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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS1.1 The strengths and challenges of analogue and numerical models (co-listed in GD)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Mourgues, R.
Strengths and limits of analogue models involving fluid overpressures

Garcia, V.H.; Cristallini, E.O.
Numerical modeling of the relationships between erosion-sedimentation processes and neotectonic structures

Geyer, A.; Martí, J.; Folch, A.
Reproducing collapse calderas processes: Analogue vs. numerical models

Vendeville, B. C.
The 3-D Nature of Stress Fields in Physical Experiments and its Impact on Models Overall Evolution

Vatteville, J; van Keken, P; Davaille, A
Comparison of numerical and laboratory models of mantle plumes

Souloumiac, P.; Leroy, Y.M.; Krabbenhoft, K.; Maillot, B.
Predicting stress in fault-bend fold by optimization

Cubas, N.; Maillot, B.; Leroy, Y. M.
Predicting sequences of thrusting in accretionary wedge based on the maximum rock strength

Schlagenhauf, A.; Manighetti, I.; Malavieille, J.; Dominguez, S.
Incremental growth of normal faults: insights from a laser-equipped analog experiment

Marques, F. O.; Fonseca, P.; Marques, A. S.; Silva, J. C.
Effects of strain rate on boudinage processes

Yakovlev, F.
“Similar” folds in theory and in nature – the comparison of two models by their application to the study of hinterland folds of Greater Caucasus

Deubelbeiss, Y.; Kaus, B.J.P
A comparison of numerical formulations for the Stokes equations with strongly variable viscosity

Miyakawa, A; Yamada, Y; Matsuoka, T
Study of interaction between wedge deformation and friction change in decollement zone by Distinct Element simulations.

Yamada, Y; Nagamura, N; Baba, K; Matsuoka, T
Analogue and numerical models of seamount subduction and its impact on methane hydrate accumulation

Rosenau, M.; Oncken, O.; Cailleau, B.; Hoth, S.; Kukowski, N.; Lohrmann, J.; Stange, M.; TIPTEQ Research Group, the
Evaluating the earthquake machine: Strengths and limits of analogue seismotectonic simulations in megathrust settings

Mauduit, T. PO; Jong, S.
Modeling polyphased deformation in salt tectonics

Deckert, H.; Seyferth, M.
Dynamic decollement formation in high-resolution distinct-element models of accretionary wedges

Ebert, H.D.; Lavorante, L.P.
Tensor3d: a computer graphics program to simulate 3d real-time deformation and visualization of geometric bodies

Schreurs, G.; Buiter, S.; Ellis, S.; Osmundsen, P.T.
Analogue and Numerical Models Investigating the Formation of Parallel-dipping Normal Fault Arrays

Gressier, J.B.; Defossez, P.; Mourgues, R.
Numerical modelisation of hydraulic fracturing in anisotropic cohesive material

Boutelier, D.; Schrank, C.; Cruden, A.
Power-law rheology of highly filled silicon polymers: can we improve strain localization in analogue experiments?

Davaille, A; Limare, A; Vidal, V; Vatteville, J; Le Bars, M; Carbonne, C; Bienfait, G
Imaging isotherms and velocity fields in convective viscous fluid

Sobolev, S.V.; Petrunin, A.; Popov, A.
Numerical modelling of essentially 3-D deformation of heterogeneous elasto-visco-plastic lithosphere

Gac, S; Geoffroy, L; Callot, JP
Analogue and numerical modelling of the soft point hypothesis

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