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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS30 Experimental river basins

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Rogovaya, I.; Morzhuhina, S.; Shkinev, V.; Pokrovsky, O.
Use of on-line membrane separation techniques to assess the behavior of major and trace elements in Volga river watershed around Dubna city (Moscow region) (withdrawn)

Alatise, M.O.
Scientific Impetus to guarantee continuous hydro-measurements on Nigerian River Basins

Zahabiyoun, B.
Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Potential Evapotranspiration of an Experimental Catchment

Gerrits, A.M.J; Savenije, H.H.G; Pfister, L.
Comparison between forest floor interception of a beech, grass-moss and pine plot

Stellato, L.; Hofmann, H.; Pfister, L.; Tosheva, Z.; Kies, A.
Comparison of three models of gas exchange to describe the degassing of Rn-222 in a first-order stream on Huewelerbaach catchment (Luxembourg)

Rusjan, S.; Brilly, M.; Mikoš, M.; Padežnik, M.; Vidmar, A.
Hydrologic controls over the seasonal nitrate export mechanisms in a forested watershed

Padežnik, M.; Štravs, L.; Brilly, M.; Vidmar, A.; Rusjan, S.
Seasonal impact of algae on the velocity of the Glinščica stream

Hellebrand, H; Van den Bos, R
Comparing permeability and hydrological soil processes as first indicators on spatial variability of rainfall runoff relationships at the meso-scale

Seeger, M.; Johst, M.; Seeling, S.; Casper, M.
The Frankelbach catchment – a field laboratory to understand the effects of land-use changes on the water balance of low mountain range headwater regions

Geraldes, M. C.; Dias, A. P.; Babinsly, M.; Mansur, K.; Valeriano, C. M.
Pb isotopes patterns in sediments from Rio de Janeiro State (Brazil): evidence for anthropogenic sources

Ruch, Ch.; Vasvari, V.
The Pöllau experimental basin (Eastern-Styria/Austria) - over 25 years of continuous hydrological observations and multidisciplinary research

Gu, W; Lutz, S; Lu, J; Vesely, H; Peters, N
Responses of hydrochemical inorganic ions in the rainfall-runoff processes of experimental catchments and its significance for tracing (withdrawn)

Outeiro, L; Ubeda, X; Farguell, J
Sequential gaussian simulation of suspended sediment concentration during an extreme rainfall episode in a Mediterranean experimental basin

Martinez, C.; Hancock, G.R. ; Kalma, J.D.; Wells, T.
Catchment scale near-surface and root zone soil moisture dynamics and the processes controlling their spatial and temporal distribution

Martinez, C.; Hancock, G.R.; Kalma, J.D.; Wells, T.; Lewis, T.; Evans, K.G.; Murphy, D.
Spatial and temporal soil carbon assessment at the hillslope and catchment scale (SaTSCA)

Laudon, H; Seibert, J; Grabs, T; Buffam, I; Bishop, K; Mörth, CM
The Krycklan Catchment Study, Sweden: A field based experimental platform for linking small-scale process understanding to landscape patterns

Steinweg, C.M.; Bogaard, T.A.
Investigating the contributions of soil- and groundwater to high discharges in a first-order catchment in Luxembourg.

Westhoff, M.C.; Luxemburg, W.M.G; van de Giesen, N.C.; Savenije, H.H.G; Selker, J.S.
The search for orthogonal Data in Hydrology - DTS fiber optic Technique for high resolution temperature Data

Pavanelli, D.; Bigi, A.; Rigotti, M.
Estimate of variation in surface erosion over last 50 years following depopulation in an Apennines catchment using U.S.L.E. (withdrawn)

Gribovszki, Z.; Kalicz, P.
Baseflow recession analysis at the eastern foothills of the Alps

Sanda, M; Sobotkova, M; Cislerova, M
Natural Tracers in the Hydrological Cycle of a Small Mountainous Watershed

Ruch, C. A; Schatzl, R.
Two medium size experimental river basins for testing flood forecasting systems

Tournoud, M.G.; Perrin, J.L.; Chahinian, N.; Rodier, C.; Picot, B.; Salles, C.; Grillot, C.
Experimental design for coupled water and nutriment dynamics on intermittent rivers: the Včne (France)

Petan, S; Vidmar, A; Padežnik, M; Brilly, M
Measurement of snowmelt recharge of The Ljubljansko Polje aquifer

Gallart, F.; Latron, J.; Llorens, P.
Testing TOPMODEL for flow prediction in ungauged basins

Blume, T.
The Experimental Hydrology Wiki

Pavanelli, D.; Bigi, A.; Rigotti, M.
Reno river and tributaries monitoring programme to assess soil erosion and surface water status in experimental basins at different scales (withdrawn)

Copertino, V.A.; Giosa, L.; Mirauda, D.; Scavone, G.; Sole, A.; Telesca, V.; Sdao, F.
Classification of fluvial morphologies and instabilities in an experimental river basin

Puech, C.; Sarrazin, B.; Ayral, P.A.; Bailly, J.S.; Sauvagnargues-Lesage, S.
From potential to real hydrographical network by use of DTM and synoptic in situ measurements

Seeling, S.; Seeger, M.; Schüler, G.
The WaReLa network of experimental river basins as basis of a decision support system for precautionary flood protection

Yan, J.; Wang, J.; Li, H. C.; Jiang, N. Q.; Sun, D. P.
The experiment for the influence of water-sand combination to sediment carrying capacity in lower Yellow River

Hejduk, L; Banasik, K
Seasonal variation of suspended sediment grain size distribution

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