Stable carbon and oxygen isotope records from Lake Challa (Kenya/Tanzania), covering the last 25 kyr BP

Strecker, M.R.; Bergner, A.; Mortimer, E.; Trauth, M.H.
Oblique rifting, drainage evolution, and lacustrine sedimentation in the East African Rift: implications for paleoclimate research

Bergner, A.G.N; Trauth, M.; Strecker, M.R.; Deino, A.; Blisniuk, P.; Dühnforth, M.; Gasse, F.
Tectonic and climate controls on the evolution of rift lakes in the Central Kenya Rift, East Africa

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