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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.04 Tropospheric Composition: Variability and Trends

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

zhamsueva, G.; zayakhanov, A.; tsydypov, V.; dementeva, A.; azzaya, D.; oyunchimeg, D.
study of surface ozone and nitrogen dioxide particularities and their relations with dynamic circulations of atmosphere of arid and semi-arid territories of Mongolia

Grombik, I.; Sliwka, I.
Application of PDHID detector in gas chromatographic method of continuous hydrogen concentration measurements in air

zayakhanov, A.; zhamsueva, G.
analysis of variations of trace gases in atmosphere of southern coast and water area of Lake Baikal

Pycia, M.; Necki, J.; Heliasz, M.; Rosiek, J.; Rozanski, K.
Measurment of hydrogen concentration in the atmpsphere - comparison of different detection methods

Lapina, K.; Honrath, R.; Owen, C.; Hyer, E.
Feasibility of quantifying the seasonal variability of the NO2/CO and NO2/HCHO boreal fire emission ratios using satellite data (withdrawn)

Adame, J.A.; Solé, G.J.
The application of an air masses classification to interpret ozone exceedances at Ebre Observatory (northeast Spain).

Schuck, T J; Brenninkmeijer, C A M; Slemr, F; Zahn, A; Xueref-Remy, I
Greenhouse Gas Results from the CARIBIC Experiment

Grewe, V.
Modelling the changing chemical composition of the atmosphere: Impacts from the stratosphere, transport modes and climate variability

Rast, S.; Schultz, M.G.
Ozone sondes (WOUDC) - comparison between ECHAM5-MOZ simulations and measurements

Peyridieu, S; Chédin, A; Pierangelo, C
Dust aerosols optical depth and altitude from AIRS and comparison with other A-Train observations (MODIS, CALIPSO).

Richter, C.; Schultz, M. ; Schröder, S. ; Khosrawi, F.
H2 budget of 2001-2006 ECHAM5-MOZ model run and comparison to NOAA station measurements

Werner, A.; Engel, A.; Jordan, A.; Levin, I.; Nisbet, E.; Rozanski, K.; Röckmann, T.; Schultz, M.; Steinbacher, M.; Stordal, F.
EUROHYDROS - A European Network for Atmospheric Hydrogen Observations and Studies

Tarasova, O.A.; Brenninkmeijer, C.A.M; Jöckel, P.; Zvyagintsev, A.M.; Kuznetsov, G.I.
Surface ozone seasonal and inter-annual variability in the extra tropics: comparison of observations and model results

Stremme, W.; Ortega-Martínez , I.; Harig, R.; Grutter, M.
Total column and diurnal trend of carbon monoxide in the boundary layer of Mexico City determined by ground-based solar and lunar infrared spectroscopy

Maione, M.; Arduini, J.; Uguccioni, F.; Bonasoni, P.; Cristofanelli, P.
H2 and CO observations at the high mountain station of Mt. Cimone (2165 m a.s.l.), Northern Apennines, Italy

Arduini, J.; Uguccioni, F.; Maione, M. ; Bonasoni, P.; Cristofanelli, P.; Marinoni, A.
Methane and nitrous oxide observations at the high mountain station of Mt. Cimone (2165 m a.s.l.), Northern Apennines, Italy

Jaffe, D; Honrath, R; Fialho, P; Helmig, D
Mountain-top free tropospheric observations of atmospheric chemistry

Grechko, E.; Dzhola, A.; Artamonova, M.; Granberg, I.
Investigation of long term and seasonal variations of climatically active gases (CO and CH4) over the central Russia, Northern Caucasus and Antarctica

Adame, J.A.; Lozano, A.; Contreras, J.; Bolívar, J.P.; Godoy, F.; De la Morena, B.
Enhanced surface ozone concentrations in Seville urban area (southwestern Europe)

Adame, J.A.; Lozano, A.; Contreras, J.; Bolívar, J.P.; Godoy, F.; De la Morena, B.
An air pollution episode in the south-western Iberian Peninsula coming from forest fires

Elansky, N.; Belikov, I.; Berezina, E.; Elokhov, A.; Kopeikin, V.; Lavrova, O.; Pankratova, N.; Safronov, A.; Shumsky, R.; Skorokhod, A.
Trace Gases and Aerosols in surface Air of polluted and unpolluted Regions of Russia: TROICA Experiments.

Naja, M; Lal, S
Seasonal and long-term variabilities in trace species over south Asia

Pfister, G. ; Emmons, L. ; Hess, P. ; Thompson, A. ; Yorks, J.
Analysis of the Summer 2004 Ozone Budget over the U.S. using IONS-04 Observations and MOZART-4.

Petersen, A.K.; Warneke, T.; Lawrence, M.; Notholt, J.; Schrems, O.
Latitudinal and vertical distribution of ethane retrieved from ground-based solar absorption measurements

Xueref-Remy, I.; Ramonet, M. ; Ecarnot, M.; Pastel, M.; Schmidt, M.; Rivier, L.; Delmotte, M.; Ciais, P.
Ten years of CO2 airborne observations above the Orleans forest (France)

Evans, M; Carpenter, L; Read, K; Lee, J; Hopkins, J
Photochemistry in the tropical marine Atlantic: What can be learnt from model measurement comparisons?

Ozturk, F; Kirmaz, R; Zararsiz, A; Tuncel, G
Long Term Trend Analysis of Aerosol Variables at Eastern Mediterranean Atmosphere (withdrawn)

Mahieu, E.; Duchatelet, P.; Bernath, P.F.; Boone, C.D.; De Mazière, M.; Demoulin, P.; Rinsland, C.P.; Servais, C.; Walker, K.A.
Retrievals of C2H2 from high-resolution FTIR solar spectra recorded at the Jungfraujoch station (46.5ºN) and comparison with ACE-FTS observations

Yilmaz Civan, M.; Kuntasal, O.O; Tuncel, G.; Yorulmaz, S.
Spatial distribution and source apportionment of VOCs using passive sampling at an industrial city in Turkey

The global effect of traffic emissions on the chemical state of the atmosphere: Results from QUANTIFY

Tarasova, O.A.; Szopa, S.; Schultz, M.; Staehelin, J.; Senik, I.A.
Comparison of ozone concentration variability in the troposphere as observed at elevated sites in the Alps and in Caucasus region and simulated by various chemistry transport models

Y. Yorulmaz, S.; Y. Civan, M.; Tuncel, G.
Examination of VOCs Sources in Urban Air of Bursa

Mieruch, S.; Noel, S.; Bovensmann, H.; Burrows, J.P.; Schröder, M.; Schulz, J.
Water vapour trends from GOME/ SCIAMACHY satellite data and global radiosonde measurements (GUAN) -- An intercomparison --

Pozzoli, L.; Rast, S.; Feichter, J.
Reanalysis of the chemical composition of the troposphere for the period 1980-2005 using the chemistry aerosol general circulation model ECHAM5-HAMMOZ

Tarasova, O.A.; Staehelin, J.; Prevot, A.S.H; Senik, I.A.; Sosonkin, M.G.; Cui, J.
Trends of the surface ozone concentration from 1990 to 2005 at elevated sites in the Alps and in Caucasus region

Dils, B.; Mahieu, E.; Demoulin, P.; Steinbacher, M.; Buchmann, B.; De Mazière, M.
Ground-based CO observations at the Jungfraujoch: Comparison between FTIR and NDIR measurements

Matthews, E.; Bruhwiler, L.
Can We Account for Observed Trends in Atmospheric Methane over the Past Decades?

Szopa, S.; Schultz , M. G.; Rast , S.; van Noije , T.; Hauglustaine , D. A.; van Velthoven , P.
Trends of tropospheric background ozone over the world during the last decades: How significant are the modelled trends over the 80’s and 90’s?

Henne, S.; Solberg, S.; Brunner, D.; Folini, D.; Klausen, J.; Fleming, Z.; Buchmann, B.
Analysis of Ground Based Site Representativeness for European Scale Trend Analysis

Fleming, Z.L.; Monks, P.S.; Henne, S.; Buchmann, B.; Solberg , S.
Trends in European trace gases in the GEOMON project

Querol, X.; Alastuey, A.; Moreno, T.; Viana, M.; Pey, J.; Perez, N.; Amato, F.; Minguillón, M.C.; de la Rosa, J.; Artíñano, B.; PM geochemistry of Spain
Levels and composition of PM in Spain (1999-2007)

Querol, X.; Minguillón, M.C.; Alastuey, A.; Monfort, E.; Escrig, A.; Celades, I.; Sanfelix, V.; Felis, C.; Miró, J.V.
A decreasing trend (1999-2007) of ambient levels of metals as a consequence of the implementation of PM abatement technology in a highly industrialised area of Spain

Perez, N.; Pey, J.; Castillo, S.; Alastuey, A.; Querol, X.; Viana, M.; Moreno, T.
Variability of atmospheric aerosol levels and composition at a regional background site in NE Iberian Peninsula

Pey, J.; Perez, N.; Alastuey, A.; Querol, X.; López, J.M.; Viana, M.
Partitioning of PM10-PM2.5-PM1 at an urban site in the western Mediterranean: trends in PM levels and composition

Wittrock, F; Vrekoussis, M; Richter, A; Burrows, J
Global observations of oxygenated volatile organic compounds

Levin, I.; Hammer, S.; Hanselmann, A.; Schmitt, S.
Towards a European budget of atmospheric molecular Hydrogen

Verheggen, B.; Vermeulen, A.T.; Zahorowski, W.
Tall Tower Observations and Transport Modeling of Radon, Carbon Dioxide and Methane

Hocking, W; Carey-Smith, T; Tarasick, D; Argall, S; Strong, K; Rochon, Y; Zawadzki, I; Taylor, P
Detection of stratospheric ozone intrusions by windprofiler radars

Genç Tokgöz, D.D.; Tuncel, G.
Investigation Of Chemical Composition And Sources Of Atmospheric Aerosols At A Rural Area Over Northwestern Turkey

Lallo, M; Aalto, T; Hatakka, J; Laurila, T
Hydrogen Mixing Ratio Measurements in Finland

Smeets, C.J.P; Holzinger, R.; Vigano, I.; Goldstein, A.H.; Roeckmann, T.
A new eddy covariance technique for methane measurements applied at a ponderosa pine plantation in California

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