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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH5.1 Seismic hazard evaluation, precursory phenomena and reliability of prediction (co-listed in SM & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Korepanov, V.; Lizunov, G.
Seismoionospheric coupling and earthquakes forecast probability

Moldovan, I.A.; Placinta, A.O.; Popescu, E.; Moldoveanu, T.
Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment in Romania used for dam’s rating in seismic risk classes

Popescu, E.; Placinta, A.O.; Moldovan, I.A.; Cioflan, C.O.; Radulian, M.
Attenuation model for the seismic ground motion induced by Vrancea intermediate-depth earthquakes

Dumitrascu, S.; Armas, I.
The historical center of the Bucharest Municipality – spatial modeling in urban disasters

Sengor, T.
The electromagnetic device optimization modeling of seismo-electromagnetic processes for Marmara Sea earthquakes

Mavrodiev, S.Cht; Pekevski, L.; Melikadze, G.; Rusov, V.D.; Pavlovich, V.N.; Vachtenko, V.N.
On the complex researching the possibility for when, where and how earthquake prediction as well as for reliable estimation of some natural risks

Purghel, L.; Georgescu, M.; Gheorghiu, D.; Diaconescu, M.; Moldovan, I.A. ; Placinta, A.O.; Popescu, E.
Measurement of radon emanation along three surface faults from Dobrogea (Eastern Romania)

Contadakis, M.E. ; Arabelos, D.N. ; Asteriadis, G. ; Spatalas, S.D. ; Pikridas , Ch.
TEC variations over the Mediterranean during the seismic activity period of the last quarter of 2005 in the area of Greece.

Bala, A.; Balan, St. ; Ritter, J.R.R; Hannich, D.; Rohn, J.
Linear modelling of seismic site effects in Bucharest City, Romania

Rundle, J; Turcotte, D; Holliday, J; Van Aalsburg, J
A Stress Dependent BASS Model for Earthquakes, Damage and Fracture

Van Aalsburg, J; Rundle, J; Rundle, P; Turcotte, D; Morein, G; Donnellan, A
Computing Earthquake Forecast Probabilities Using Numerical Simulations of the Physics of Realistic Fault Systems (Virtual California)

Rundle, J; Holliday, J; Tiampo, K; Knox, L; Gaggioli, W
A pattern-recognition approach to fully dynamic space-time earthquake forecasting

Imoto, M.
Seismicity models for moderate earthquakes in Kanto, central Japan, based on three parameters

Apostol, B. F.; Balan, S. F.; Cioflan, C. O.
Short-term seismic activity. Next earthquake time-magnitude distributions. Application to Vrancea, Romania

Liperovskaya, E.V.; Bogdanov, V.V.; Biagi, P.-F.; Meister, C.-V.; Liperovsky, V.A.; Rodkin, M.V.
Day-time variations of foF2 connected to strong earthquakes

Liperovskaya, E.V.; Biagi, P.-F.; Meister, C.-V.; Rodkin, M.V.
foF2 seismo-ionospheric effect analysis: actual data and numerical simulation

Constantin, A.; Pantea, A.; Stoica, R.
New data about historical earthquakes occurred on the romanian territory

Fujimaki, H.; Ohtsuki, K.; Matsu-ura, K.; Kashima, K.
Temporal changes of radon concentrations in waters from deep boreholes and their possible relation to seismic activities, northeast Japan

Chan, C.; Grünthal, G.
Hybrid zoneless probabilistic seismic hazard analysis: Test and first application to SW Germany

Ardeleanu, L.; Leydecker, G.; Schmitt, T.; Bonjer, K.-P.; Busche, H.; Kaiser, D.; Simeonova, S.D.; Solakov, D.E.
Probabilistic seismic hazard maps in terms of intensities for Bulgaria and Romania

Wave Forces Prediction on Vertical Walls by Hurricane

Pantea, A; Constantin, A
The new seismic macrozoning of the territory of Romania, based on revalued of the isoseismal maps, corroborated to complex geological and geophysical data.

Kovalevsky, V.; Tatkov, G.; Tubanov, S.; Bazarov, A.
Vibroseismic monitoring of the seismic active central part of Baikal rift zone

Wiemer, S.; Schorlemmer, D.; Marzocchi, W.; Woessner, J.
Prospective Testing of Earthquake Forecast Models in Europe: The CSEP Euro-Med Testing Center

Telesca, L.; Lovallo, M.
Non-uniform scaling behaviour in seismic temporal fluctuations of central Italy and signatures of possible precursory patterns

Mohamed, A.S.
Using GPS and seismic data for hazard estimation of Egypt

Poscolieri, M.; Gregori, G.P.; Lagios, E.; Marson, I.; Lupieri, M.; Paparo, G.; Parcharidis, I.; Sakkas, V.; Ventrice, G.
Crustal stress monitoring in the Cephallonia Island (Western Greece) on the basis of a multi-parametric approach

Bayda, S.
Time-and-frequency and spatial laws of increase of seismic activity after the nuclear weapon tests (withdrawn)

Im, C.B.; Noh, M.; Shim, T.M.; Lee, H.; Choi, H.S.; Hyun, S.G.; Park, K.S.
Review on the evaluating methods of paleo-earthquake magnitudes from fault parameters in Korea

Cagatay, N.; Belucci, L.; Polonia, A.; Sancar, Ü.; Dikce, D.; Eris, K.; Damci, E.; Gasperini, L.; Görür, N.; Henry, P.; Marnaut Scientific Team
Sedimentary earthquake records in the Sea of Marmara

Wu, Z. L.; Jiang, C. S.
Retrospective forecasting test of a statistical physics model for earthquakes in Sichuan-Yunnan region of Southwest China

Minadakis, G.; Daskalaki, E.; Orfanogiannaki, K.; Papadopoulos, G.A.
An algorithm for the short-term prediction of the mainshock from foreshocks

Stejskal, V.; Skalsky, L.; Broz, M.; Strunc, J.
Analysis of seismic induced changes of groundwater level and carbon dioxide in the region of weak intraplate seismic activity, Bohemian Massif (Central Europe)

Vallianatos, F.
Seismic Hazard estimation and non extensive thermodynamics

Kossobokov, V.; Romashkova, L.; Nekrasova, A.
Targeting the next mega-earthquake

Slunga, R.
Earthquake Forecasts (Warnings, Predictions) based on Rock Mechanics (Stresses).

Benito, B; Gaspar-Escribano, J. M.; García Rodríguez, M. J.; Rivas Medina, A.; Pérez Escalante, M.; Murphy, P.; Tsige, M.
Seismic hazard assessment of Navarre (Northern Spain)

Bulatova, N.
Some regularities of the migration of seismoactive zones

Bonfanti, P.; Ditta, M.; Italiano, F.; Maugeri, R.
Circulating fluids and tectonics: new data along the Southern Apennine chain

Bonfanti, P.; Bovini, S.; Italiano, F.; Lemmi, M.; Martinelli, G.
1997-2007: the first example of a long-term geochemical monitoring. results and perspectives from the Umbria region seismic area

Zoran, M.; Mateciuc, D.N.
Geospatial integrated system for seismic hazard assessment in Vrancea area, Romania

Flores-Marquez, E. L.; Marquez-Cruz, J.; Valdes, C.; Jimenez, C.; Angulo-Brown, F.
Statistical distribution of seismic event occurrences along five years at the Guerrero Pacific coast, Mexico.

Battiston, R.; Fidani, C.
Searching for correlation between NOAA particle data and seismic activity

Battiston, R.; Fidani, C.
Searching for correlation between NOAA particle data and seismic activity

Vallianatos, F.; Hloupis, G.
Rapid Earthquake Magnitude Estimation using Wavelets: Application for an Early Warning

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