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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS25 Digital soil mapping: novel approaches (including geophysical measurements) to the prediction of key soil properties for modelling physical processes

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Ageeb, G.W.; Ali, R.R.
Use of multithematic layers for assessing the agricultural soil capability in some areas in Egypt

Gad, A.; Hammad, M.; Ali, R.
Remote sensing and GIS for land resources digital mapping, northwestern coast of Egypt

Kooistra, L.; Witte, F.; van Dobben, H.; Wamelink, W.
Mapping of soil characteristics in (semi)-natural ecosystems using imaging spectroscopy derived plant indicator values

Besson, A.; Cousin, I.; Bourennane, H.; Pasquier, C.; Nicoullaud, B.; Richard, G.; King, D.
Using the electrical resistivity for describing the temporal variability of the soil water content at the field scale

Grandjean, G; Richard, G; Van Wesemael, B; Lambot, S; Carré, F; Maftei, R ; Hermann, T; Thornelof, T; Chiarantini, L; Moretti, S
DIGISOIL: an integrated system of data collection technologies for mapping soil properties

Stulina, G; Solodky, G
Digital land (soil) mapping for modeling of water requirement

Rawlins, B. G.; Marchant, B. P.; Smyth, D.; Van Dam, C.; Scheib, C; Lark, R. M.; Jordan, C.
Airborne radiometric survey data and a DTM as covariates for regional scale mapping of soil organic carbon across Northern Ireland

Devkota, S; Lukose Kuriakose, S; Jetten, V.G
Prediction of soil depth using topographical variables for debris flow initiation modeling in the upper Tikovil River basin, Kerala, India

Maftei, R; Cristea, C; Rusu, R; Manj, M
Geophysical tests on shallow landslides- case study Telega, Romania

Gomez, c.; Lagacherie, p.; Coulouma, g.
Continuum removal versus PLSR method for digital mapping of Clay and Calcium carbonate contents, using laboratory and airborne hyperspectral measurements

Kozlov, D.N.; Sorokina , N.P.
Soil cover structures represented on large-scale maps by DSM techniques

Minasny, B.; McBratney, A.B.
Methodology for global digital soil mapping

Carizzoni, M.
The investigation of arable soils with cross hole seismic.

Klose, A.; Diekkrüger, B.
Regionalisation of soil properties in the semi-arid Drâa catchment (South Morocco)

Reuter, H.I.; Carre, F.; Hengl, T.; Montanarella, L.
Using DSM data for modeling wind erosion events – bridging the gap between DSM and DSRA

Lark, R.M.; Corstanje, R.; Pringle, M.J.
Digital soil mapping, or digital soil information?

Doussan, C.; Ruy, S.
Can we use electrical conductivity for predicting unsaturated soil hydraulic conductivity ?

Dematte, J.A.M; Fiorio, P.R.; Ramirez, L.
Different Strategies On Soil Mapping By Using Laboratory And Orbital Spectral Information

SCHAUPPENLEHNER , T.; Dragut, L.; Blaschke, T.; Muhar, A.
Using landform classification to improve the interpolation of soil taxation point data

Hong, S. Y.; Minasny, B.; Kim, Y. H.; Song, K. C.
Digital Mapping of Soil Carbon Storage and Available Water Capacity in Korea

Pain, C F
A revised map of Australia’s physiographic regions: a hierarchical background for digital soil mapping

Sauer, U.; Werban, U.; Behrens, T.; Cassiani, G.; Boruvka, L.; Carizzoni, M.; Dietrich, P.
Interactions between Soil related Sciences – Linking Geophysics, Soil Science and Digital Soil Mapping

Thiesson, J.; Tabbagh, A.
Are magnetic properties a possible proxy of the carbon content in soil?

Meersmans, J.; van Wesemael, B.; Goidts, E.; De Ridder, F.; Van Molle, M.
Soil organic carbon mapping at the regional scale for different dates

Hirschi, M.; Boettinger, J.L.; Ramsey, R.D.
Remote spectral sensing of biological soil crust occurrence, Canyonlands National Park, USA

Behrens, T.; Schmidt, K.; Gerber, R.; Albrecht, C.; Felix-Henningsen, P.; Scholten, T.
Transect sampling for digital soil sensing and mapping

Cepuder, P.; Nolz, R.
Use of digital soil maps and pedotransferfunctions with respect to spatial soil water movement

Castellanos, M.T.; Tarquis, A.M.; Ribas, Fco.; Cabello, M.J.; Arce, A.; Cartagena, M.C.
Nitrogen soil mapping through crop growth.

Vitharana, U.W.A; Van Meirvenne, M.; Amakor, X.N.C; Saey, T.; Vermeersch, H.
Use of proximal soil sensing to improve the thematic accuracy of a soil-polygon map

Mayr, T.; Palmer, R.; Bellamy, P.; Rivas-Casado, M.
Digital Soil Assessment - a UK example

Korolyuk, T. V.; Khitrov, N. B.; Sorokina, N. P.
Test sites as the source of data on soil–factor relationships for the soil information system of the former Soviet Union on a scale of 1 : 1 M

Penizek, V.; boruvka, L.; Vrabcova, T.
Prediction of hydromorphic soils using compound topographic index

Pásztor, L.; Szabó, J.; Bakacsi, Zs.
Compiling as reliable as possible functional soil maps by exploiting spatio-temporal features of Kreybig Digital Soil Information System

Bacon, S.N.; McDonald, E.V.; Dalldorf, G.K.; Baker, S.E.; Sabol Jr., D.E.; Minor, T.B.; Bassett, S.D.; MacCabe, S.R.; Bullard, T.F.
An expert based system to predict soil attributes using geomorphic mapping, remote sensing, and soil databases in the desert southwest USA

Barontini, S.; Ranzi, R.; Clerici, A.; Bacchi, B.
A methodology to derive quantitative, experimentally based, maps of the upper soil layers conductivity in mesoscale alpine catchments

Lambot, S.; Slob, E.; Vanclooster, M.; Vereecken, H.
Mapping the soil hydrogeophysical properties using full-waveform inversion of proximal, zero-offset ground-penetrating radar based on vector network analyzer technology

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