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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS36 Hydrological extremes: controls, spatial & temporal variability and regional patterns

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Nkemdirim, L.
Risk assesment in a new drought environment

Kroll, C
Low streamflow prediction at ungaged river sites: how best to use a small quantity of streamflow data

Mahanta, C; Pathak, N; Dutta, U
Water hazards in the Indo-Tibetan Brahmaputra basin: A regional climate change impact perspective (withdrawn)

Panagoulia, D
Artificial Neural Networks and high and low flows in various climate regimes

Mosaedi, A.; Sharifan, H.; Shahabi, M.
Effects of topography on maximum daily precipitation in Golestan province (Iran)

Renard, R.; Sarr, S.; Soto, S.
Evaluation of rainfall spatial interpolation methods, assessment on different places and times: a small urban area (France), a large rural water catchment (Senegal) and the northern Atlantic region (withdrawn)

Ioana-Toroimac, G.; Beltrando, G.; Planchon, O.; Zaharia, L.
Winter-spring extreme hydrological episodes and their causes in Romanian Carpathians and Subcarpathians: case of Prahova River

Machlica, A.
Impact of dry years on some compounds of the hydrological balance in Chvojnica River catchment

Stojkovova, M. ; Fendekova, M.
Temporal and spatial distribution of minimum groundwater runoff in the western and central part of Slovakia

Pedersen, L.; Jensen, N. E.; Madsen, H.; Madsen, H.
Spatial scales for extreme rainfall return periods – characteristic parameters for use in urban drainage design

Zappa, M.; Kan, C.
Extreme heat and runoff extremes in the Swiss Alps

Kaplicka, A.; Kvitek, B.
Extreme rainfall-runoff event in a small experimental catchment in the Bohemo-Moravian Highland

Trnka, M.; Dubrovský, M.; Kyselý, J.; Kladňáková, V.; Možný, M. ; Hostýnek, J.; Semerádová, D.
Meteorological drought events in the Czech Republic during 1875-2005 according to Palmer’s drought indices

Naveau, P. ; Guillou, A.; Cooley, D.; Diebolt, J.
Measuring Spatial Dependence amongst Precipitation Maxima

Panagoulia, D; Lourmas, G
Artificial neural network modeling of frangmented rainfall-runoff processes in various climates

Pinskwar, I.; Szwed, M.
Long term variability of precipitation deficits in Poland

Laguardia, G.; Niemeyer, 40112
Towards a soil moisture-based drought index

Tallaksen, L.M.; Hisdal, H.; Lanen, H.A.J
Space-time modelling of catchment specific drought characteristics

Laaha, G.; Skoien, J.; Blöschl, G.
A comparison of Top-kriging and regional regression for low flow regionalisation

Ludwig, R.; Mauser, W.
Assessing the potential of adapted land use to mitigate climate change effects on hydrological extremes in central Europe

Kingston, D. G.; Hannah, D. M.; McGregor, G. R.; Lawler, D. M.
Climate patterns associated with high and low river flow across the northern North Atlantic region

Stewart, E. J.; Folwell, S. S.
Relating design rainfall estimates to probable maximum precipitation – a study of reservoir flood risk in the UK (withdrawn)

Fleig, A. K.; Tallaksen, L. M.; Hannah, D. M.
Identification of atmospheric patterns associated with severe regional drought in North-Western Europe

Hurkmans, R. ; de Moel, H. ; Aerts, J. ; Troch, P.A.
Does solving the energy balance improve Rhine streamflow simulations?

Gaal, L.; Kysely, J.; Szolgay, J.
Comparison of regional approaches to the frequency analysis of extreme 1-day precipitation amounts in Slovakia

Kupfersberger, H.; Dalla-Via, A.; Fank, J.
Estimation of the regional distribution of extreme groundwater levels in the Marchfeld, Austria

Schaefli, B.; Maraun, D.
What drives high flow events in the Swiss Alps? On the use of wavelet spectra to analyze observed and simulated extreme events

Mares, I; Stanciu, A; Mares, C
Statistical modeling of the extremes in the Danube lower basin discharge levels in spring time

Longobardi, A.; Villani, P.
Low flows regional statistical analysis within a southern Italy context

Naef, F; Schmocker-Fackel, P; Hegg, C
Distribution of large floods in Switzerland in the last 400 years (withdrawn)

Nemmert, J.; Rutschmann, P.
A contribution determining design floods

Lang, C.; Gille, E.; François, D.
How to improve the simulation of low flow discharges? (Use of the knowledge of low flow processes in a model)

Bouwer, L.M.; Aerts, J.
Atmospheric circulation and peak river discharges in Europe

Malmir, M; Kholghi, M; Ashraf Zadeh, A
Low flow time series forecasting

Mezghani, A.; Hingray, B.; Schaefli, B.
Hydrological scenarios under present climate situation in mountainous regions - Application to the upper Rhone, Wallis canton - Switzerland.

Ajayi, A.E.; Olufayo, A.A.
Quantification of drought occurrence, severity and duration in some cities in Nigeria

Smith, A; Kilsby , C
Spatial properties of storms and extreme rainfall in the UK, characterized using a 5km gridded, daily rainfall record.

Lawford, R. G.; Stewart, R.; Pomeroy, J.
Recent Advances in understanding Drought on the Canadian Prairies: Successes of the Drought Research Initiative

Ajayi, A.E.; Olufayo, A.A.; Affinnih, T.J.
Historical study of flood events in the lower Niger River Basin, Nigeria

Cifres, E.; Ortiz, E.; García-Bartual, R.
Orographical and stochastic storm transposition for estimation of large return period floods.

García-Bartual, R.; Múnera, J.C.
A decision support tool for flash flood control in large dams

Bloomfield, J.P.; Rutter, H.
Regional aspects of groundwater flooding in Chalk catchments

Mastrandrea, G.; Vitolo, C.; Benevento, G.; Furcolo, P.; Rossi, F.
Regional characteristics and spatial patterns of extreme precipitation in Southern Italy

Bárdossy, A.
Investigation of the simultaneous occurrences of floods in different catchments

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