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  List of Accepted Contributions - GD03 The Earth's Mantle - Geodynamical and Geochemical Models for the Structure and Composition

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Mourăo, C.; Moreira, M.; Mata, J.; Madeira, J.
He isotopic signatures of silicate and carbonatite magmas from Brava Island (Cape Verde): source implications

Bobrov, A.
Numerical modeling of the supercontinental cycle and the analysis of typical deep mantle structures arising at different stages (withdrawn)

Serov, P.; Bayanova, T.
Polychronic and long-time interval of the formation Proterozoic PGE-bearing Fedorovo-Pansky intrusion

Matas, J.; Bukowinski, M.S.T
Anelasticity in the lower mantle: influence on the temperature dependence of seismic velocities

Breuer, M.; Harder, H.; Hansen, U.
On potential driving mechanisms of core convection - a numerical study

van der Meer, D.G.; van Hinsbergen, D.J.J; Spakman, W.
Permo-Triassic subducted slabs return from the grave

Piazzoni, A.S.; Bunge, H.-P.; Steinle-Neumann, G.
Linking mineral physics and geodynamic mantle models

Prutkin, I.
CMB models based on gravity and magnetic data inversion and core material flow

Baranov, A.A.; Trubitsyn, V.P.; Kaban, M.K.; Rogozhina, I.
Effect of strong lateral viscosity variations on the global mantle flow

Calvet, M.; Margerin, L.
Constraints on stable iron phases at inner core condition from calculations of seismic properties of untextured crystal aggregates

Deuss, A.; Andrews, J.
Seismological observations of mantle discontinuities, and their mineral physical interpretation

Ballani, L.; Chambodut, A.; Greiner-Mai , H.; Stromeyer, D.; Wardinski, I.; Hagedoorn, J.
Gaining insights into space-time scales of the secular variation of the geomagnetic Y component at the core-mantle boundary

Walzer, U.; Hendel, R.; Baumgardner, J.
An integrated geodynamical spherical-shell model of mantle convection, continental growth, and preservation of geochemical heterogeneity of the mantle.

Armienti, P.; Gasperini, D.
New perspectives on mantle heterogeneity

Tosi, N.; Martinec, Z.
The effect of short- and long-wavelength lateral viscosity variations on geoid predictions (withdrawn)

Boschi, L.; Becker, T. W.; Steinberger, B.
Mantle plumes: dynamic models and seismic images

Shen, W.B.; Chen, W.; Liu, L.; Ning, J.Sh.
The secular gravity field change caused by the inner core's super rotation

Nakagawa, T.; Tackley, P.; Connolly, J.
Heterogeneity in the core-mantle boundary region inferred from thermo-chemical multiphase mantle convection in a three-dimensional spherical shell

Ovtchinnikov, V.M.; Kaazik, P.B.; Krasnoshchekov, D.N.
Problems related to precritically reflected phase PKiKP and the inner core boundary

Costin, S. O.; Butler, S. L.
Effects of a chemically-dense layer, with high internal heating at the base of the mantle on the thermal and magnetic histories of the Earth’s core

Marsenic, A.; Sevcik, S.
An influence of a position of a critical level inside a horizontal layer on the rise of the magnetic and thermally driven instabilities

Deschamps, F.; Tackley, P.J.
Exploring the model space of thermo-chemical convection and comparing with probabilistic tomography

Van heck, H.J.; Tackley, P.J.
Planforms and time-dependence of self-consistently generated plate tectonics in 3d spherical models of mantle convection

Soldati, G.; Deschamps, F.; Boschi, L.
Radial models of viscosity and seismic velocity-to-density scaling from geophysical observables

Deuss, A.; Hewitt, R.; Irving, J.
Seismic constraints on inner core structure from normal mode data, and comparison with mineral physics

Sheremeta, P.; Ladyzhensky, G.; Starodub, Y. ; Nazarevych, L.; Pylypyshyn, B.; Khavenzon, I.; Slonytska, S.; Nazarevych, A.; Levkovych, Y.
On the seismofocal zone of the Hercynian tectonic cycle and the kimberlite formation of tectonic-magmatic actyvization in the south-eastern part of the Carpathian Foredeep in connection with oil and gas content

Kaban, M.K.; Trubitsyn, V.P.
Modelling of the dynamic geoid with joint inversion of Vs velocities in the mantle and topography of the transition zone

Wang, P.; van der Hilst, R.D. ; de Hoop, M.V. ; Shim, S.-H.
Seismo-stratigraphy and thermal structure of Earth's core-mantle boundary region

Tantserev, E.; Beuchert, M.; Podladchikov, Y.
Two-dimensional backward modelling of mantle plumes

Trubitsyn, V.P.; Kaban, M.K.; Rothacher, M.
Evolution of global mantle convection: mechanical and thermal effects of floating continents

Bourdon, B
Ancient heterogeneities at the bottom of the Earth’s Mantle?

Bunge, H.-P.
Thermal structure across the CMB and deep mantle

Rogozhina, I.; Kaban, M.K.; Trubitsyn, V.
Perturbation method for modeling of lateral viscosity variations of 4 orders of magnitude

Starkey, N; Stuart, FM; Ellam, RM; Basu, S; Fitton, JG; Larsen, LM
High 3He/4He in the Deep Earth: Preservation of Primordial Mantle or Early Depletion?

Soltis, T.; Brestensky, J.; Sevcik, S.
MAC/MC - modes in variously stratified fluid layer with anisotropic diffusive coefficients

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