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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG2.4 Terrestrial biogeochemical cycles (and global change) (co-listed in SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Xu-Ri, -; Prentice, I.C.
Terrestrial nitrogen cycle simulation with a dynamic global vegetation model

Schneider, M; Hilf, M; Schmidt, MWI
Can we use BPCA as molecular markers to trace the formation temperature of wood char?

Krull, E.; Baldock, J.; Douglas, G.; McGowan, J.; Spouncer, L.
From soils to rivers and estuaries: the movement of black C across a sub-tropical landscape

Joos, O.; Hagedorn, F.; Siegwolf, R.; Saurer, M.; Heim, A.; Schmidt, M.
Effects of an artificial Summer Drought on the relative Contributions of new and old Carbon to the CO2-Efflux of Swiss Grassland Soils

Hofmann, A.; Heim, A.; Gioacchini, P.; Gehre, M.; Schmidt, M.
Soil organic carbon and lignin dynamics in an arable soil as affected by nitrogen fertilization

Hammerle, A.; Bahn, M.; Tappeiner, U.; Cernusca, A.; Wohlfahrt, G.
Carbon storage potential of a temperate mountain grassland as affected by management: a combined experimental and modeling analysis

Norström, S H; Vestin, J L K; Bylund, D; Lundström, U S
Influences of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) on water chemistry in two forested catchments (withdrawn)

Steinbeiss, S.; Beßler, H.; Engels, C.; Temperton, V.M.; Buchmann, N.; Roscher, C.; Kreutziger, Y.; Baade, J.; Habekost, M.; Gleixner, G.
Plant biodiversity positively affects short-term soil carbon storage in experimental grasslands

Heim, A.; Abiven, S.
How good is 13C isotope analysis in assessing dynamics of organic compounds in soil? - The example of lignin

Worrall, F; Burt, TP
The prognosis for carbon storage in northern peatlands – evidence from peatlands in the UK

Szajdak, L; Gaca, W
Activity of nitrate reductase in soils under shelterbelts of different age and adjoining cultivated fields

Jaskulska, R; Szajdak, L
The function of shelterbelts of different age as biogeochemical barrier on decreasing of nitrogen and phosphorus in agricultural landscape

Abiven, S; Heim, A
Quantification of the lignin in plants and soils – literature review and experimental approaches

Habekost, M.; Eisenhauer, N.; Scheu, S.; Gleixner, G.
Seasonal Changes of a Microbial Community in a Grassland Plant Diversity Gradient Four Years after Establishment

Grote, R; de Bruijn, A; Kiese, R
A new Modular Biosphere Modelling

Wutzler, T.; Reichstein, M.; Hamer, U.
Colimitation of decomposition by substrate and decomposers – Challenging models by incubation experiments

Leinonen, I; Kirk, G; Bellamy, P
Possible reasons for widespread losses of carbon from soils across England and Wales (withdrawn)

Eigemeier, E.; Beirle, S.; Platt, U.; Wagner, T.
Global Monitoring of annual Vegetation Cycles using spectrally resolved UV/Vis Satellite Observations

Foereid, B.; Dawson, L.A.; Johnson, D.; Rangel-Castro, J.I.
Fate of carbon in upland grassland subjected to liming

Uchida, M.; Kondo, M.; Murayama, S.; Ohtsuka, T.; Shirato, Y.
Radiocarbon-based Turnover Time Estimates of Soil Organic Carbon in a Cool-temperate Deciduous Forest in Asian Monsoon Region

Clark, J.M.; Heinemeyer, A.; Martin, P.; Bottrell, S.
Link between carbon and sulphur cycling during simulated drought cycles in six UK ombrotrophic peats

Zhuang, Q.; Xu, K.; Tang, J.
Responses of global soil methane consumption to changes of climate, land-use and ‎land-cover, and atmospheric chemistry deposition during the 20th century

Szajdak, L; Zyczynska-Baloniak, I
Function of shelterbelt on the changes of nitrogen compounds in ground water and soils

Nehls, T.; Brodowski, S.
Paved urban soils as sinks for black carbon

Hoosbeek, M.R.
Will temperate forest soil take up or release C under future elevated atmospheric CO2: A synthesis based on forest FACE experiments

Glombitza, C.; Mangelsdorf, K.; Horsfield, B.
Alkaline ester cleavage to examine the feedstock potential of low mature coals for deep microbial populations

Eaton, J.; McGoff, N.; Byrne, K.; Leahy, P.; Kiely, G.
Quantifying organic carbon stocks in Irish soils

Joos, O.; Hagedorn, F.; Saurer, M.; Heim, A.; Schmidt, M.; Siegwolf, R.
Can we simplify the Keeling Plot Approach to measure Soil 13CO2?

Graz, Y.; collaborators
The fate of the fossil organic carbon released from marls weathering: application to the experimental watersheds of Draix.

Knoblauch, C.; Awang Besar @ Raffie, N.; Pfeiffer, E.-M.
Impact of land use on carbon sequestration in young coastal soils determined by stable carbon isotope and carbon turnover measurements

Van Hemelryck, H; Fiener, P; Govers, G; Van Oost, K
Effects of soil erosion and deposition on CO2 respiration

Schmidt, MWI; Heim, A; Wiesenberg, GLB; Schwark, L
Can we estimate soil organic matter turnover by combining 13C isotopic and molecular marker information? – Trying a synthesis

Rey, M.; Leirós, M.C.; Trasar-Cepeda, C.; Gil-Sotres, F.
Effect of temperature on the emission of N2O in water saturated soils

Rey, M.; Trasar-Cepeda, C.; Leirós, M.C.; Trasar-Cepeda, F.
Effect of soil temperature and moisture on emission of N2O

Albert, KA; Ro-Poulsen, HRP; Mikkelsen, TM
Biological responses to current uv-b radiation in arctic regions.

Bouwman, A.; Beusen, A.; van der Hoek, K.; van Drecht, G; Heuberger, P
Global inventory of ammonia emissions from global livestock production: approaches and uncertainties

Wu, W; Sun, S; Yang, Y
Responses of subalpine Betula albo-sinensis soil invertase activity to elevated atmospheric temperature and carbon dioxide concentration in Western Sichuan

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