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  List of Accepted Contributions - ERE1 Wind Power Meteorology

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Hasager, C.B.; Astrup, P.; Nielsen, P.; Christiansen, M.B.; Nielsen, M.
Satellite ocean surface winds in offshore wind engineering

Mohr, M
Parameterisation of roughness effects of scattered forests for mesoscale modelling of the wind climate (withdrawn)

Giebel, G; The POWWOW team
The POW'WOW project: a coordination action on wave, wakes and offshore wind.

Barthelmie, R.J. ; UPWIND FLOW (WP8) Team
Power losses from wakes in large offshore wind farms

Kirk-Davidoff, D; Barrie, D
Downstream synoptic impact of time-varying windfarm roughness

Poret, S.; Ólafsson, H.
Long-term variability of winds and wind energy in Iceland

Ólafsson, H.; Poret, S.
Aspects of temporal and spatial variability of winds and time averaging of wind data for energy calculations

Ólafsson, H.; Rögnvaldsson, Ó.
Wind energy in a future climate of the complex terrain of Iceland

Mestre, O.; Jouhanique, T.; Nicolau, J.; Hallegatte, S.
Non-parametric kernel estimation of conditional probability distribution functions applied to wind energy production forecasts

Fage, F; Tasso, T
Sodar acoustic enclosure versus ambient acoustic noise, ground clutter and aerodynamically generated wind noise

García-Bustamante, E.; González-Rouco, J.F.; Navarro, J.; Jiménez, P.A.
Relationship between North Atlantic circulation and wind variability in the Northeast of the Iberian Peninsula

Jiménez, P.A.; González-Rouco, J.F.; Montávez, J.; García-Bustamante, E.; Navarro, J.
Climatology of surface wind patterns over the Comunidad Foral de Navarra region

Jiménez, P.A.; Montávez, J.P.; González-Rouco, J.F.; García-Bustamante, E.; Navarro, J.
Diurnal surface wind speed variations over a complex terrain region

Weidinger, T.; Costa, A.A.; Lajos, T.; Kiss, Á.; Gyöngyösi, A.Z.; Papp, B.
Estimation of wind energy potential in the equatorial costal area of Brazil based on measurements and mesoscale numerical model results

Lange, B; Cali, Ü; Jursa, R; Rohrig, K
Combination of numerical weather prediction models and online measurement data for wind power forecasting using artificial intelligence methods

Kallos, G; Galanis, G; Katsafados , P
Local wind speed forecasting and applications to power prediction

Gräwe, U.; von Bremen, L.; Saleck, N.; Tambke, J.
A new way to estimate the uncertainty in wind power predictions

Suselj, K; Sood, A; Canadillas, B
The planetary boundary layer over North Sea: measurements and mesoscale simulations

Sood, A.; Suselj, K.
Extreme Wind Statistics at the North Sea offshore site FINO at different temporal resolutions

Cañadillas , C; Durante, D; Neumann, N; Suselj, S; Sood, S
Derivation of the marine surface layer conditions from FINO-1 measurements (withdrawn)

Dunne, S.; Hanafin, J.; Lynch, P.; McGrath, R.; Nolan, P.; Semmler, T.; Wang, S.
Validation of Mesoscale Wind Forecasts for Ireland

Radics, K.; Bartholy, J.
Seasonal and spatial variability of wind climate in the Carpathian Basin

Weng, W.; Taylor, P. A.; Salmon, J. R.
A Numerical Model for Boundary-Layer Flow over Changes of Surface

Wessel, A.; Riedel, V.; Sood, A.
Comparing a chain of models of increasing complexity for calculating the turbulence intensity within wind farms. (withdrawn)

Sempreviva, A.M.; Barthelmie, R.J.; Lange, B.; Sood, A.
Offshore wind resource assessment in European Seas, state-of- the –art. A survey within the FP6 "POWWOW" Coordination Action Project.

Peña, A.; Hasager, C.; Gryning, S.-E.; Courtney, M.; Sørensen, P.
Evaluation of the offshore wind resource using LIDAR

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