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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS10.7 Hydrological change: detecting change of hydrological behaviour (co-listed in NP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Lotsari, E.; Alho, P.; Käyhkö, J.
The Role of Datasets in assessing fluvial-geomorphic Dynamics of a subarctic Catchment under changing climatic Conditions

Dessyatova, X
Features of the Northern Caspian Water Area Temperature Regime ( Kazakhstanian Part) (withdrawn)

Bodoque, J.M.; Olivera, F
Urbanization and its effect on runoff generation in the Ripoll River watershed, Spain

Bormann, H.; Klaassen, K.
On the seasonal and land use controlled variability of soil hydraulic model parameterisation

Gudmundsson, L.; Lischeid, G.; Lange, H.
In phase or not in phase? Exploring the spatial structure of long term components of multivariate hydrological time series

Zgonik, T; Rusjan, S; Mikoš, M
Stability of Runoff Regimes of Slovenian Rivers as Determined by the Nováky Entropy Type Index

Buchtele, J.; Buchtelova, M.; Fortova, M.; Koskova, R.
Tendencies in the flow regime of the Elbe River in the hundred years series

Brilly, M; Horvat, A; Matthews, D; Sraj, M
Climate change impact on mean annual river flows

Hellebrand, H.; Van den Bos, R.; Juilleret, J.; Hoffmann, L.; Krein, A.; Pfister, L.
Spatio-temporal variability of hydrological behavior patterns in meso-scale basins of the Rhineland Palatinate (1972-2002)

Onuchin, A.; Burenina, T.
Forest ñover disturbances and river run-off changes in Nizhnee Priangarye

Chen, Y.D.; Zhang, Q; Yang, T
Analysis of hydrologic alternations in the rapidly changing environment in the Pearl River Delta, South China

Tetzlaff, D.; Soulsby, C.; Malcolm, I.A.; Brewer, M.J.
Response of emergent behaviour in headwater catchments to environmental change

Gao, Y
Development of Representative Indicators of Hydrological Alteration Using Principal Component Analysis

Kyoung, MS; Sivakumar, B; Kim, HS; Kim, BS
Nonlinear characteristics of high-resolution rainfall dynamics in Korea

Jamil, A.B.M; Loong, W.C; Venneker, R.; Uhlenbrook, S.
Land-use change impacts on storm-runoff generation: scenarios of land use change and simulation of hydrological response in urban, agricultural and forested catchment of Peninsular Malaysia

Heyden, H.; Barthel, B.
Analysis of the effects to Groundwater heads in the Upper Danube Catchment due to change in climate and landuse

Beven, K J; Romanowicz, R; Young, P C ; Rose, S
An event classification approach to the identification of hydrological change

Rossi, A.; Massei, N.; Laignel, B.; Sebag, D.; Copard, Y.; Van Metre, P.C.
The response of the Mississippi River to climate fluctuations and reservoir construction as indicated by wavelet analysis of water and sediment fluxes, 1950-1975

Eshleman, K; McCormick, B; Griffith, J; Townsend, P
Detecting hydrologic responses of land use change at the river-basin scale

Klaus, J; Kuells, C; Stichler, W
Changes in isotopic composition of precipitation in Germany during the last three decades

De Girolamo, A. M.; Lo Porto, A.; Abouabdillah, A.; De Luca, D.; Santese, G.
Investigating the hydrological regimes in some Mediterranean streams using a flashiness index

Seeling, S.; Hellebrand, H.; Nink, S.; Funkenberg, T.
Afforestation in low mountain ridges, mapped by remote sensing techniques, and it’s relation to the hydrological behaviour of Glan tributaries

Fleckenstein, J.H.; Peiffer, S.; Weyer, C.; Lischeid, G.
Identifying Key Processes for optimized modeling of Water and Solute Dynamics in the Lehstenbach Watershed

Birsan, M-V; Zaharia, L; Branescu, E; Chendes, V
Trends in Romanian streamflow over the second half of the 20th century (withdrawn)

Kuells, C.J.; Wenninger, J.; Klaus, J.; Huxol, S.; Moritz, K.; Zabori, J.
Significant trends, underlying processes and indicators - the validation of hydrological change

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