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Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences
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NP6 Turbulence and Nonlinear Waves
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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL40 Climate Models Intercomparison: Dynamics and Physical Processes (co-listed in AS , OS & NP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Pisnichenko, I.A.; Tarasova, T.A.
Consistency between the output of climate version of the ETA regional model and global HadAMP model which ouput used as a boundary condition for the ETA model in dynamical downscaling experiment. (withdrawn)

Radu, R.; Deque, M.; Somot, S.
Impact of spectral nudging on a regional spectral climate model

Lucarini, V.; Danihlik, R.; Kriegerova, I.; Speranza, A.
Does the Danube exist? Versions of reality given by various regional climate models and climatological datasets

Stone, P; Forest, C; Sokolov, A
Constraining climate models from observations

Gastineau, G.; Le Treut, H.; Li, L.
A study on the Hadley circulation changes under global warming

Lucarini, V.; Danihlik, R.; Kriegerova, I.; Speranza, A.
Hydrological cycle of the Danube basin: Present-day and XXII Century simulations by IPCC models

Perkins, S.E.; Pitman, A.J.
Ranking climate models at regional scales using probability density functions based on daily data

Williams, K. D.; Tselioudis, G.
GCM intercomparison of global cloud regimes

Williams, K. D.
Evaluation of a component of the cloud response to climate change in an intercomparison of climate models

Williamson, D.
Equivalent resolutions of a grid-point and a spectral transform global atmospheric model

Boer, G.J.; Lambert, S.J.
The energy cycle in climate models (withdrawn)

Gualdi, S.; Bellucci, A.; Navarra, A.
A multi-model evaluation of systematic errors of the tropical seasonal cycle in IPCC AR4 20th century simulations

Wild, M.
Intercomparison and evaluation of Earth radiation budget in IPCC AR4 GCMs

Volodin, E. M.; Diansky, N. A.
Cloud distribution in climate models and climate sensitivity

Fraedrich, K
Analysing variability in climate models: memory, entropy, extremes

Calmanti, S.; Canuto, V.; Dell'Aquila, A.; Lucarini, V.; Ruti, P.
The Work Done by the Wind on the Oceanic General Circulation: IPCC-AR4 Model's Intercomparison

Breugem, W.-P.; Chang, P. ; Jang, C.J.; Mignot, J.
Barrier layers and tropical Atlantic SST biases in coupled GCM's

Tredger, E.; Smith, L.A.; Stainforth, D.
Investigating variations in heat flux adjustment in the ensemble

Braconnot, P; Hourdin, F; Bony, S; Dufresne, J.-L; Grandpeix, J-Y; Marti, O.
Impact of different convective cloud schemes on the simulation of the tropical seasonal cycle in a coupled ocean-atmosphere model

Caballero, R.; Pierrehumbert, R.T.; Mitchell, J.L.
An analytical theory for the Hadley cell in a nearly-inviscid radiative-convective atmosphere (withdrawn)

Prömmel, K.; Geyer, B.; Jones, J.M.; Widmann, M.
Evaluation of the skill and added value of a reanalysis-driven regional simulation for alpine temperature

Ganora, D.; Claps, P.; Laio, F.; Porporato, A.
Evaluation of gcm performances in climate reconstruction: comparison with observed data over Europe and North Africa

Lopez, A.; Cuellar, M.C.; Lizcano, G.
Towards a consistent dynamics in a GCM perturbed physics ensemble

Anders, I.; Rockel, B.
Analysis of ENSEMBLES multimodel simulations forced by ERA40

Anders, I.; Rockel, B.
Sensitivity of Regional Climate Model CLM in terms of varying parameters for spectral nudging technique

Karlsson, J.; Svensson, G.; Rodhe, H.
Is there a too strong model cloud feedback in GCMs?

Brockhaus, P.; Lüthi, D.; Schär, C.
Convective precipitation in RCMs: diurnal cycle of precipitation and atmospheric profiles

Ruti, PM; Dell'Aquila, A
AEWs in IPCC run: XX century case.

Hawellek, D.; Smith, L.A.
Tracing the History of Estimated Climate Sensitivity

Ingram, W
On possible quantifications of the water vapour feedback (withdrawn)

Faggian, P.; Giorgi, F.
Analysis of future climate change projections for the Italian Region from the IPCC AR4 simulations

Montecinos, A.; Fuenzalida, H.
Assessment of the main SST-SLP coupled mode at interannual and interdecadal timescales in the South Pacific as simulated in the IPCC’s XX Century

Caballero, R.
Control of Hadley cell strength by midlatitude eddies in reanalysis and IPCC AR4 models

Bader, D.; Taylor, K.; Drach, R.; Williams, D.; Aquillino, J.; Hoang, A.
The IPCC-AR4/CMIP-3 Multi-model database: Lessons for the future

Raschke, E.; Kinne, S.; Gorgietta, M.; Uphoff, M.; Bakan, S.; Okamoto, H.
Inconsistencies of the incoming solar radiation boundary condition in global modeling

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