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  List of Accepted Contributions - MPRG16 The magnetic field of the lithosphere: implications for tectonics and geology

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Rajaram, M.; Anand, S.P.
The magnetic field of the Indian Lithosphere from aeromagnetic and satellite data (withdrawn)

Anand, S.P.; Rajaram , M; Majumdar, T.J.
A re-look into the structure and tectonics of northeast Indian Ocean using satellite derived high-resolution gravity and magnetic data. (withdrawn)

Terrizzano, C.; Tomezzoli, R.; Kleiman, L. ; Salvarredi, J.
Resulties of the preliminary paleomagnetic study of the Quebrada del Pimiento Formation, Bloque de San Rafael, Mendoza Province, Argentina: Tectonics constrains (withdrawn)

Choi, S.; Oh, C.W.; Luehr, H.
Tectonic link between NE China and Korean Peninsula, revealed by interpreting CHAMP satellite magnetic and GRACE satellite gravity data

Boukerbout, H.; Gibert, D.; Abtout, A.
Identification of potential fields sources with the continuous wavelet transform in the case 3-D: methodology and application on the aeromagnetic data of the Tin Bider and Amguid craters region in the Sahara (Algeria).

Fairhead, J. D.
Enhancing the scientific value of NGDC marine magnetic data

Choi, S.
The Earthquake at 26. 11. 2005 in jiangxi, E-China: is it a signal for the next 5 years seismic activities in the Yellow Sea and the Korean peninsula ?

Shirzaii, M.
Application of the airborne magnetic field observations for 3D position of the surface and buried faults and tomographic mapping based on wavelet transforms

Schmidt, P.W.
Magnetic gradient tensor inversion using Euler deconvolution

Pilkington, M.; Snyder, D.; Hemant, K.
Weakly magnetic crust in the Canadian Cordillera

Hemant, K.; Rajaram, M.; Anand, S. P.
Lithospheric structure of the Indian subcontinent revealed by CHAMP data – implications for geological studies

Hemant, K.; Thebault, E.; Mandea, M. ; Ravat, D. N.; Maus, S.
World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map – progress report

Gaina, C.
Searching for hidden Mesozoic crust in the magnetic data and implications for the plate motions and oceanic production rates

Ishihara, T
Marine magnetic anomalies observed in the Cretaceous Quiet Zone in the North Pacific

Quesnel, Y.; Langlais, B.; Sotin, C.
Derivation of terrestrial and martian crustal magnetizations using magnetic data

Gurevich, N.I. ; Merkouriev, S.A.
Evolution of the Makarov basin on the basis of geohistorical analysis of magnetic anomalies and its relationship with the evolution of the Alpha Ridge

Verma, S.
Long wavelength magnetic anomalies and the occurrence of kimberlites

Golynsky, A.V.; Golynsky, D.A.; Kiselev, A.V.; Leonov, V.O.; Masolov, V.N. ; Volnukhin, V.S.
Aeromagnetic data reveal crustal structure and tectonic history of the northern Prince Charles Mountains region, East Antarctica

Thebault, E.
High accuracy modelling of the crustal magnetic field using satellite data

Thébault, E.; Hemant, K.; Korte, M. ; Mandea, M.
High Accuracy modelling of the magnetic field in Europe

McEnroe, S. A.; Skilbrei, J. R.
Magnetism in Proterozoic Crust: Rock Properties and Magnetic Response of Amphibolites and Pyroxene Granulites in Southwest Sweden

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