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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG3.2 Biogeochemical Modeling of Land-Ocean Transition Systems (co-listed in OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Arndt, S; Vanderborght, J-P; Lacroix, G; Guypens, N; Lancelot, C; Regnier, P
Physical controls on biogeochemical dynamics along the land-ocean continuum: implications for coastal ocean modeling

Brigolin, D.; Lovato, T.; Pastres, R.
Budgets of C, N and P for the Northern Adriatic mussel farms: a model study

Lerman, A.; Mackenzie, F. T.; Andersson, A. J.; Bouchez, J.
Long-term role of the coastal ocean in the carbon cycle, land-to-ocean transfer, and atmosphere-ocean CO2 exchange

Hansen, FTH; Rosshaug, PSR
Agentbased modelling: a methodology for simulating individual behaviour and states

Raimonet, M.; Laruelle, G.; Regnier, P.; Ragueneau, O.; Kempa, M.; Moriceau, B.; Ni Longphuirt, S.; Leynaert, A.; Thouzeau, G.; Chauvaud, L.
Benthic-pelagic coupling in the bay of Brest (France): New insights from a coupled physical-biological model

Erichsen, aer; Sørensen, jts; Hansen, ish; Mohlenberg, flm
Operational biogeochemical modelling and data assimilation

Barry, K.; O'Kane, J.P.
Developing engineering solutions using hydroinformatic tools for the protection of shellfish and water-contact recreation waters from contamination by the Norovirus

Lovato, T.; Ciavatta, S.; Pastres, R.; Rubino, A.
Modeling the seasonal evolution and the spatial distribution of chlorophyll-a in the lagoon of Venice using a 2D biogeochemical model

Ragueneau, O.; Laruelle, G.; Si-WEBS team, and; Si-WEBS
The Global Biogeochemical Cycle of Silicon: Role of the Land-Ocean Transition and Sensitivity to Anthropogenic Perturbation with a special focus on invasive species

Gruber, N.; Deutsch, C. A.; Lachkar, Z.; Loher, D.; Frenzel, H.; Jin, X.; McWilliams, J. C.; Plattner, G.-K.
Global modeling of the coastal carbon cycle – A roadmap

Gypens, N.; Arndt, S.; Borges, A.V.; Lancelot, C.; Regnier, P.
Estuarine controls on the coastal ocean sink of CO2: a reactive-transport modelling study

Su, J.; Tian, T.; Wirtz, K.
Validation of coastal ecosystem models with time series and remote sensing data in the German Bight

Moll, A.; Pätsch, J.; Kühn, W.
Review of three-dimensional biogeochemical/ecological modelling of a coastal region

Desmit, X; van Wesenbeeck, B; Blaas, M; Friocourt, Y; Los, FJ
From the Dutch coastal zone to the North Sea: a phytoplankton perspective

Bernard, C; Heinze, C; Dürr, H
Contribution of riverine nutrients to the biogeochemistry of the global ocean.

Ducharne, A.; Billen, G.; Garnier, J.; Ledoux, E.; Viennot, P.
Integrated modelling of river output change during the 21st century

Laruelle, G. G.; Dürr, H. H.; Van Kempen, C.; Slomp, C. P.; Middelkoop, H.; Meybeck , M.
Modeling Nitrogen and Phosphorus Retention in the Coastal Ocean at the Global Scale

Bustillo, V.; Moatar-Bertrand, F.; Ducharne, A.; Moulin, L.
Coupled modelling of the hydrological and biogeochemical functioning of the Loire River (France)

Kuehn, W.; Paetsch, J.
Nitrogen cycling in the North Sea and exchange with the North Atlantic – a model study

Vanderborght, J.-P.
Modeling the nitrogen retention in the river-estuary continuum of the Scheldt: Seasonal evolution and response to pollution abatement within the catchment

Beusen, A.; Dürr, H.; Bouwman, A.; Dekkers, A.
Modelling the Global River Transport of Dissolved Silica

Green, R E.; Breed, G.A.; Dagg, M.J.; Lohrenz, S.E.
Modeling the response of primary production and sedimentation to variable nitrate loading in the Mississippi River plume

Savenije, H.; Arndt, S.; Regnier, P.
Analytical solution of the equations describing tidal dynamics in alluvial estuaries: a basis for a biogeochemical classification of estuaries

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