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  List of Accepted Contributions - GI3 Space Instrumentation (co-listed in AS, G, OS, PS & ST)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Korepanov , V.; Dudkin, F.; Krasnosselskikh, V.; Balikhin, M.; Lizunov, G.; Marussenkov, A.; Kryuchkov, Ye.
Current density measurements in space plasma

Kral, L.; Prochazka, I.; Hamal, K.
Satellite laser ranging ultimate precision limit

Dyrud, L; Murr, D; Ganguly, S; Brown, A
Simulations of Magnetospheric Tomography

Klein, U; Charlton, J; Goutoule, J-M
Detailed Instrument design for a post EPS Microwave Mission

Graf, S. ; Altwegg, K.; Balsiger, H.; Fiethe, B.; Fischer, J.
First Pressure Measurements on-board the ESA Rosetta Spacecraft

Hvizdos, L.; Zhang, T.L.; Kudela, K.; Delva, M.; Vörös , Z.; Balikhin, M.; Pope, S.
Detection of the spacecraft stray magnetic field: an approach based on dual sensor measurements for VEX

Wüthrich, S.; Altwegg, K.; Balsiger, H.; Graf, S.; Riesen, T.; Fuselier, S.; Gombosi, T.; Delanoye, S.; Berthelier, J.J.; Fiethe, B.
ROSINA DFMS instrument modeling with SIMION

O'Brien, H.; Brown, P.; Carr, C.; Oddy, T.; Beek, T.
FPGA implementation of a tuned fluxgate magnetometer for space applications

Magnes, W.; Fischer, D.; Valavanoglou, A. ; Fremuth, G.
Design of a radiation hard and low power 16-bit digital-to-analog converter based on sigma-delta modulation

Zakharov, A.V.; Ozorovich, Yu.R.; Linkin, V.M.; Lukomsky, A.K.; Skalsky, A.A.; Klimov, S.I.; Vaisberg, O.L.; Manukin, A.B.; Khavroshkin, O.B.; Smirnov, V.M.
“Phobos-Soil” Project: A complex sounding of the Phobos.

Engström, AE
MAX phase materials

Ho, G.C.; Andrews, G.B.; Mitchell, D.G.; Livi, S.A.
Miniaturized Electron Magnetic Spectrometer

Walter, I; Hirsch, H; Knollenberg, J; Jahn, H; Säuberlich, T; Venus, H; Skrbek, W
MERTIS – the design of a highly integrated IR imaging spectrometer

Kömle, N. I.; Kargl, G.; Seiferlin, K.
New concepts for thermal measurements on airless bodies

Young, D.T.; Pollock, C.J.; Burch, J.L.; De Los Santos, A.; Miller, G.P.; Fuselier, S.A.; Trattner, K.-H.; Livi, S.A.; Paschalidis, N.; Funsten, H.O.; The HPCA/MMS Team
A Hot Plasma Composition Analyzer (HPCA) for the SMART/Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission

Connell, J.J.; Lopate, C.; McKibben, R.B.; Bodet, D.L.; Frost, C.; Gaidos, J.; Needell, J.J.; Rhines, D.; Widholm, M.
Design concept for the High Energy Particle Sensor (HEPS) for NPOESS

Srama, R.; Auer, S.; Horanyi, M.; Kempf, S.; Krueger, H.; Landgraf, M.; Leese, M.; Sternovsky, Z.; Svedhem, H.; Gruen, E.
Instrumentation aspects of a dust observatory (DUNE)

Giovanni Picardi, G.P; Arturo Masdea, A.M.; Marco Cartacci, M.C.; Marco Iorio, M.I.; Roberto Seu, R.S.; J.Plaut, J.P; W.T.K. Johnson, WTKJ; R.L.Jordan, R.L.J; A.Safaenili, A.S.; A.Gurnett, A.G.
Mars ionosphere data inversion by MARSIS Subsurface Signals analysis

Aplin, K.L.; Middleton, K.F.; Killow, C.
Characterisation of an actuator for LISA fibre output coupling

Cabane, M.; Coll, P.; Coscia, D.; Szopa, C.; Mahaffy, P.; McLennan, D.; The SAM-GC/Tech Team
The French participation to SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars), aboard the 2009 Mars Science Lander.

Helland, A.G.; Nyland, I.; Stadsnes, J.; Njaastad, S.
A simple X-ray camera for rocket based imaging of energetic auroral electron precipitation.

Zelenyi, L.M.; Zastenker, G.N.; Chesalin, L.S.; Petrukovich, A.A.; Skalskii, A.A.; Korepanov, V.E.; Safrankova, Ja.; Kudela, K.; Sarris, E.; Wang, Chi; THE PLASMAF TEAM
Plasma, magnetic field and energetic particles experiment onboard Spectr-R satellite

Hruska, F.; Base, J.; Chum, J.; Kolmasova, I.; Smilauer, J.; Truhlik, V.
Thermal plasma measurement unit for microsatellites

Osuna, P. ; Hughes, S.; Salgado, J.; Crichton, D.; Zender, J.; Arviset, C.
ESA-NASA Planetary Archive Interoperability: a lesson in common understanding (withdrawn)

Thomas, N.; Seiferlin, K.; Spohn, T.; Oberst, J.; Gunderson, K.; Whitby, J.; Michaelis, H.; Christensen, U.; Hilchenbach, M.; THE BELA TEAM
BELA: The first European Laser Altimeter for Planetary Exploration

The stereo camera on the ESA mission BepiColombo

Wieser, M; Barabash, S; Emanuelsson, M; Brinkfeldt, K; Enoksson, P
Micromechanical shutter based particle velocity filters for application in space

Pope, S. A.; Zhang, T. L.; Balikhin, M. A.; Kudela, K.; Hvizdo, L.; Alleyne, H.
An automated approach to the removal of spacecraft generated magnetic fields from Venus Express magnetic field data

Roll, R.; Hilchenbach, M.
A diode pumped high power Nd:YAG laser system for space application.

Enjolras, V.; Vincent, P.; Souyris, J.C.; Rodriguez, E.; Phalippou, L.; Cazenave, A.
Performances study of interferometric radar altimeters: from the instrument to the global mission definition

Iafolla, V.; Nozzoli, S.; Santoli, F.
The Italian Spring Accelerometer (ISA) and the BepiColombo mission to Mercury: i) physical characteristics and performances, ii) calibration and, iii) error budget

Nadalini, R; Knapmeyer, M; Schroeer, K
Inversion of thermal layering data through numerical modeling assisted by genetic algorithms

Chesalin, L.S.; Lakutina, E.V.; Beznos, A.V.; Krukovskaya, E.V.; Minskaya, L.K.
The control and data information system of the scientific PLASMA-F experiment onboard upcoming Russian space mission Spectr-R

McCann, D.; Barabash, S.; Futaana, Y.; Nilsson, H.; Bhardwaj, A.
Miniature ion mass analyzer of the Chandrayaan-1 mission

Di Lellis, A.M.; Orsini, S.; Selci, S.; Castellano, G.; Leoni, R.; Milillo, A.; Mura, A.; Dandouras, I.; Mattioli, F.; De Angelis, E.
Low energy high angular resolution neutral atom detection by means of micro-shuttering techniques

Trautner, R.; Lopez-Moreno, J.J.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Hamelin, M.; Simoes, F.; Grard, R.; Molina-Cuberos, G.J.; Jernej, I.; Hofe, R.; Brown, V.
A proposed sensor suite for the investigation of electric and acoustic phenomena in the Venusian atmosphere

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