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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG2.01 DOM biogeochemistry and ecosystem function: from soils to oceans (co-listed in OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kowalczuk, P.
The decade of observations of optical properties of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter in the Baltic Sea.

Dittmar, T.; Koch, B.; Whitehead, K.; Kattner, G.
Biogeochemistry of dissolved organic matter in mangrove-fringed coastal environments

Kitidis, V.; Uher, G.; Suddick, E.; Woodward, E.M.S; Gibb, S.; Owens, N.J.P; Upstill-Goddard, R.C.
Ammonium photo-production in aquatic systems: synthesis and ecological significance

Kavety, R
Influence of ectomycorrhiza on exudates of Pinus sylvestris (L.)

Stubbins, A; Mopper, K; Uher, G; Upstill-Goddard, R; Law, C
Chemical Controls Upon Carbon Monoxide Photoproduction (withdrawn)

Sempéré, R.; Tedetti, M. ; Charrière, B. ; Abboudi, M. ; Joux, F. ; Nerini, D. ; Miller, W. ; Mopper, K.
UV impact on dissolved organic matter availability in marine waters: subsequent effects for bacterial cycling

Hashibul Islam, Md.; Mahmood, N; Rahman Chowdhury, S; Rahman Chowdhry, Z
Relation between organic matter and sediment along the coastal water of the Bay of Bengal (BOB), Bangladesh.

Mueller, C.; Wiesmeier, M.; Koegel-Knabner, I.
Enhanced bioavailability of dissolved organic matter after artificial soil aggregate disruption

Sulzberger, B.; Laubscher, H.; Meunier, L.; Hug, S. J.
The role of light-induced transformations of DOM for Fe(II) oxidation kinetics in aquatic systems

Aarnos, H.; Ylöstalo, P.; Vähätalo, A.
Photodegradation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the Baltic Sea

Stedmon, C.A.; Thomas, D.N.; Kaartokallio, H.; Kuosa, H.; Granskog, M.A.; Papadimitriou, S.
The characteristics of dissolved organic matter in Baltic coastal sea ice and underlying waters: allochthonous or autochthonous origins.

Martinsen, W.; Stedmon, C.A.
The fluorescence properties of dissolved organic matter in aquatic ecosystems- a spectral database for comparison with known compounds

Suratman, S.; Jickells, T.; Weston, K.; Fernand, L.
Seasonal changes of dissolved and particulate organic C and N in the North Sea

Morris, P.J.; Sanders, R.; Turnewitsch, R.; Thomalla, S; Torres-Valdes, S
Decoupling of new and export production in iron fertilised HNLC regions: Is this due to a short-term storage of dissolved organic nitrogen in surface waters?

Hagedorn, F.; Rusch, S.; Handa, T.
Sources and production of dissolved organic matter in alpine ecosystems

Aufdenkampe, A. K.; Mayorga, E.; Hedges, J. I.; Masiello, C. A.; Brown, T. A.; Quay, P. D.; Krusche, A. V.; Richey, J. E.
The two contrasting carbon cycles of the Amazon River system: Rapid turnover of most organic matter versus transport of refractory remains

Mannino, A.; Russ, M.E.; Hooker, S.B.
Satellite-derived distributions of DOC and CDOM in the U.S. Middle Atlantic Bight

Johnson, A.; Moran, M.; Miller, W.
Investigating carbon monoxide (CO) consumption in the marine bacteria Silicibacter pomeroyi with coxL gene expression

Al-Azri, A.; Al-Hashmi, K.; Ahmed, S.; Sarma, Y.V.; Al-Habsi, H.; Al-Khusaibi, S.
Seasonal Variation of Phytoplankton Populations and Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) in the Coastal Waters of Oman.

Belyaeva, N. ; Kalbitz, K.; Fiedler, S.; Kuzyakov, Y.
Leaching and transformation of 14C labeled DOM in two soils under oxic and anoxic conditions

Vähätalo, A. V.; Aarnos, H.; Lignell, R.; Hoikkala, L.
Responses of auto- and heterotrophic nanoplankton to photochemical transformation of DOM

Petsch, S.; Schillawski, S.
Rate, composition and biological utilization of dissolved organic matter from ancient sedimentary rocks in modern aquatic systems

Köhler, S. J.; Laudon, H.; Buffam, I.; Bishop, K.
Temporal and spatial variation of Total Organic Carbon from a boreal catchment

Miller, W.; Fichot, C.
Examining the 10-year variabiltiy in DOM photochemistry from SeaWiFS data

Baum, A.; Rixen, T.; Siegel, H. ; Pohlmann, T.; Samiaji, J.
Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) export from the peat draining river Siak in central Sumatra and its faith in the adjacent coastal ocean

Mann, P.J.; Uher, G.; Upstill-Goddard, R.C.
Relationship between photochemical ammonium production and DOM absorbance: a review and synthesis

Tranvik, L. J.
The long journey from soils to the sea - how much of the DOM will make it all the way?

Santinelli, C.; Nannicini, L.; Seritti, A.
Dissolved organic carbon in the Mediterranean Sea (withdrawn)

Kastowski, M.; Hinderer, M.; Vecsei, A.
The Contribution of Lakes to the European Carbon Budget

Ibello, V.; Santinelli, C.; Seritti, A.; Nannicini, L.; Civitarese, G.
DOM stoichiometry in the Mediterranean Sea (withdrawn)

Dreves, A; Grootes, P.M.; Nadeau, M.-J.
Dissolved organic matter (DOM): Dissolved or colloidal?

McKnight, D. M.; Jaffe, R.; Miller, M. ; Cory, R. M.; Maie, N.
TI: Characterizing the Quality of DOM with Spectroscopic Approaches to Monitor Response to Climate and Landuse Change

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