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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS15 Soil erosion assessment and integrated approaches for remediation (co-listed in HS & GM)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Klymenko, M.; Rusina, G.; Klymenko, O.
Remediation of soils by ground cover (withdrawn)

Shirahatti, S; Khepar, S
Influence of tillage time and tilth on water conservation by soil mulch (withdrawn)

Pinto, J; Terceiro, P; Susana, N
Influence of the Alqueva water input in the Guadiana basin territory - Indicators system

Szajdak, L; Gaca, W
The denitrification properties of soils under shelterbelts

Meysner, T; Szajdak, L
Impact of the cropping systems on nitrogen compounds in the soil

Smets, T.; Poesen, J.
Effects of mulch cover on soil erosion by water at different spatial scales: a review

Smets, T.; Poesen, J.; Fullen, M.A.; Booth, C.A.
Assessment of the effectiveness of Palm and simulated geotextiles in reducing runoff and interrill erosion on medium and steep slopes

Lakota Jeriček, S.; Mikoš, M.
Analysis of Rainfall Aggressiveness and Rainfall Erosivity in Slovenia

m. Adelinet, m.A.; j. Fortin, j. F.; n. d'Ozouville, n.d.O; s. Violette, s. V.
The relationship between hydrodynamic properties and weathering of soils derived from volcanic rocks, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Daoudi, M.; Dewitte, O.; Gérard, P.; Cornet, Y.; Nicolas, J.; Abdellaoui, A.; Ozer, A.
Controlling factors of gully erosion in the upper part of the Isser River watershed

Zyczynska-Baloniak, I; Szajdak, L; Jaskulska, R; Szczepanski, M
The function of small pond as biogeochemical barrier on decreasing of different kinds of nitrogen in agricultural landscape

Szajdak, L; Jaskulska, R
Impact of shelterbelts of different age on the chemical properties of soils and their function in agricultural landscape

Stanchi, S; Bernardi, A; Oberto, E; Freppaz, M; Zanini, E
Plastic properties of some Alpine topsoils and bottomsoils

Krasa, J.; Dostal, T.; Vrana, K.
Rain erosivity distribution in the Czech Republic

Nunes da Silva, F; Neto, S
Changes in the territorial planning systems at river basin scale

Rôxo, M.J.; Mendes, P.; Santos, N.
Environmental sensitive areas facing desrtification processes and public perception

Henriques, A.G.; Neto, S.
Discussion of the concept of water ‘scarcity’ – comparative study of different management strategies

Ivanova, I.; Makarov, O.
The impact of ecological condition, of urban soils in the economical appraisal of plots. (withdrawn)

Evrard, O. ; Vandaele, K.; Bielders, C.; van Wesemael, B.
Efficiency of pilot measures to mitigate muddy floods in a catchment of central Belgium

Škoda, S.; Váchal, J.; Moravcová, J.; Koupilová, M.
The impact of chosen geofactors on surface and hypogeal runoff and landscape stability

Efficiency of Geophysical Methods (Electrical and seismic methods) on Determination the Problems in HEPP areas. Example of EŢEN-I HEPP

Cerdan, O; Le Bissonnais, Y; Desprats, JF; Surdyk, N; Souchere, V; Antony, V; King, C; Colmar, A; Arrouays, D
Expert system methodology to map soil erosion vulnerability in France at the regional scale (ca. 1000-10000 km˛)

Ben-Hur, M.BH.
Soil mineralogy effects on runoff/rainfall ratio, soil erodibility and surface movement of pollutants

Bertol, I.; Zoldan, W.A.; Zavaschi, E.; Bosetti, E.; Luciano, R.V.; Paz González, A.
Effect of soil tillage system on selected water erosion parameters

Leys, A.; Gillijns, K.; Govers, G.
Erosion and runoff reduction by conservation tillage: scale effects

Aucelli, P.P.C; De Angelis, A.; Rosskopf, C.M.
An integrated approach to evaluate soil erosion by means of direct field measurements and indirect estimations in a small Mediterranean catchment: the case of the Rivo basin (Molise, Southern Italy)

Bienes, R.; Jimenez, L.; Marques, M.J.
Indetermination of the relation cause - effect between the climatic parameters and the loss of sediment by erosion

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