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  List of Accepted Contributions - PS5 Planetary Plasma Physics

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kryvdyk, V.
Particles dynamics and theirs non-thermal radiation in heterogeneous magnetosphere with variable magnetic fields

Romanov, S. A.; Savin, S. P.; Amata, E. ; Dunlop, M.
Low frequency wave dispersion relations in the outer cusp region

Simon, S.; Kleindienst, G.; Boesswetter, A.; Bagdonat, T.; Motschmann, U.; Glassmeier, K. H.; Bertucci, C.; Dougherty, M. K.
3D multispecies hybrid simulations of Titan's highly variable plasma environment- Comparison with Cassini MAG data

Martinecz, C.; Fraenz, M.; Woch, J.; Krupp, N.; Roussos, E.; Dubinin, E.; Motschmann, U.; Boesswetter, A.; Simon, S.; Barabash, S.
Locations of the plasma boundaries at Venus - Venus Express ASPERA-4 observations

Hansen, K.C.; Gombosi, T.I.; De Zeeuw, D.L.; Ziegler, B.
Rotational dynamics of the Jovian magnetosphere

Fraenz, M.; Dubinin, E.; Martinecz, C.; Roussos, E.; Woch, J.; Frahm, R.; Winningham, J.D.; Coates, A.J.; Soobiah, Y.; Lundin, R.
Photo Electron Boundaries at Mars and Venus

McKenna-Lawlor, S.M.P; Dryer, M.; Fry, C.D.; Smith, Z.; Kartalev, M.D.; Sun, W.; Deehr, C.S.; Kecskemety, K.; Kudela, K.; Barabash, S.; Shock Prediction Team
Near real-time predictions of the arrival at Earth, Mars and Venus of flare-related shocks during the minimum phase (December, 2006) of Solar Cycle 23 and their comparison with multi-spacecraft observations

McKenna-Lawlor, S.M.P; Kallio, E.; Lammer, H.; Schmidt, W.; Janhunen, P.
Modelled Solar Wind and Magnetospheric Ion Impact on Mercury's Surface in response to elevated, prolonged, solar activity in December, 2006

Galli, A.; Wurz, P.; Barabash, S.; Grigoriev, A.; Futaana, Y.; Holmström, M.; Fraenz, M.; The ASPERA-4 team
First observation of energetic neutral atoms in the Venus environment

Kleimann, J.; Fränz, M.; Woch, J.; Frahm, R.; Winningham, J.D.
Modeling of photoelectron spectra observed in the Martian ionosphere

Israelevich, P.; Ershkovich, A.
Bifurcation of the jovian magnetotail current

Orsini, S.; Milillo, A.; Di Lellis, A.M.
Perspectives of solar system environment observations by means of ENA detection

Dubinin, E.; Fraenz, M.; Chanteur, G.; Woch, J.; Winningham, J.; Framm, R.; Lundin, R.; Barabash, S.
Peaked electron distributions on Mars and possible mechanisms of their generation

Dubinin, E.; Chanteur, G.; Fraenz, M.; Modolo, R.; Woch, J.; Roussos, E.; Barabash, S.; Lundin, R.
Asymmetry of plasma fluxes at Mars. ASPERA-3 observations and hybrid simulations

Edberg, N.; Lester, M.
Martian Magnetic Pileup Boundary Statistics from MGS MAG data

Chanteur, G.M.; Modolo, R.; Dubinin, E.; Fraenz, M.
Capture of solar wind alpha-particles by the Martian atmosphere

Bonfond, B.; Gérard, J.-C.; Grodent, D.
Morphology of the Io footprint

Gurnett, D.A.; Persoon, A.M.; Kurth, W.S.; Wahlund, J.-E.; Dougherty, M.K.; Southwood, D.J.
The origin of Saturn’s variable radio modulation period

Grodent, D.; Gérard, J.-C.; Radioti, A.; Bonfond, B.; Saglam, A.
Jupiter’s main auroral oval: what main oval?

Fedorov, A.; Ferrier, C.; Barabash, S.; Zhang, T.; Sauvaud, J.-A.; Mazelle, C.
Spatial distribution of the ions species near the plasma sheet of the venusian magnetotail

Ferrier, C.; Fedorov, A.; Sauvaud, J.A.; Mazelle, C.; Barabash, S.
A general shape and ion contents of the wakes behind Mars and Venus

Bebesi, Z.; Erdos, G.; Szego, K.; Arridge, C.S.; Coates, A.J.; Bertucci, C.; Dougherty, M.K.; Thomsen, M.F.; Young, D.T.
Particle dynamics at SLAMS observed at the bow shock of Saturn

Hospodarsky, G.; Averkamp, T.; Kurth, W.; Gurnett, D.; Dougherty, M.; Louarn, P.
Wave normal calculations of saturnian plasma waves at high magnetic latitudes using the Cassini radio and plasma wave science five-channel waveform receiver

Radioti, A.; Gerard, J.-C.; Grodent, D. ; Krupp, N.; Woch, J.
Discontinuity in Jupiter's main auroral oval.

Barabash, S.; Kallio, E.
Can magnetizing Mars increase the atmospheric escape?

Wei, H. Y.; Russell, C. T.; Neubauer, F. M.; Wahlund, J. -E; Bertucci, C. ; Dougherty, M. K.
Interaction of the Saturnian magnetospheric plasma with Titan: comparison study with the Venus-Solar Wind interaction

Kurth, W.S.; Gurnett, D.A.; Hospodarsky, G.B.; Persoon, A.M.; Mitchell, D.G.; Zarka, P.; Cecconi, B.; Lamy, L.
Cassini's early approaches to Saturn's auroral regions: A hint of things to come

Persoon, A.M.; Gurnett, D.A.; Kurth, W.S.; Hospodarsky, G.B.; Santolik, O.; Coates, A.J.; McAndrews, H.J.
Electron densities from funnel-shaped auroral hiss emissions in Saturn's auroral zone

Cowee, MM; Russell, CT; Strangeway, RJ
1D hybrid simulations of ion cyclotron waves generated by mass-loading at Io

Szego, K.; Bebesi, Z.; Bertucci, C.; Coates, A.J.; Crary, F.; Erdos, G.; Foldy, L.; Hartle, R.; Sittler, E.C.; Young, D.T.
On the perturbed charged particle environment of Titan

Blanco-Cano, X.; Omidi, N.; Russell, C. T.
Foreshock cavities and ULF waves

Futaana, Y.; Barabash, S.; Grigoriev, A.
Solar zenith angle dependence of the solar wind ENA and proton precipitations into the Martian exosphere

Withers, P.; Wroten, J.; Mendillo, M.; Chamberlin, P.; Woods, T.
Modeling the effects of solar flares on the ionosphere of Mars

Modolo, R.; Wahlund, J.-E.; Canu, P.; Kurth, W.S.; Coates, A.; Bertucci, C.; Dougherty, M.
Structure of the wake of Titan from RPWS-LP observations

Vasyliunas, V
Periodicities in the magnetosphere of Saturn: making the distinctions

Bespalov, P.A. ; Misonova, V.G. ; Cowley, S.W.H
Formation of bi-directional field-alighned particle fluxes on auroral field lines by interaction with transient density cavities stimulated by kinetic Alfven waves

Ge, Y. S.; Jian, L.; Russell, C. T.
Jovian Substorms: Comparison with their Terrestrial Counterparts

Cassini Observations of Saturn¡¯s Dawn-Magnetotail Region: Preliminary results

Khurana, K. K.; Arridge, C. S.; Dougherty, M. K.; Russell, C. T.
The enigma of a large tilt in Saturn’s current sheet

Jarvinen, R.; Kallio, E.; Barabash, S.; Zhang, T. L.; Fedorov, A.; Sillanpää, I.; Janhunen, P.; ASPERA-4, Team
Plasma interaction between Venus and the solar wind: A hybrid modelling study

Kallio, E.; Fedorov, A.; Barabash, S.; Yamauchi, M.; Jarvinen, R.; Sillanpää, I.; Janhunen, P.; ASPERA-3, Team
ASPERA-3/MEX observations at Mars and their interpretation by a hybrid model

Sergis, N.; Krimigis, S.M.; Mitchell, D.G.; Hamilton, D.C.; Krupp, N.; Dougherty, M.
Plasma pressure in Saturn’s magnetosphere dominated by energetic (> 10 keV) ions

Wahlund, J.-E.; Lundberg, M.; Eriksson, A. I.; Morooka, M. W.; Averkamp, T. F.; Gurnett, D. A.; Kurth, W. S.; Kempf, S. ; Srama, R.
Distribution and Dynamics of Dusty Plasma in Saturn’s Plasma Disk

Lundin, R.; Barabash, S.; Nilsson, H.; Yamauchi, M.
Solar forcing and the ionospheric heavy ion escape from Mars

Lilensten, J.; Witasse, O.; Simon, C.; Gronoff, G.; Thissen, R.; Dutuit, O.; Alcaraz, C.; Soldi-Lose, H.; Franceschi, P.; Žabka, J.
Doubly-charged ions in planetary ionospheres

Morooka, M. W.; Modolo, R.; Wahlund, J.-E.; Gurnett, D. A.; Kurth, W. S.; Coates, A.; Lewis, G. R.; Arridge, C. S.; Dougherty, M. K.
Structure of the Co-rotating high Density Plasma Region in the Outer Magnetosphere of the Saturn

Schippers, P.; THE MAPS TEAM
Analysis of inter - calibrated electron observations in Saturn's magnetosphere

Masters, A.; Dougherty, M. K.; Achilleos, N.; Bertucci, C.
Kronian bow shock survey: results from the first five orbits of the Cassini spacecraft

Louarn, P.; Kurth, W.S; Hospodarsky, G. B.; Gurnett, D. A.
Could Saturn’s magnetosphere behave as Jupiter’s

Ågren, K.; Westerberg, M.; Wahlund, J.-E.; Galand, M.; Müller-Wodarg, I.; Lummerzheim, D.; Kurth, W. S.; Coates, A.
Cold Plasma Observations in the Deep Ionosphere of Titan

Yamauchi, M.; Futaana, Y.; Fedorov, A.; Dubinin, E.; Lundin, R.; Frahm, R.; Barabash, S.; Winnigham, D.; THE ASPERA-3 TEAM
IMF direction derived from cycloid-like ion distributions observed by Mars Express

Arridge, C.S.; Sittler, E.C.; André, N.; Coates, A.J.; Dougherty, M.K.; Khurana, K.K.; Lewis, G.R.; McAndrews, H.J.; Russell, C.T.
Thermal electrons in Saturn's magnetotail

Southwood, D.J.; Dougherty, M.K. ; Kivelson, M.G.
Rotating and periodic phenomena at Saturn: circulation, magnetic cam, cusp, current sheet and SKR.

Szego, K.; Bertucci, C.; Coates, A.J.; Crary, F.; Erdos, G.; Hartle, R.; Sittler, E.C.; Young, D.T.
On the charged particle environment of Titan during the T9 flyby

Jackman, C.M.; The Cassini MAPS team
A multi-instrument view of tail reconnection at Saturn

Sauvaud, J.-A.; Barabash, S.; Zhang, T. L.; Ferrier, C.; Fedorov, A.; Mazelle, C.; Lundin, R.
VEX insight on the Boundary Separating Solar and Venusian plasmas

Burger, M.H.; Sittler, E.C.; Johnson, R.E.; Smith, H.T.
Charge exchange in the Enceladus plume and water torus

Anagnostopoulos, G.; Tenentes, V.; Vassiliadis, E.; Sarris, E.; Lutsenko, V.; Mavromichalaki, H.
the quasi-perpendicular bow shock as a temporal barrier and accelerator of magnetospheric particles

Leisner, J. S.; Russell, C. T.; Russell, K. K.; Dougherty, M. K.
Constructing a stress index for the saturnian magnetosphere

Mazelle, C.; Sauvaud, J.A.; Barabash, S.; Fedorov, A.; Ferrier, C.; Delva, M.; Zhang, T.L.
Ion distributions upstream from the bow shock of Venus

Jones, G. H.; Roussos, E.; Krupp, N.; Woch, J.; Lagg, A.; Krimigis, S. M.
Short-lived dispersive electron events in Saturn's magnetosphere: A thunderstorm-induced phenomenon?

Bertucci, C.; Achilleos, N.; Szego, K.; Coates, A.; Wahlund, J.; Arridge, C.; Neubauer, F.; Russell, C.; Wei, H.; Modolo, R.; The Cassini Titan Team
On the structure and variability of Titan's magnetic environment

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