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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSP3 Dynamics of Sedimentary Basins - Evolution, Salt- and Fluid Dynamic (co-listed in GD & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Pirouz, M.; Gassemi, M.R.; Bahroudi, A.; Ghazipour, N.
Structural evolution of the basement and salt structures activity by using of 3D models in Firouzabad area, Zagros

Andreev, A.
The Paleozoic Pull-Apart Basin of Eastern Slope of Southern Ural, Russia

Cacace, M.; Bayer, U.; Marotta, A. M.
Mesozoic evolution of the Central European Basin System (CEBS): constraints from numerical modelling

Francuski, M.; Berič, M.
Applicability of new technologies in order to enlarge kelebija deposit reserves

Magri, F.; Bayer, U.
Brine migration in relation to young processes: the Schleswig-Holstein example.

Li, M.B; Jin, X.L; Li, J.B; Fang, Y.X; Liu, J.H; Tang, Y.
Sequence stratigraphy and depositional evolution of slope basins in mid -northern margin of South China Sea

Schoenherr, J.; Heimann, A.; Reuning, L.; Urai, J.L.; Littke, R.; Kukla, P.A.; Holland, M.; Rawahi, Z.
Geologic evolution of surface-piercing salt domes in the Ghaba Salt Basin, Interior Northern Oman: First results

Hesse, S.; Back, S.; Franke, D.; Kukla, P.
Structural restoration of folded and faulted deepwater sedimentary units, NW Borneo

van Gent, H.W.; Back, S.; Urai, J.L.; Kukla, P.A.
Paleostress analysis of the Groningen gas field, the Netherlands, based on high-resolution 3D seismic data.

Sandrin, A.; Nielsen, C.; Nielsen, L.; Thybo, H.
Continental extensional related intrusion and underplating in the Danish Basin: Evidence from the seismic project ESTRID

Sippel, J. ; Scheck-Wenderoth, M. ; Reicherter, K. ; Mazur, S.
Paleostress analysis applied to fault-slip data from the southern margin of the Central European Basin System (CEBS)

Duemmong, S.; Meier, K.; Gajewski, D.; Huebscher, C.
Imaging of salt-tectonic related structures – a comparison of velocity model building techniques

Gottikh, R. P.; Pisotskiy, B. I.; Plotnikova, I. N.
Trace Elements of Oil of Tatarstan as Example of Interaction of Deep Process with the Sediment Fill

Gottikh, R. P.; Pisotskiy, B. I.; Plotnikova, I. N.
Influence of Deep Gas Systems on Geochemical Formation of Sedimentary Basin (on Example of Volgo-Ural Region)

Muslimov, R. Kh; Smelkov, V. M.; Borisov, A. S.
Uniqueness of Oil Extraction in Sedimentary Basin Characterized by Development of Different Dynamical Process

Baykulov, M.; Brink, H.-J.; Gajewski, D.; Yoon, M.-K.
CRS processing and depth migration of seismic reflection data from Northern Germany

Arndt, S.; Rabbel, W.; Götze, H.-J.; Hese, F.
Lateral seismic velocity variations in lithological units in the German North Sea sector

Huebscher, C.; Tahchi, E.; Maillard-Lenoir, A.
Salt tectonic and associated mud volcanism at the eastern Cyprus Arc

Soto, R.; Casas-Sainz, A.M.; Villalain, J.J.
Comparison between extensional AMS ellipsoids and brittle mesostructures in the Basque-Cantabrian basin (N Spain)

Arndt, S.; Göze, H.-J.; Hese, F.; Rabbel, W.; Schlesinger, A.
Correlation of basement structure and sedimentary basin tectonics – new results from the CORTEC project

Hese, F.; Arndt, S.; Götze, H.-J.; Rabbel, W.; Schlesinger, A.
Pre-Permian structures in the German North Sea area

Thybo, H; Nielsen, C.; Suvorov, V.D.; Perchuc, E.; Gadzinski, E.
Baikal Rift Zone: Intra-cratonic rifting without Moho uplift

Mazzini, A.; Svensen, H.; Akhmano, G. G.; Istadi, B.; Planke, S.
Pulsating and quasi-hydrothermal mud volcanism at LUSI, Indonesia

Dubille, M.; Lave, J.
Rapid grain size coarsening between Upper and Middle Siwaliks Units: sign of an increase in the sediment flux from the Himalayas or simple sediment motion process?

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