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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV15 Metamorphic and magmatic consequences of ultra-deep subduction

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Perchuk, L.L.; van Reenen , D.D.; Smit, C.A.; Boshoff, R.
Isobaric heating as a record of polymetamorphism

Perchuk, L.L.; Van Reenen, D.D.; Smit, C.A.; Boshoff, R.
Isobaric heating as a record of polymetamorphism (withdrawn)

Aranovich, L.; Novikov, G.; Fed'kin, V.
Potassium in eclogitic clinopyroxene: the role of ferric iron

Wirth, R.; Vollmer, C.; Brenker, F.; Matsyuk, S.; Kaminsky, F.
Nanoinclusions of phase Egg AlSiO3(OH), in superdeep diamonds from Juina (Brazil): evidence for subduction of crustal components to earth’s mantle transition zone (withdrawn)

Gerasimov, V.Yu.
Thermochronological modelling of the Central Aldan metamorphism age (Eastern Siberia)

Brueckner, HK
Subduction of Continental Crust and the Origin of Syntectonic, Late Tectonic, Post Tectonic and Possibly Anorogenic Granites (withdrawn)

Scambelluri, M.; Pettke, T.; van Roermund, H.L.M
Fluid-induced crystallization of majoritic garnet during Scandian continental subduction, Western Gneiss Region, Norway

Tong, L.; Jahn, B.-M.; Iizuka, Y.
First report on pigeonite exsolution in clinopyroxene in UHP mafic rocks from the North Dabie Complex (China) and its significance

Schneider, J.; Jahn, B.-M.; Okamoto, K.; Tong, L.; Iizuka, Y.; Xu, Z.
A technique for calculation of accurate exhumation rates for UHP rocks: Rb/Sr isotope analyses of the CCSD eclogites (Sulu, China)

Faccenda, M.; Gerya, T.; Chakraborty, S.
Numerical modeling of deep continental crust subduction

Volodichev, O.I.
Archean and Paleoproterozoic eclogites from the Belomorian Mobile Belt, Fennoscandian Shield

Hack, A. C.; Thompson, A. B.
Pressure-temperature paths, fluid flow and metasomatism above subduction zones

Massonne, H.-J.
Melting of metapelitic Rocks at ultrahigh Pressure

Aerts, M.; Hack, A. C.; Thompson, A. B.; Ulmer, P.
Mineral-buffered fluid compositions in K2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O to 2.0 GPa and 800°C as measured by the diamond-trap method.

Tackley, P.; Nakagawa, T.; Connolly, J.; Deschamps, F.
Subduction of crust to the CMB and its role in explaining mantle heterogeneity

Huet, B.; Labrousse, L.; Jolivet, L.; Smith, D.C.
HP-HT evolution of the Sunnmøre district, Western Gneiss Region (WGR), Norway: new constraints obtained with two independent methods

Burov, E. ; Yamato, P.
Continental plate collision, P-T-t-z conditions and unstable vs. stable plate dynamics : Insights from thermo-mechanical modelling

Podlesskii, K.K.
Sapphirine-bearing assemblages as indicators of metamorphic conditions

Gorczyk, W.; Gerya, T. V.; Connolly, J. A.; Yuen, D. A.
Growth and mixing dynamics of mantle wedge plumes

Gorczyk, W.; Willner, A. P.; Gerya, T. V.; Connolly, J. A.; Burg, J-P.
Physical controls of magmatic productivity at Pacific-type convergent margins: Numerical modelling

Castro, A.
The sublithospheric origin of batholiths

Nikolaeva, K.; Gerya, T.V.; Connolly, J.A.D
Numerical modelling of intraoceanic volcanic arc development

Yamato, P.; Burov, E.; Agard, P.; Le Pourhiet, L.; Jolivet, L.
What controls the presence of HP-UHP continental rocks in convergent zones? Application to the Western Alps

Bernard, S.; Beyssac, O.; Chopin, C.; Malavieille, J.; Meresse, F.
Aragonite: crystallographically oriented inclusions in blueschist/eclogite-facies garnet from Corsica

Cantieni, C; Fossati, F; Gerya, G; Seward, S
Subduction of an aseismic ridge under an active margin: 1) topographic evolution and effects of slab density.

Fossati, F; Cantieni, C; Gerya, G; Seward, S
Subduction of an aseismic ridge under an active margin: 2) effects of plate velocity and dynamics of wedge melting.

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