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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS4.1 Deformation processes: microstructures, textures, rheology (co-listed in MPRG)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Iacopini, D; Carosi, R
Fabric attractors in non steady - state flow and their application to shear zones

Suetnova, Elena; Cherniavsky, Vladi
Mechanics of time-dependent compaction in accumulating sediments

Delle Piane, C.; Burlini, L.; Kunze, K.
Mechanical and microstructural response to multiple deformation events: insights from torsion experiments on Carrara marble

Schoenherr, J.; Schléder, Z.; Urai, J.L.
Microstructural evolution of deeply buried and surface-piercing Infra-Cambrian Ara Salt from interior Oman: From deposition via burial to uplift

Kilian, R; Heilbronner, R; Stünitz, H; Menegon, L
Fabric development in localized ductile shear zones in metagranites of the Gran Paradiso nappe

Clariana, P.; García-Sansegundo, J.
Micro and mesostructural evidences of north-verging folds in the eastern sector of Pallaresa massif. Axial zone, central Pyrenees

Vollbrecht, A.; Leiss, B.; Banaszak, M.; Ullemeyer, K.
Blastomylonites of the Paleoproterozoic Loftahammar-Linköping Deformation Zone (LLDZ) in southern Sweden, evidence for syndeformational alkali-metasomatism

White, J.C.
Natural deformation of ultra-fine-grained (UFG) and nanostructured limestone

Gutierrez, M.; Garcia-Sansegundo, J.
Variscan superimposed folding in the Alpine Bono thrust sheet, Axial Zone of the Pyrenees (Spain)

Booth-Rea, G.; Martínez-Martínez, J.M.; Azańón, J.M.
Cooling during crustal underplating at the base of the Calar-Alto unit (Nevado Filabride complex, eastern Betics)

Trepmann, C.A.; Stöckhert, B.; Dorner, D.; Küster, M.; Röller, K.
Dynamic and static recrystallization following high stress deformation of quartz – experiment and nature

Trepmann, C.A.
Microstructures in quartz veins from the Rochechouart impact structure and St. Paul de la Roche, France – high stress behaviour of quartz during rapid loading

Valcke, S.L.A; De Bresser, J.H.P; Drury, M.R.; Pennock, G.M.
Heterogeneous microstructures in deformed calcite: the relationship of recrystallised grains, core and mantle subgrains to deformation conditions

ten Grotenhuis, S.; de Bresser, J.; Spiers, C.
Behaviour of two-phase shear zones in high strain deformation experiments

Díaz-Azpiroz, M.; Lloyd, G.E.
Continuous slip-system transition in naturally deformed plagioclases from the Southern Iberian shear zone (SW Spain)

Díaz-Azpiroz, M.; Lloyd, G.E.
Lattice preferred orientation and seismic fabric of metabasites deformed under medium-to-high temperature conditions from the Aracena metamorphic belt (SW Spain)

Fusseis, F.; Handy, M.R.
The propagation of greenschist-facies mylonitic shear zones in rocks with structural anisotropy

Menegon, L.; Pennacchioni, G.; Spiess, R.
The role of dissolution-precipitation creep on the development of crystallographic preferred orientation of K-feldspar in granitic mylonites

Kellermann Slotemaker, A.; de Bresser, J.H.P; Spiers, C.J.
Microstructural evolution of synthetic Fe-bearing forsterite aggregates deforming by grain size sensitive creep

Iyer, K; Jamtveit, B; Malthe-Sřrenssen, A; Mathiesen, J; Feder, J
Reaction-assisted hierarchical fracturing during serpentinization

Raimbourg, H.; Kimura, G.
Deformation microstructures and rheological evolution of granulite-facies shear zones in Hokkaido, Japan

Drury, M.R.; Pennock, G.M.
Subgrain rotation recrystallization in minerals

Armann, M.; Kunze, K.; Burlini, L.; Burg, J.-P.
The evolution of microstructure and crystallographic preferred orientation of synthetic rocksalt with increasing shear strain: Insights from torsion experiments

Cuisiat, F.; Skurtveit, E.; Cleave, R.
Experimental study of clay-smear and shear band formation in unconsolidated sediments

Leiss, B. ; Küster, Y.; Seidel, T.; Schramm, M.; Ullemeyer, K.
Deformation mechanisms of naturally deformed halite mylonites from salt diapirs of the North German Zechstein Basin: Evidences from neutron texture analyses

Kreiter, S.; Mörz, T.; Feeser, V.
Micromechanical control of gas hydrate texture in sediment

Pueyo Anchuela, Ó.; Gil Imaz, A.; Ipas Lloréns, J.F.; Pocoví Juan, A.; Millán Garrido, H.
Pre-lithification deformations inferred by anistropy of magnetic susceptibility studies. An example from the Larres marls Formation (Eocene, Southern Pyrenees)

Küster, Y.; Leiss, B.; Schramm, M.
Microstructural and crystallographic features and deformation characteristics of the halite fabric type ‘Kristallbrocken’ from the German Zechstein Basin

Brodhag, S.; Herwegh, M.; Berger, A.; Pfiffner, A.
The role of static processes on microstructure and textures

Doman, D.; Riller, U.
The importance of discontinuous deformation in the eastern Sudbury Igneous Complex, Canada.

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