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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG6.03 Ecosystems of the deep sea-floor and their geological drivers (co-listed in SSP, OS & CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Grünke, S.; Rřy, H. ; Ramette, A.; Boetius, A.
Diversity of deep-water ecosystems: Investigating mat-forming giant sulfide-oxidizing bacteria at cold seeps

Gay, A.; Lopez, M.; Berndt, C.; Séranne, M.
Typology of seafloor fluid seeps in the Lower Congo Basin

Arzola, R.; Wynn, R.; Pattenden, A.; Weaver, P.; Masson, D.
Landslides and gravity flows in submarine canyons off west Iberia: what are the effects on the benthic ecosystems?

Dorschel, B.; Wheeler, A.; De Haas, H.; Huvenne, V.; Monteys, X.
Sedimentary processes on the north-west Porcupine Bank: cold-water coral carbonate mounds, erosional scarps and canyons

Vangriesheim, A.; Khripounoff, A.; Mas, V.
Current and turbiditic events observed in the VAR Canyon.

Hebbeln, D.; Wienberg, C. ; Fink, H.G.; Gyasi, J.K.
Cold-water corals linked to bottom current strength – examples from the Gulf of Cádiz (withdrawn)

Wetzel, A.
Ecological conditions in the deep South China Sea recorded by biogenic sedimentary structures: effects of upwelling, ash fall, and turbidite deposition

Verdicchio, G.; Freiwald, A.; Taviani, M.; Trincardi, F.
The impact of cascading currents on deep-sea ecosystems in the South Adriatic (central Mediterranean)

Flexas, M.M.; Zúńiga, D.; Coenjaerts , J. ; Company, J.B.; Sánchez, J.; Martin, D.; Calafat, A. ; Espino, M. ; Jordŕ, G. ; Sardŕ, F.
Circulation, particle fluxes and meiobenthos density in Blanes submarine canyon (NW Mediterranean)

Kiel, S.
What drives the evolution of methane seeps communities? A deep time perspective

Puschell, A.; Harder, J.; Widdel, F.
Cell enumeration in low activity sub-seafloor sediments of the South Pacific gyre

Pirlet, H.; Foubert, A.; Frank, N.; Blamart, D. ; Henriet, J.-P.
A comparative study of the recent history of Thérčse and Challenger mound, two cold-water coral carbonate mounds in the Belgica Mound province, Porcupine Seabight, SW of Ireland

Turchetto, M.; Langone, L.; Miserocchi, S.; Boldrin, A.; Gońi, M.A.; Tesi, T.
Nature and source of the organic matter collected by sediment traps in the Bari canyon (southern Adriatic Sea)

Akhmetzhanov, A.; Ivanov, M.; Masson, D.; Berndt, C.; Pinheiro, L.
Gulf of Cadiz mud volcanoes: ROV-ready sites

Van Rooij, D.; Huvenne, V.; Le Guilloux, E.; Foubert, A.; Wheeler, A.; Staelens, P.; Henriet, J.-P.
Deep-water oyster cliffs at La Chapelle Bank (Celtic Margin)

Richter, T.O.; de Stigter, H.C.; Boer, W.; Jesus, C.C.; van Weering, T.C.E
Dispersal of natural and anthropogenic lead through submarine canyons at the Portuguese margin

Koho, K.A.; Kouwenhoven, T.J.; de Stigter, H.C.; Garcia, R.; Epping, E.; Koning, E.; van Weering, T.C.E; van der Zwaan, G.J.
An ecological study of live (rose Bengal stained) benthic foraminifera from the Portuguese margin canyons

Van Rooij, D.; Ingels, J.; De Mol, L.
A tale of two "canyon" systems; Gollum & Whittard

Pusceddu, A.; Dell'Anno, A.; Gambi, C.; Zeppilli, D.; Langone, L.; Miserocchi, S.; Danovaro, R.
Impact of landslides on benthic biodiversity in the Gela Basin (Sicily Channel, Mediterranean Sea)

Jonckheere, I.
Ecosystem Functioning and Biodiversity in the Deep Sea: the EuroDEEP Programme

Marinakis, D.; Varotsis, N.
Natural gas hydrates in deep sea sediments: The effect of the host formation on pore pressure and on hydrate characteristics.

Rüggeberg, A.; Fietzke, J.; Liebetrau, V.; Eisenhauer, A.; Dullo, C.; Freiwald, A.
First stable strontium isotopes (d88/86Sr) from cold-water corals – new proxy for intermediate water temperatures

Wheeler, A.J.; Ferdelman, T. ; Freiwald, A.; Hebbeln, D.; Henriet , J.P.; Kano , A.; Swennen , R.; Van Weering , T.C.E; Williams , T.; Dorschel, B.
Cold-Water Coral Ecosystem Functioning through Time in the Deep Sea: The example of cold-water coral carbonate mounds in the northeast Atlantic (from IODP307 to EuroMARC - CARBONATE)

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