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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSP16 Paratethys - Mediterranean - Indopacific climatic, biotic and sedimentologic evolution (co-listed in BG, co-sponsored by IAS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Maghfouri Moghaddam, I.
Biostratigraphy of Taleh-zang Formation in type and kialu sections, southern Lorestan

Boev, B.
Afro-tropical and Afro-Indo-Malayan elements in the Neogene avifauna of Bulgaria and their paleozoogeographical implementations

Vrbanac, B.; Velić, J.; Malvić, T.
Sedimentation of Late Pannonian clastic deposits in main and marginal basins (Sava depression vs. Bjelovar subdepression)

Wagreich, M.; Pervesler, P.; Uchman, A.; Khatun, M.; Wimmer-Frey, I.
Sedimentology and ichnology of the Lower Badenian (Middle Miocene) Baden-Sooss core at the type locality of the Badenian (Vienna Basin, Lower Austria)

Özcan, E.; Less, Gy.
First record of western Tethyan and Indo-Pacific larger Foraminifera co-occurring in the Burdigalian of Turkey

Eronen, J.T.; Mirzaie, M.; Karme, A.; Micheels, A.; Fortelius, M.; Bernor, R.L.
The Rise and Fall of Pikermian Chronofauna

Krizmanić, K.; Brajković, D.
Palynological analysis in the Upper Miocene core from the Pannonian Basin of Croatia

van den Hoek Ostende, L.
Gridding down the fossil record: an experiment

Barbu, V.; Tulucan, A.; Borosi, V.
Micropaleontological evidence of Middle Miocene tuffs deposition in the north-eastern part of Pannonian basin, Abrămut sub-basin (Romania)

Oszczypko, N; Oszczypko-Clowes, M
Late Oligocene -Early Miocene paleogeographic and paleotectonic evolution of the Northern Carpathians

Oszczypko-Clowes, M
Calcareous nannoplankton of the terminal flysch deposits in the Polish Outer Carpathians

Prieto, J.
Small mammal Biostratigraphy of the late Middle Miocene (Sarmatian) in South Germany

Krstić, N.; Dumurdžanov, N.; Ognjanova, N.; Marković, Z.
Lacustrine Upper Miocene of Central Balkans

Marković, Z.
Pliocene rodent fauna from Riđake (Serbia)

Sprovieri, M.; Ribera D'Alcalŕ, M.
Late Neogene Ba/Ca evolution in water masses of the Mediterranean basin

Pavić, S.
New findings of small Bovid in East Serbia

Coric, S.; Pavelic, D.; Mandic, O.; Vrabac, S.; Rögl, F.; Vranjkovic, A.
The initial marine flooding of the southern Pannonian Basin System: the North Croatian Basin transgression correlates with the Middle Miocene

Coric, S.; Rupp, C. ; Hohenegger, J.
Middle Miocene calcareous nannoplankton and planktonic foraminifers assemblages from the scientific borehole Baden-Sooss (Austria, Central Paratethys)

Wessels, W.; Marković, Z.; de Bruijn, H.; Daxner-Höck, G.; Mandic, O.; Šišić, E.
Paleogeography of Late Oligocene to Miocene rodent assemblages from the western Dinaride-Anatolian Land

Juhász, Gy.; Pogácsás, Gy.; Magyar, I.
Evidences in the Pannonian Basin: giant canyon incisions in the Late-Miocene (Pannonian s.l.), connected to SB Pa-4 (ca. 6.8 Ma), Hungary

Coric, S.; Babic, Lj.; Hernitz-Kucenjak, M.; Zupanic, J.
Conflicting dating of the coastal Dinaric flysch, and implications: Eocene or Miocene? The case of north Dalmatia and Istria

Harzhauser, M.; Mandic, O.; Latal, C.
The water-chemistry of the Miocene Dinarid Lake System revealed by stable isotopes of mollusc aragonite

Harzhauser, M.; Piller, W.E.; Kroh, A.; Berning, B.; Reuter, M.
Aquitanian biogeography of Eastern Africa based on gastropod assemblages from Coastal Tanzania

Paulissen, W.E.; Luthi, S.M.; Püttmann, J.R.
High-resolution sequence stratigraphic analysis of a well in the central Paratethyan Vienna Basin covering the Middle to Late Miocene

Posilovic, H; Bajraktarevic, Z
Aspects of functional analysis and ornamentation of some Pliocene viviparids

Mandic, O.; Pavelić, D.; Harzhauser, M.; Zupanič, J.; Reischenbacher, D.; Sachsenhofer, R.F.; Tadej, N.; Vranjković, A.
Multi-proxy paleoenvironmental analysis of the Miocene, long-lived, hard-water Lake Sinj (Dinaride Lake System, SE Croatia)

Lobo, F.J.; Alonso, B.; Ercilla, G.; Fernández-Salas, L.M.; Hernández-Molina, F.J.; Maldonado, A.
Styles of shelf growth in the northern Alboran Sea off Guadalfeo river, SW Mediterranean basin: eustatic control and disturbing factors

Mandic, O.; Harzhauser, M.; Roetzel, R.
Evidence for tidal currents and benthic mass-mortality events in the Sarmatian Paratethys Sea (middle Miocene; North Alpine Foredeep Basin)

Drobne, K.; Cosovic, V. ; Vrabec, M. ; Tari-Kovacic, V.
Paleocene- Eocene Carbonate Platforms from the Adriatic Sea to the Pannonian Basin (Western Central Tethys) and their Tectonic Position

Rocholl, A.; Boehme, M.; Guenther, D.; Hoefer, H.; Ulbig, A.
Prevailing stratospheric easterly wind direction in the Paratethys during the Lower Badenian: Ar-Ar- and Nd-isotopic evidence from rhyolitic ash layers in the Upper Freshwater Molasse, S-Germany

de Leeuw, A.; Mandic, O.; Kuiper , K.; Harzhauser, M.; Krijgsman, W.; Bulic, J.; Pavelic, D.; Vranjkovic, A.
Towards a chronostratigraphy for the Miocene Dinarid Lake System: New 40Ar/39Ar ages and expanded magnetostratigraphic dating

Ferić, P.; Vrsaljko, D.; Miknić, M.; Hajek-Tadesse, V.
Pannonian fluvial-lacustrine clastic sediments of marginal area of Žumberak Mt (NW Croatia, Central Paratethys)

Piller, W.E.; Harzhauser, M.; Kroh, A.; Mandic, O.; Reuter, M.
The evolutionary pathway of the giant clams (Tridacninae) from their Paleogene roots to modern distribution

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