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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV11 CO2 Geological Sequestration: bio-mechano-geochemical processes from the pore-scale to the reservoir-scale

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Koroleva , L; Zotov, A
pH measurements at high temperatures and pressures: Standardization of pH phtalate buffer (0.05m KHC8H4O4) to 200°C and 5000 bars. (withdrawn)

Assayag, N.; Matter, J.; Ader, M.; Agrinier, P.
Isotopic and geochemical characteristics to monitor fluid-rock interactions, following a small scale CO2 injection

Lions, J.; Gaus, I.; Bateman, K.
Modelling of fluid-rock interactions during a large-scale column experiment under reservoir conditions

Regnault, O.; Lagneau, V.; Thiry, M.; Schneider, H.
Experimental study of pure mineral phases/supercritical CO2 reactivity - Kinetics of portlandite carbonation measurement

Dupraz, S.; Ménez, B.; Guyot, F.
The importance of gas/solution exchange for CO2 biomineralization into carbonates in the subsurface

Golubev, S.; Bénézeth, P.; Schott, J.
Siderite dissolution kinetics in acidic aqueous solutions from 60 to 100°C and 0 to 50 atm pCO2.

Bénézeth, P.; Dandurand, J.L.; Harrichoury, J.C.
The solubility of siderite (FeCO3) as a function of temperature

Biagi, S.; Geloni, C.; Gherardi, F.; Guidi, M.
Numerical modelling of well-bore cement degradation during CO2 sequestration

Cantucci, B.; Montegrossi, G. ; Tassi, F.; Vaselli , O.; Buccianti, A.; Quattrocchi, F.
Feasibility and validation procedure of a geochemical modeling applied to CO2 storage: a new approach

Andreani, M.; Gouze, Ph.; Luquot, L.; Leprovost, R.
Alteration and auto-sealing of fractured shales induced by CO2-rich fluid percolation

Gislason, S.R.; Gunnlaugsson, E.; Broecker, W.S.; Oelkers, E.H.; Matter, J.M; Stefánsson, A.; Arnórsson, S.; Björnsson, G.; Fridriksson, T.; Lackner, K.S
Permanent CO2 sequestration into basalt: the Hellisheidi, Iceland project

Lee, W.; Lamorena, R.
Inclusion chemistry in clathrate hydrates: an alternative process for pollutant gas immobilization technique

Luquot, L.; Gouze, Ph.; Melean, Y.; Andreani, M.
Implications of CO2-saturated brine percolation in carbonate rocks under sequestration conditions: Experimental constraints

Boschi, C.; Dallai, L.; Dini, A.; Gianelli, G. ; Ruggieri , G.
Carbonated serpentinites in Tuscany (Italy): a geological analogue to carbon dioxide sequestration

Maineult, A.; Naudet, V.; Coudurier, A.; Menez, B.; Zamora, M.
Laboratory monitoring of self-potential (SP) variations during bacterial activity

Seyedi, M.; Guy, N.; Rohmer, J.; Hild, F.
Coupled hydromechanical modeling of the integrity and safety of geological storage of CO2

Camps, A. P.; Milodowski, A. E.; Rochelle, C. A.; Lovell, M. A.; Brewer, T. S.; Jackson, P. D.; Williams, J. F.
Salt inclusion during rapid CO2 hydrate formation

Flukiger, F.; Bernard, D.; Benezeth, P.
Pore-scale modelling of calcite dissolution by acidic water flow

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