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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST10 First results from STEREO

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Feng, L.; Inhester, B.; Solanki, S.K.; Wiegelmann, T.; Podlipnik, B.; Howard, R.A.; Wuelser, J.P.
First Stereoscopic Coronal Loop Reconstructions From STEREO SECCHI images

Schroeder, P.; Luhmann, J.G.; Li, Y.; Huttunen, E.; Toy, V.; Davis, A.; Russell, C.T.; Szabo, A.; Narock, T.
Multi-point in situ data and tools for STEREO's IMPACT investigation

Oswald, T.H.; Macher, W.; Rucker, H.O.
In-flight calibration of the STEREO/WAVES antennas (withdrawn)

Desai, M; Mason, G; Muller-Mellin, R
The Spatial Distribution of Upstream Ion Events Measured by ACE, Wind, and STEREO Near the Earth’s Bow Shock

Patsourakos, S. ; Vourlidas, A.; Stenborg, G.
The SECCHI View of EIT Waves

Jian, L. K.; Russell, C. T.; Luhmann, J. G.; Galvin, A. B.
Multipoint observations of stream interaction regions: associated shocks, relationship with heliospheric current sheet, and other properties

Blanco-Cano, X.; Aguilar-Rodriguez, E.; Russell, C. T.; Luhmann, J. G.; Krauss-Varban, D.; Galvin, A. B.; Kistler, L.; Mewaldt, R.
STEREO Observations of Waves Near Interplanetary Shocks

Pulupa, M; Bale, S; Lin, R; Luhmann, J; Larson, D; Goetz, K; Maksimovic, M; Kaiser, M; Ergun, R
Electron beams and ion events in the terrestrial foreshock observed during early STEREO orbit

Luhmann, J.G.; Schroeder, P.; Huttunen, K.E.J; Larson, D.; Lee, C.O.; Li, Yan; Russell, C.T.; Acuna, M.H.; Sauvaud, J-A.; Galvin, A.B.
STEREO solar wind suprathermal electron characteristics and the solar wind structure

Manchester, W.B.; Vourlidas, A.; Cohen, O.; van der Holst, B.; Hansen, K.C.; Gombosi, T.I.; Sokolov, I.V.; Toth, G.; Jia, Y-D.
Simulating the 2007 April 19 CME

Forsyth, R. J.; Rees, A.; Rouillard, A.; Huttunen, E.; Russell, C. T.; McComas, D. J.; Galvin, A. B.
Multi-Spacecraft Observations of ICMEs and Magnetic Clouds: Ulysses and STEREO

Kucharek, H. ; Moebius, E.; Allegrini, F.; Desai, M.; Klecker, B.; Popecki, M.; Farrugia, C.; Galvin, A. B.; Bochsler, P.; Simunac, K.; THE STEREO TEAM
Acceleration of Helium at Interplanetary Discontinuities: ACE STEREO Observations and Simulations

Gómez-Herrero, R.; Klassen, A.; Müller-Mellin, R.; Heber, B.; Wimmer-Schweingruber, R.; Böttcher, S.
Recurrent CIR-accelerated ions observed by STEREO/SEPT

Jia, Y. D.; Russell, C. T.; Manchester, W. B.; Hansen, K. C.; Vourlidas, A.; Jian, L.; Combi, M. R.; Gombosi, T. I.
Study of the April. 20, 2007 CME-Comet interaction event with an MHD model

Cairns, I.H.; Ergun, R.E.; Muschietti, L.; Goetz, K.; Robinson, P.A.; Bale, S.D.; Bougeret, J.-L.; Kaiser, M.L.
STEREO Waves Observations and Theoretical Interpretation of Localized and Extended Langmuir Wavepackets

Heber, B.; Gomez-Herrero, R.; Dresing, N.; Dunzlaff, P.; Müller-Mellin, R.; Klassen, A.; Wimmer-Schweingruber, R.; Kecskemety, K.
The Spatial Evolution of 26-Day Recurrent Particle Intensity Variation: Correlated ULYSSES, SOHO, and STEREO Particle Observations

Harrison, R
A year of observations with the STEREO/HI instruments

Bucik, R.; Gomez-Herrero, R.; Inhester, B.; Korth, A.; Mall, U.; Mason, G.; Mierla, M.; Srivastava, N.
STEREO observations of solar energetic particles: a case study

Möstl, C.; Farrugia, C.J.; Galvin, A.; Huttunen, K.E.J; Luhmann, J.G.; Biernat, H.K.
Reconstruction of magnetic clouds with two spacecraft: Examples from WIND-ACE and STEREO-WIND

M\"ostl, C.; Miklenic, C.; Farrugia, C.J.; Temmer, M.; Veronig, A.; Galvin, A.; Vr\v{s}nak, B.; Biernat, H.K.
Two-spacecraft Reconstruction of a Magnetic Cloud and comparison to its Solar Source

Hundertmark, M.; Bewsher, D.; Vourlidas, A.; Hessman, F.V.; Dreizler, S.; Bothmer, V.
Detecting Variable Stars with STEREO's Heliospheric Imagers

Zouganelis, I.; Bale, S.D.; Goetz, K.; Maksimovic, M.; Bougeret, J.-L.
Electron density measurements from the shot noise collected on the STEREO/WAVES antennas

GOPALSWAMY, N.; Yashiro, S. ; Jones, S.; McAteer, R. J.; Thompson, W.; Aschwanden, M.; Davila, J. M.; Kaiser, M. L.; Bougeret, J.-L.; Howard, R. A.
STEREOS and SOHO CMEs and EUV Waves Associated with Type II Radio Bursts

Rouillard, A.P.; Davies, J.A.; Davis, C.J.; Forsyth, R.J.; Rees, A; Harrison, R.A.; Bewsher, D
Intermittent mass flows inside corotating interaction regions observed by the STEREO spacecraft.

Opitz, A.; PLASTIC group
Temporal and spatial variation of the solar wind bulk properties by STEREO PLASTIC at solar minimum

Rouillard, A.P.; Rees, A; Forsyth, R.J.; Davies, J.A.; Davis, C.J.; Morley, S.K.; Harrison, R.A.; Bewsher, D.
Properties of corotating interaction regions observed in the inner heliosphere by the STEREO spacecraft

Lugaz, N.; Roussev, I.; Vourlidas, A. ; Sokolov, I. ; Cohen, O.
Numerical investigation of the January, 24-26, 2007, coronal mass ejections

Liu, Y.; Luhmann, J.; Lin, R.; Bale, S.; Galvin, A.; Russell, C.
Reconstruction of the 22 May 2007 magnetic cloud: How much can we trust the flux-rope geometry of CMEs? (withdrawn)

Howard, R; Thernisien, A; Vourlidas, A; Morrill, J; MacNeice, P; Luhman, J; Galvin, A
Heliospheric Streamers and Corotating Interaction Regions: Comparison Between Model Calculations and STEREO Observations

Vourlidas, A.; Stenborg, G.; Sheeley Jr, N.; Rouillard, A.
Multipoint Imaging of a Corotating Interaction Region Impacting the Earth from STEREO/SECCHI

Bothmer, V.; Veselovsky, I.S.; Yakovchuka, O.S.
Jet-CMEs in three dimensions: STEREO observations and interpretation

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