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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS14 - GM1.1/PS3.8 Planetary Geomorphology (co-organized by GM & PS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Tokano, T.
Dune-forming winds on Titan predicted by a general circulation model

Baioni, D.; Lanci, L.; Wezel, F.C.
Morphotectonic of eastern Tithonium Chasma, Mars.

Baioni, D.; Wezel, F.C.
Morphology of a sulphate dome in eastern Tithonium Chasma, Mars: analogies with Earth domes.

Lanz, J. K.; Saric, M. B.
Morphologic analysis of cone structures in Aeolis Planum, Mars

Knapmeyer, M; Wählisch, M; Scholten, F; Oberst, J
A global 3-D anaglyphic view of Mars derived from Mars Laser Altimeter Data

Knapmeyer, M; Schneider, S; Misun, M; Wählisch, M; Hauber, E
An extended global Inventory of Mars Surface Faults

Le Deit, L.; Bourgeois, O.; Le Mouélic, S.; Mège, D.; Combe, J.-Ph; Sotin, C.; Massé, M.
Light-toned layered deposits on plateaus above Valles Marineris (Mars)

Kneissl, T.; Neukum, G.
New investigations of possible volcanic edifices at the Martian north pole – distribution and characteristics

Fourrière, A.; Claudin, P.; Andreotti, B.
What selects the wavelength at which subaqueous ripples form?

Baioni, D.; Lanci, L.; Wezel, F.C.
Morphometric analysis of a sulphate body in east Tithonium Chasma, Mars.

Hauber, E.; Kuhn, A.; Brosz, P.; Wählisch, M.; Bleacher, J.; Williams, D.; Greeley, R.
Morphometric analysis and cartographic representation of a volcanic field in Tempe Terra, Mars

Bargery, AS; Wilson, L
Thermodynamical model of the formation of ice rafts on aqueous, laminar, ice-dominated flows in Amazonian outflow channels on Mars

Tirsch, D.; Jaumann, R.; Poulet, F.; Matz, K.-D.; Bibring, J.-P.; Neukum, G.
The mineralogical composition of dark dunes in Martian craters – A global view

Walcott, R. C.; Summerfield, M. A.
A geomorphic examination of the Hebes Chasma valley walls; a study of escarpment retreat processes on Mars (withdrawn)

Langhans, M.; Jaumann, R.; Stephan, K.; Brown, R. H.; Buratti, B. J.; Clark, R.; Baines, K. H.; Nicholson, P. D.; Lorenz, R. D.
Analysis of fluvial features at Xanadu-Regio, Titan, observed by Cassini-RADAR and Cassini-VIMS

Walter, S.H.G; Michael, G.; Neukum, G.
Interoperable Delivery of Global Planetary Datasets in the Internet

Sowe, M.; Hauber, E.; Jaumann, R.; Neukum, G.
Layered Deposits in Chaotic Terrains on Mars

Dumke, A.; Spiegel, M.; Schmidt, R. ; Neukum, G.
Generation of High-Resolution Digital Terrain Models and Ortho-Image Mosaics of Mars, on the basis of Mars-Express HRSC Data

Hubbard, B.; Kargel, J.S.; Milliken, R.E.
Geologically recent wet-based valley glaciation on Mars

Lorenz, R.; Radebaugh, J.; Wall, S.; Lopes, R.; Wood, C.; Radarteam, T.C.
Dunes on Titan : Cassini RADAR overview

Wagner, R. J.; Neukum, G.; Roatsch, T.; Denk, T.; Wolf, U.; Porco, C. C.
Resurfacing by erosion, degradation and tectonism on Saturn's satellites Dione and Rhea and a comparison with the Jovian satellites Callisto and Ganymede

van Gasselt, S.; Hauber, E.; Dumke, A.; Neukum, G.
Reconstruction of the Development of Complex Mass-Wasting Landforms at the Western Scarp of Olympus Mons, Mars: Indicators for Talus-Derived Landsliding and Post-Emplacement Degradation

Gupta, S.; Muller, J-P.; Kim, J.-R.; Lin, S.-Y; van Gasselt, S.; Neukum, G.
Evolution of catastrophic flooding in the circum-Chryse outflow channels from the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera

Lin, S-Y; Muller, J-P; Gupta, S
Mosaicked HRSC DTMs for Mars Geomorphological Analysis of Ares Vallis

Kim, J-R; Simpson, J.L.; Muller, J.-P.; Lin, S.-Y.
3D crater data base construction using automated and manual components for crater morphology

Merrison, J.P.; Bertelsen, P.; Gunnlaugsson, H.P.; Kinch, K.M.; Jacobsen, T.; Jensen, A.E.; Leer, K.; Nørnberg, P.; Madsen, M.B.; Rasmussen, K.R.
Wind Driven Grain Transport on Earth and Mars.

Balme, M; Gallagher, C; Murray, J; Page, D; Muller, J-P; Kim, J-R
HiRISE and HRSC studies of the Western Elysium Planitia region, Mars

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