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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS5 Operational Oceanography (co-listed in CL, GI & NP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Berutti, B; Frerick, J; Klein, U; Mavrocordatos, C; Nieke, J; Stroede, J
ESA’s Operational Ocean Mission: The Sentinel 3 Payload

Behrens, AB
Operational wave prediction of extreme storms in Northern Europe

Meyers, G.; Schulz, E.
Introducing the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)

Brassington, G.; Schulz, E.
BLUElink: Operational Oceanography in Australia

Shojaee, K.; Hazrati, B.; Ardalan, A. A.
A comparison between the results of free span rectification and pipeline side scan sonar surveying to improve the post-lay surveying of a laid pipe Case study: Two Pipelines on South Pars Gas field Phases 9 & 10, Persian Gulf

Shojaee, K.; Hazrati, B.; Ardalan, A. A.
An optimized observational network design for USBL calibration via geodetic network robustness analysis as an offshore standard method Case study: calibration of Simrad HPR USBL

Hazrati, B.; Shojaee, K.; Ardalan, A. A.
Side scan sonar image enhancement using wavelet analysis Case study: EdgeTech FS4200 digital side scan sonar image

Operational oceanography in the coastal region using multi-model super-ensembles

Shriver, J.; Dykes, J.; Fabre, J.; Murphree, T.; Ford, B.; Chassignet, E.
Automation of operational ocean product metrics

Wackernagel, H.; Bertino, L.; Craneguy, P.; Garreau, P.; Heyraud, C.
Characterizing discrepancies in SST representation between ocean model and remote sensing images by geostatistical means

Peggion, G; Coelho, E; Allard, R; Rodriguez, E
Real-time ocean predictions in support of naval operations

McLean, L.; King, B.
Determining ocean correlation scales using Argo float data

Drillet, Y; Le Galloudec, O; Bourdallé-Badie, R; Derval, C; Testut, CE; Tranchant, B
The Mercator Ocean global 1/12° operational system. Demonstration phase in the MERSEA context

Alvera-Azcarate, A.; Barth, A.; Beckers, J.-M.
Thermocline characterization on modeled and observed temperature profiles: a technique for model error evaluation

Palazov, A.; Stefanov, A.; Bilashvili, K.; Stanchev, H.; Valcheva, N.
Building Black Sea VOS System

Hazrati, B.; Shojaee, K.; Ardalan, A. A
Feasibility study of real-time correction of geometric distortion in side scan sonar images; Case study: EdgeTech 4200FS side scan sonar image

Taillandier, V.; Dobricic, S.; Pinardi, N.
Assimilation of trajectories in an oceanographic 3D-VAR scheme

Bonazzi, A.; Pinardi, N.; Milliff, R.F.; Wikle, C.K.; Berliner, L.M
Short-term ocean ensemble forecasting as derived by surface wind perturbations; method evaluation and seasonal cycle of the ocean forecast uncertainty.

Zodiatis, G.; Hayes, D.; Lardner, R.; Georgiou, G.; Sofianos, S.; Skliris, N.; Lascaratos, A.
Evaluation of operational ocean forecasting in the Cyprus subregion

Ruiz, S.; Pascual, A. ; Garau, B. ; Faugere, Y.; Vizoso, G.; Alvarez, A.; Tintoré, J.
Rapid environmental assessment of the Balearic front combining glider and altimetry data

Sandven, S.; Johannessen, O. M.; Bobylev, L.; Dahlin, H.
Arctic Regional Ocean Observing System

Barth, A.; Alvera-Azcarate, A.; Zheng, L.; Weisberg, R.H.
A Nested Model of the West Florida Shelf: Assimilation of High-Frequency Radar Currents and study of Loop Current generated flow

Tornfeldt Sørensen, J. V.; Erichsen, A. C.; Hansen, L. B.; Kronborg, M.; Larsen, J.
Water forecasts, data assimilation and validation

Onken, R.; Petersen, W.
Assimilation of FerryBox data in a circulation model of the North Sea

Leikvin, Ø.; Büchmann, B.; Hansen, C.
Implementation of a barotropic model of the northeastern Atlantic

Rupolo, V.; Pizzigalli, C.; Artale, V.
Interannual variability (2001-2007) of upwelling and of lagrangian transport at key points in the Mediterranean Sea using velocity fields from the MFS operational model.

Rayner, D; Kanzow, T; Cunningham, S; Bryden, H; Baringer, M; Johns, W; Marotzke, J; Hirschi, J; Beal, L; Meinen, C
An operational array for monitoring the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation at 26°N

Lea, D.; Haines, K.; Martin, M.
Model and observation bias correction in altimeter ocean data assimilation in FOAM

Onken, R.; Tintore, J.; Vizoso, G.; Alvarez, A.
Presence and future of a coastal forecasting system in the Balearic Sea

Madrigal, R.; Dentz, M.; Espino, M.; Jorda, G.
Lagrangian stochastic models for operational surface material transport estimation system: A first stage validation for turbulent transport with stochastic and real operational data

Dobrynin, M.; Wahle, K.; Stanev, E.
Satellite data assimilation into a suspended particulate matter transport model

Hoffman, R.; Ponte, R.; Kostelich, E.; Blumberg, A.; Szunyogh, I.; Vinogradov, S.
Towards realistic data assimilation for the coastal ocean: Observing network sensitivity experiments in New York Harbor

Lea, D.; Martin, M.; Storkey, D.; Hines, A.; Barciela, R.; Siddorn, J.
The FOAM ocean forecasting system: capabilities and developments

Cosoli, S; Bolzon, G; Mancero Mosquera, I
Near-real time surface currents monitoring in the Northern Adriatic Sea

Kreus, M.; Callies, U.; Petersen, W.
Combining FerryBox data and Lagrangian transport modelling

Müller, F.; Prenosil, Th.
Geographical Variation of the Predicted Forecast Skill

Dombrowsky, E.; Hernandez, F.; Crosnier, L.; Ferry, N.; Lellouche, J.M.; Drevillon, M.; Testut, C.E.; Garric, G.; Greiner, E.; Benkiran, M.
The Mercator Océan ocean forecasting systems

Ramirez, R; Morales, M; Izurieta, I; Saldana, S; Veles, V; Mejia, M
Small scale operational oceanography in Zihuatanejo Bay, Mexico

Andreu-Burillo, I.; Howarth, M.J.; Proctor, R.
Utilising the Liverpool Bay Coastal Observatory for uncertainty estimates

Barrera, C.; Rueda, M.J.; Llinas, O.
ACOMAR Network: Real-Time Coastal Waters Monitoring in Canary Islands

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