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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS28 Catchment structure and connectivity (co-listed in GM, BG & SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Ghesquiere, J; Moussa, R
Identification of dynamic overbank flow-paths in farmed catchments and effect on surface transfer function

Mueller, E. N.; Francke, T. ; Bornemann, N. ; Batalla, R. J.
Connecting high-erodible hillslopes with sediment export in a meso-scale river basin: the role of in-channel sediment storage (Isabena River, NE Spain)

De Smedt, F.
Solute transport in rivers affected by diffusive transfer in the hyporheic zone

Croke, J; Purvis-Smith, D; Thompson, C; Amos, K
Connectivity and the affect of valley constrictions on sediment delivery in the Fitzroy River Basin, Australia.

Mohammadi, A.; Mosaedi, A.; Alaghmand, S.; Zlatic-jugovic, J.
Assessment and recognition of sediment transport effective discharge (a case study: Tangrah hydrometric station, Iran)

Chifflard, P.; Zepp, H.
Identification of hillslope hydrological process units - Experimental studies on hillslope runoff generation in a small catchment in Germany

Kirkby, M.J.; Bracken, L.J.
Saturated contributing areas and connectivity in semi-arid and humid environments

Tetzlaff, D.; Soulsby, C.; Bacon, P.J.; Youngson, A.F.; Gibbins, C.; Malcolm, I.A.
Hydrological connectivity between landscapes and riverscapes: influences on fish migration between different habitats

Armand, R.; Auzet, A.-V.; Bockstaller, C.
Assessing runoff generation in relation to soil surface characteristics variability. Application to small plots cropped with conservation tillage techniques

Bracken, L.J.; Kirkby, M.J.
Thresholds for runoff and sediment transport in Semi-arid areas; implications for connectivity

Harter, T.
Low percolation threshold found for correlated random media

Addy, S.J.; Hartley, A.J.; Soulsby, C.
Channel morphology and landscape connectivity in glaciated upland catchments.

Onda, Y.; Mizugaki, S.; Nanko, K.; Asai, H.; Nagamine, M.; Hiramatsu, S.
Sediment yield and transportation in a humid forest plantation catchment through various scale field monitoring and FRN analysis

Gwerder, C.; Schnydrig, D.; Badoux, A.; McArdell, B.W.; Molnar, P.; Schlunegger, F.
Spatial and temporal variation of erosion processes in an Alpine catchment

Lane, S.N.; Reaney, S.; Heathwaite, A.L.
Does topography control the spatial organization of landscape hydrological connectivity

Lane, S.N.; Burt, T.P.; Dixon, J.; Dugdale, L.J.; Heathwaite, A.L.; Maltby, A.; Reaney, S.
Demonstration of the mediation by surface hydrological connectivity of the influence of landscape factors on instream ecology

Douvinet, J.; Delahaye, D.; Langlois, P.
A synthetic and dynamic morphometric parameter based on cellular automata for the improvement of classical morphometric indices.

Werder, M.; Loye, A.; Funk, M.
Evolution of a glacial drainage system throughout the melt season and due to enhanced water input

Moussa, R.; Chahinian, N.
Modelling of the GIUH hydrologic response function using morphometric properties of channel network

Kasprzak, M.; Niedzielski, T.
GIS-based analysis of channel and overbank deposition areas formed by flash floods: a case study from the Jagniecy Potok (Sudetes, SW Poland)

Dadson, S; Bell, V
Using sub-grid-scale topographic information to parameterise a probability-distributed runoff-production scheme for regional climate modelling

Di Domenico, A; Laguardia, G; Fiorentino, M
New outcomes on critical behaviour of soil moisture dynamics

Grillot, C.; Perrin, J.L.; Tournoud, M.G.
Pollutant transfer along an intermittent and disconnected river channel during flash flood events.

Jansen, J.D.; Nanson, G.C.
Why rivers anabranch: a case of inbank-overbank connectivity? (withdrawn)

Antoine, M.; Bielders, C. ; Javaux, M.; Vanclooster, M.
Application of the Connectivity Concept on Soil Surface Micro-topography, and Impact on Runoff Dynamics: Numerical Experiment

Sivapalan, M; Schaefli, B; Harman, C
Behavioural modelling: a new theoretical framework for hydrological prediction

Reaney, S M ; Lane, S N; Heathwaite, A L
A numerical study of the impacts of climate change on surface hydrological connectivity in an upland environment

Lin, H.; Zhou, X.
Subsurface Network Structure and Soil Hydrologic Response Groups at the Shale Hills Catchment, USA

Margreth, M.; Naef, F.
Automatic evaluation of dominant runoff processes for catchments with low resolution soil data

Michaelides, K.; Ibraim, I.; Quine, T. ; Esteves, M. ; Nord, G.
Experimental and modelling investigation of hydrologic and sediment connectivity across the hillslope-floodplain interface

Dobre, F.; Kuhlemann, J.; Székely, B.
Application of remote sensing and GIS-methods for the regional climatic characterisation of the high mountain region of Corsica, France

Zehe, E. ; Bloeschl, G.
Preferential flow, connectivity and Fermats principle: a new perspective on environmental flow

Frey, M; Schneider, MK; Stamm, C
Identification of hydrologically connected areas using a high-resolution digital elevation map

Bogaart, P.W.
Catchment Architecture -- An Overview (withdrawn)

Lawrie, K; Clarke, J; Pain, C
Predicting aquifer characteristics and connectivity in Australia’s complex regolith landscapes

Seeling, S.; Vohland, M.; Nink, S.; Ronellenfitsch, F.; Seeger, M.
Pattern recognition in soil moisture distribution on agriculture land derived from remote sensing SAR- and thermal-data

Lawler, DM; Barker, D; Knight, DW; Morris, D; Stewart, L; Riesner, S
Modelling the spatial structure of downstream change in river flood power: a new approach combining Flood Estimation procedures with Digital Elevation Models (withdrawn)

Lawrie, K; Wilford, J; Pain, C
Value-adding to Groundwater Flow Systems frameworks for managing dryland salinity in Australia

Bogaart, P. W.; Troch, P. A.
Catchment Architecture -- An Overview

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