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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV18 The Role of Accessory Minerals in Metamorphic and Igneous Processes

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Budzyñ, B.; Hetherington, C.J.; Williams, M.L.; Jercinovic, M.J.; Michalik, M.
Monazite stability as a function of the silicate mineral assemblage in the presence of fluid

Kelsey, D; Clark, C; Hand, M
Thermobarometric modelling of zircon and monazite growth in melt-bearing systems

Konilov, A.N. ; Somin, M.L.
A record of Late Paleozoic regional metamorphism in the gneiss-migmatite core complex of the Great Caucasus

Sorokhtina, N.V.; Kogarko, L.N.; Senin, V.G.; Zaitsev, V.A.
Thorium in the pyrochlores of continental and oceanic carbonatites

Hovis, G.; Harlov, D.; Hahn, A.; Steigert, H.
Enthalpies and volumes of F-Cl mixing in fluorapatite - chlorapatite crystalline solutions

Nijland, T.G.; Harlov, D.E.
Selective joint-controlled oxide leaching in greenschist facies phyllites, Ottré, Ardennes, Belgium

Tropper, P.
Titanite thermobarometery in metamorphic rocks: the influence of titanite activity models in the system CaTiSiO4O - CaAlSiO4F on phase equilibrium calculations in high-P rocks

Wyhlidal, S.; Thöny, W.F.; Tropper, P.; Mair, V.
Thermobarometry of contact metamorphosed pelitic rocks at the southern rim of the Permian Brixen Granodiorite: testing pseudosections versus petrographic evidence

Thöny, W.F.; Wyhlidal, S.; Tropper, P.; Krenn, E.; Finger, F.
EMPA-dating of monazites from the Brixen granodiorite contact aureole: correlating age data and petrographical evidence to decipher the polymetamorphic history of the adjacent northern margin of the Southalpine quartzphyllite basement

Kryza, R.; Larionov, A.N.
Zircon characteristics controlled by magma type and shearing: SHRIMP data from Ordovician metavolcanic rocks of the Kaczawa Mountains (Polish Sudetes)

Montel, JM; Razafimhatratra, D; de Parseval, P; Seydoux-Guillaume, AM; Ralison, B
The giant monazites occurrence in Manangotry (Madagascar) (withdrawn)

Harlov, D.E.; Hansen, E.C.
Trends in Phosphate and Silicate Mineral Chemistry Across a Section of Archean Crust, Tamil Nadu, South India: The Role of Fluids In Regional Granulite-Facies Metamorphism

Semytkiska, N.; Ulmer, P.; Sweeney, R.
Experimental Investigation of Oxide Silicate Relations in the System Fe-Mg-Ti-Si-Cr-O as a Function of P-T and Bulk Composition

Putnis, A.; Janssen, A.; Geisler, T.; Putnis, C.V.
The mechanism of hydrothermal alteration of ilmenite.

Gardés, E.; Montel, J.-M.; Seydoux-Guillaume, A.-M.; Wirth, R.
Pb diffusion in monazite: New constraints from the experimental study of Pb2+ <-> Ca2+ interdiffusion

Nocker, C.; Tropper, P.; Mair, V.
The occurrence of clino-ferroholmquistite in two metapelite samples from the Ortler-Campo crystalline complex (South Tyrol/ Italy): constraints on the P-stability of minerals of the clinoholmquistite group

Skridlaite, G.; Baginski, B.; Whitehouse, M.
New evidence for c.1.7-1.6 Ga metamorphism in western East European Craton from zircon and monazite study

Greenwood, J. P.; Itoh, S.; Sakamoto, N.; Vicenzi, E. P.; Yurimoto, H.
Isotopography of hydrogen in apatite of Martian meteorites: Constraints on their petrogenesis and the history of water on Mars

Broska, I.; Ondrejka, M.; Zahradnik, L.
Distribution and evolution of accessory Fe-Ti oxides in the granitoids

Janots, E.; Engi, M.; Berger, A.; Rubatto, D.; Gregory, C.
Texture, chemistry and age of monazite and allanite in the northern Central Alps

Guillot, F.; Lasalle, S.
Zircon growth: insights from shape studies

Uher, P.; Ondrejka, M.; Broska, I.
S and As in accessory monazite: a role of “clinoanhydrite“ and gasparite substitution

Kryza, R.; Charnley, N.; Montel, J-M.; Lvov, B.K.; Sveshnikov, K.I.; Voinov, A.S.
Precambrian granites of Karelia and Ukraine: preliminary monazite EMP ages

Szabó, Zs; Harangi, Sz
Zircons, key tools to study piroclastic rocks: a case study from Harsány, Bükkalja, North-Hungary (withdrawn)

Thöni, M.; Miller, Ch.; Postl, W.; Weißensteiner, G.
Sm-Nd partitioning between garnet, feldspar and high-REE accessory minerals (Ap, Xtm, Mnz): new constraints on timing and duration of the “Permian-Triassic event“ (Eastern Alps)

Malitch, K.N.; Khalenev, V.O.; Presnyakov, S.L.; Petrov, O.V.
Zircons from the ore-bearing Talnakh intrusion (Russia): a combined morphological, compositional and U-Pb isotopic study

Belyatsky, B.; Rodionov, N.; Savva, E.; Leitchenkov, G.
Zircons from mafic dykes as a tool for understanding of composition and structure of continental crust: on the example of Mesozoic olivine dolerite dykes, Schirmacher oasis, Antarctica

Williams, M.; Jercinovic, M.; Dumond, G.; Hetherington, C.
Monazite petrogenesis and geochronology by electron microprobe: analytical challenges and applications for dating tectonic processes

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