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  List of Accepted Contributions - G4 The impact of technique errors on reference frame accuracy and stability

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Petit, G.; Luzum, B.
Towards a new reference edition of the IERS Conventions

Biagi, L.; Caldera, S.; Sansò, F.
Sensitivity of local permanent networks estimates with respect to the elaboration parameters

Ray, J.
A survey of some systematic errors in IGS products

King, M.A.
Apparent stability of GPS monumentation from long-running short baselines

Santamaría, A.; Bouin, M-N.; Wöppelmann, G.
New strategy for reprocessing a global GPS network at the ULR TIGA analysis centre

Altamimi, Z.
Pre-analysis in view of the next ITRF solution

Wresnik, J.; Böhm, J.; Pany, A.; Schuh, H.
VLBI2010 Monte Carlo simulations at IGG Vienna

Weston, N.; Soler, T.; Mader, G.
Rover station positional accuracies from OPUS as a function of reference station spacing and occupation time

Hernandez-Pajares, M.; Juan, J.M.; Sanz, J.
Second-order ionospheric term in High Precision GPS modelling: Impact and Simple Procedure implementation

Sarti, P.; Abbondanza, C.; Montaguti, S.; Vittuari, L.
An investigation on the stability of VLBI telescope's invariant point

Legrand, J; Bruyninx, C; Pottiaux, E
Sensibility of the Reference Frame Definition in a Regional GNSS Network

Schillak, S.
The comparison of the reference frames ITRF2000 and ITRF2005 in the determination SLR station positions and velocities

Gambis, D.; Bizouard, C.; Altamimi, Z.
Monitoring the consistency between ITRF2005 and IERS Earth Orientation Parameters

Petrachenko, W.; The VLBI2010 Team
VLBI2010: A new VLBI system for geodesy and astrometry

Smirnov, V.M.; Smirnov, A.V.
The correction of the tropospheric refraction effect in satellite measurements

Lejba, P.
Determination of SLR stations coordinates and velocities on the basis of laser observations of low satellites.

POLLET, A.; Coulot, D.; Capitaine, N.
Combination of space geodetic techniques at the measurement level

Kierulf, H. P.; Pettersen, B.-R.; MacMillan, D.
The Geodetic Observatory at Ny-Aalesund: different techniques - different results?

Coulot, D.; Collilieux, X.; van Dam, T.; Berio, P.
Use of loading effect models and gps station position time series for slr data processing

Collilieux, X.; Altamimi, Z.; van Dam, T.; Coulot, D.; Ray, J.
Impact of loading effects on the Terrestrial Reference Frame determination

Willis, P.; Gobinddass, M.L.
Systematic errors in DORIS-derived terrestrial reference frame: How large are they and how much can they be avoided?

Meisel, B.; Krügel, M.; Angermann, D.
Improved parameterization for the computation of a terrestrial reference frame

Koenig, R.; Vei, M.; Flechtner, F.; Thomas, M.
The Effect of Atmospheric/Oceanic Mass Variations on the SLR Reference Frame

Saadat, A.R
Quality assessment of BGI gravity data in Iran

Senior, K.; Kouba, J.; Ray, J.
A Kalman filter to combine VLBI UT1 and GPS LOD estimates

Boeckmann, S.; Artz, T.; Nothnagel, A.; Tesmer, V.
The IVS combination and evaluation of the derived EOP wrt IGS and IERS

Lanotte, L.; Bianco, B.
Matera site survey and VLBI invariant point determination

Bianco, G.; Luceri, V.; Sciarretta, C.
Stability and consistency of the SLR contribution to the ITRF

Appleby, G.; Gibbs, P.; Otsubo, T.
Improvements in understanding of systematic effects in laser ranging observations

Zou, R.; Sneeuw, N.; Cai, J.; Liu, J.; Shi, C.
The comparison of methods and results by IGN and DGFI in the realization of ITRF2005

Wilkinson, M.; Sherwood, R.; Appleby, G.
Analysis of short GPS baselines at SGF Herstmonceux

Lidberg, M; Nordman, M; Johansson, J. M; Milne, G. A; Scherneck, H-G; Davis, J. L
Geodetic Reference Frames in Presence of Crustal Deformations

MacMillan, D.
Improvement in stability and accuracy of the VLBI reference frame realized with the next generation of VLBI stations

Sokolova, J.; Malkin, Z.; Heinkelmann , R.; Schuh, H.
Some plausible causes of radio source coordinate variations

Lemoine, F.G.; Valette, J.J.; Soudarin, L.; Willis, P.; Gobinddass, M-L.; Stepanek, P.; Kuzin, S.; Le Bail, K.; Chinn, D.; Govind, R.
Progress towards a DORIS combination for the next ITRF

Biancale, R.; Marty, J-C.; Perosanz, F.; Loyer, S.; Melachroinos, S.
Surface load models and validation by space geodesy techniques

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