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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG1.05 Analysis and Characterization of Black Carbon in the Environment (co-listed in AS, HS, OS & SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Hammes, K; BC-ring trial team
Comparison of quantification methods to measure fire-derived (black/elemental) carbon using reference materials from soil, water, sediment and the atmosphere

Hammes, K; Torn, M.S. ; Lapenas, A.G.; Schmidt, M.W.I
Centennial black carbon turnover observed in a Russia steppe soil

Lehmann, J.; Heymann, K.; Skjemstad, J. ; Krull, E.; Schmidt, M.
Quantification of black carbon in soil: introducing a sliding scale with STXM and NEXAFS spectroscopy

De la Rosa, J.M.; González-Vázquez, R.; González-Pérez, J.A.; Verdejo, T.; Knicker, H.; López-Capel, E.; Manning, D.A.C; González-Vila, F.J.
Structural analysis by pyrolytic, spectroscopic and thermogravimetric techniques of the BC ring trial reference samples and real BC samples from soils and sediments (withdrawn)

Eckmeier, E.; van der Borg, K.; Schmidt, M.; Gerlach, R.
Chemically isolated microcharcoal can be used for 14C dating when macrocharcoal is absent

Cheng, C.; Lehmann, J.
Long-term Oxidation and Development of Surface Charge of Black Carbon along a Climosequence

Cattaneo, R.; Malits, A.; Herndl, G.J.; Rassoulzadegan, F.; Weinbauer, G.M.
Effect of black carbon on viruses and bacteria in coastal marine waters

Elmquist, M.; Zencak, Z.; Gustafsson, O.
Historical record of the combustion products BC and PAH in Aspvreten, a Swedish background area

Flores-Cervantes, D. X.; Gschwend, P. M.; Reddy, C. M.
Black carbon in seawater and its cycling in the Gulf of Maine

Rodionov, A.; Grabe, M.; Flessa, H.; Guggenberger, G.
Distribution of black carbon in the northern terrestrial catchment of Siberia.

Kuzyakov, Y; Chen , H; Subbotina , I; Bogomolova , IN; Xu, X
Decomposition of 14C labeled black carbon in soil and loess during two years

Glaser, B.; Knorr, K.-H.
Biologically derived black carbon in soils

Smernik, R.
Going beyond the ring trial - seeking a measure of BC condensation (withdrawn)

Endo, S.; Grathwohl, P.; Schmidt, T.C.
Absorption or adsorption? Characterization of nonpolar organic compound sorption in soils using normal and cyclic alkanes as molecular probes

Hilscher, A.; Knicker, H.
How stable is Black Carbon? - An incubation experiment

Sobek, A.; Bucheli, T.D.
Towards a black carbon inventory of Swiss surface water sediments

Alexis, M.A.; Rumpel, C.; Knicker, H.; Rasse, D.P.; Péchot, N.; Mariotti, A.
Black carbon as isolated by chemical oxidation: characterization and contribution in litter and soil

Thevenon, F.; Anselmetti, F. S.; Bernasconi , S.; Sigl , M.; Schwikowski , M.
Black carbon aerosol determination from a European high-alpine glacier (Colle Gnifetti, Swizerland).

Grand-Clement, E.; Nortcliff, S.; Robinson, S.; Schwartz, D.; Brodowski, S.
Black carbon in UK upland peat soils: a consequence of management fire?

Hsieh, Y. P.; Bugna, G. C.
Black carbon determination in sediments and soils using a multi-elemental scanning thermal analysis (MESTA)

Ziolkowski, L.; Druffel, E.R.M
Black carbon measurements using a revised benzene polycarboxylic acid (BPCA) method

Eckmeier, E.; Wiesenberg, G.L.B; Skjemstad, J.O.; Schmidt, M.W.I; Gerlach, R.
Biogeochemical investigations of soils detect prehistoric agricultural burning in Northwestern Germany

He, Y.; Zhang, G.-L.
Concentration and source of black carbon in urban soils and its environment implications

Gustafsson, Ö.; Zencak, Z.; Elmquist, M.; Krusĺ, M.; Granath, L.; Leck, C.; Rodhe, H.
Quantification and radiocarbon source apportionment of black carbon in North European and South Asian atmospheres using the CTO375 and ECOC methods

Tambach, T.J.; Veld, H.; Klaver, G.T.; van Os, B.J.H; Griffioen, J.
Quantification of sedimentary organic matter composition using Pollut Eval pyrolysis (withdrawn)

Sánchez-García, L.; de Andrés, J.R.; Martín Rubí, J.A.; González-Vila, F.J.; de la Rosa, J.M.; Schmidt, M.W.I; Hames, K.
Comparative analysis of black carbon in marine sediments from a Mediterranean river influence coastal area (SW Iberia)

Nehls, T.; Brodowski, S.
Black carbon in paved urban soils

Kaal, J; Martinez-Cortizas, A.; Criado Boado, F.
8000 years of fire-induced molecular modifications in Campo Lameiro (NW Spain)

Song, J.; Peng, P.
Characterization of black carbon materials using pyrolysis-GC-MS technology (withdrawn)

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