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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS34 - NH8.4/BG2.16 Spatial and temporal patterns of wildfires: models, theory, and reality (co-organized by NH & BG; co-listed in SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Hessburg, P.; Moritz, M.
Native Fire Regimes and Landscape Resilience

Buitrago, M.F.; van Langevelde, F.; Carmona-Moreno, C.; Bregt, A.; Bergsma, A.; Groen, T.
Predicting the occurrence of fires in Africa

Keane, R; Loehman, R
Impact of simulated changes in climate on fire regimes, vegetation, and wildlife habitat on landscapes of Glacier National Park, USA

Kharuk, V; Ranson, K
Wildfire dynamics in mid-Siberian larch dominated forests

Jayen, K.; Gauthier, S.; Leduc, A.; Bergeron, Y.
Factors influencing canopy closure after fire in boreal forest in Québec, Canada

Balzter, H; Lehsten, V; Tansey, K; Arneth, A; Thonicke, K; Spessa, A
Estimating Carbon Emissions from Fires in Africa using Remote Sensing and Modelling

Coluzzi, R.; Lanorte, A.; Didonna, I.
Satellite-based Mapping Fuel type Patterns

Hyer, E.; Reid, J.
A Framework for Systematic Analysis of Errors and Information Content of Wildfire Emission Models and Datasets

Tuia, D.; Lasaponara, R.; Tonini, M.; Algisi, G.; Telesca, L.; Kanevski, M.
Quantification of forest fires clustering in space and time: global vs local approaches

Lanorte, A.; Lasaponara, R.; Telesca, L.
Variation of the vegetation response to two successive fires

Spessa, A; Thonicke, K; Wooster, M
The Importance of Fire in the Earth System: Simulation Models, EO Data and Future Prospects

Chuvieco, E.; Aguado, I.; Yebra, M.; Nieto, H.; Martín, M. P.; Vilar, L.; Martínez, J.; Padrón, D.; Martín, S.; Salas, J.
Development of a framework for fire danger assessment using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System tecnologies

Corral, A.; Lasaponara, R.; Telesca, L.
Scaling and correlations in the dynamics of forest-fire occurrence

Ghermandi, L.; Telesca, L.; de Torres Curth, M.; Franzese, J.
Characterization of time dynamics in fire sequences observed in Patagonia, Argentina

Suomi, I.; Nurmi, P.; Vajda, A.
Evaluation of a new high-resolution forest fire index in Finland

Tesi, E.; Marchi, E.; Brachetti Montorselli, N.; Bonora, L. ; Conese, C.; Romani, M.
Forest fire prevention and suppression: an integrate risk index to improve management and planning actions

Sifakis, N; Iossifidis, C; Kontoes, C
Fire Detection and Monitoring over Greece in 2007 summer period using MSG satellite data

Ghermandi, L.; Franzese, J.; Gonzales, S.; de Torres Curth, M.
Non linear ecological processes, fires, environmental heterogeneity and shrubs invasion in NW Patagonia, Argentina

Mangiavillano, A.; Ellerkamp, Ph.
Hurst phenomenon and wildfires time series (withdrawn)

Lhermitte, S.; Verbesselt, J.; Verstraeten, W.W.; Coppin, P.
Assessment of Burn Severity Using the Pixel Based Regeneration Index

Freeborn, P.H.; Wooster, M.J.; Malamud, B.D.; Roberts, G.; Govaerts, Y.M.; Lattanzio, A.
Characterizing the diurnal cycle of fire activity across Africa in 2004 using frequency-magnitude analyses

Ricotta, C.; Bajocco, S.
Analysis of the relationship between landscape heterogeneity and wildfires distribution: evidence of selective burning in Sardinia (Italy).

Romero-Calcerrada , R. ; Barrio-Parra , F. ; Millington , J.D.A; Novillo , C.J.
Spatial modelling of the influence of human activity on wildfire ignition risk in a Mediterranean landscape

Durao, R.; Horta, A.; Pereira, M.J.; Soares, A.
Assessing Spatial Uncertainty of the Portuguese Fire Risk through Direct Sequential Simulation (withdrawn)

Anderson, K.; Reuter, G.; Flannigan, M.; Etches, M.
Characteristics of large fires in Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada

Merino-de-Miguel, S.; Huesca, M.; González-Alonso, F.
Mapping forest fires in Spain using MODIS reflectance and active fire data

Salis, M.; Arca, B.; Bacciu, V.; Pellizzaro, G.; Ventura, A.; Spano, D.; Duce, P.
Sensitivity of fire behavior simulations to spatial accuracy of input data

French, N
Assessing fuel consumption across fire-effected boreal and western North American forest regions

Zinck, R.D.; Grimm, V.
Wildfire, landscape diversity and the Drossel-Schwabl model

Lanorte, A.; Lasaponara, R.
Fire danger estimation based on MODIS data for alpine and sub-alpine ecosystems of Northern Italy

Lanorte, A; Lasaponara, R.
Monitoring vegetation post fire recovery by using PCA and SPOT/VEGETATION NDVI time series

Sirca, C.; Spano, D.; Duce, P.
Performances of fire risk indices in a Mediterranean region

Millington, J; Wainwright, J; Perry, G; Romero-Calcerrada, R; Malamud, B
An Integrated Socio-Ecological Simulation Model of Succession-Disturbance Dynamics in a Mediterranean Landscape

Wooster, M.J.; Govaerts, Y; Roberts, G; Lattanzio, A; Freeborn, P; Xu, W
New operational geostationary fire detection and fire radiative power products from the European land surface analysis satellite applications facility (LandSAF)

Lasaponara, R.; Lanorte, A.
Fire danger monitoring using satellite MODIS images: the case of 2007 fire summer season in the Basilicata Region (Southern Italy)

Lanorte, A.; Lasaponara, R.
Multiscale characterization of fuel pattern using multisensor remote sensing data

Lasaponara, R.; Lanorte, A
Comparison of post fire vegetation pattern using satellite SPOT/VGT time series and in situ data analysis: study of a large wildfire in Sardinia Island

Malamud, B.D.
Wildfire Statistics: Implications for Ecology, Risk and Government Agency Reporting

Keane, R.E.; Loehman, R.
Impact of simulated changes in climate on fire regimes, vegetation, and wildlife habitat on landscapes of Glacier National Park, USA.

Conese, C.; Carlà, R.; Bonora, L.
Detection of small fire affected areas by satellite data

Solans Vila, J. P.; Barbosa, P.
Post-fire vegetation regrowth detection in the deiva marina region (Liguria-Italy) using Landsat TM and ETM+ data

Mouillot, F.; Field, C. B.
Global fire history and related carbon budget for the 20th century

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