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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL22 Land-climate interactions from models and observations: Implications from past to future climate (co-sponsored by ILEAPS & GLASS; co-listed in AS, BG & HS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Grimm, A. ; Pal, J.; Giorgi, F.
The role of land-atmosphere interactions in the evolution of the summer monsoon rainfall in South America

Hagemann, S.; Göttel, H.; Jacob, D.; Lorenz, P.; Roeckner, E.
Projected changes of the hydrological cycle over large European catchments as simulated by the MPI-M global and regional climate models

Haarsma, R.; van den Hurk, B.; Selten, F.
Impact of southern and central European land surface heating induced by greenhouse warming on the atmospheric circulation

Teuling, A.J.; Seneviratne, S.I.
Contrasting spectral changes limit albedo impact on land-atmosphere coupling during the 2003 European heat wave

Santanello, J.A.; Peters-Lidard, C.D.; Kumar, S.
A Modeling and Observational Framework for Diagnosing Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling on Diurnal Time Scales

Winter, JM; Eltahir, EAB
The sensitivity of latent heat flux to changes in the radiative forcing: A framework for comparing models and observations

Martynov, A.; Laprise, R.; Sushama, L.
Off-line lake water and ice simulations: a step towards the interactive lake coupling with the Canadian Regional Climate Model

Jaeger, E. B.; Stöckli, R.; Lüthi, D. ; Seneviratne, S. I.
Validation of planetary boundary layer fluxes and land-atmosphere coupling of the CLM regional climate model with European fluxnet observations

Putt, D; Haines, K; Liu, C
Land surface sensitivity studies with a coupled climate model

Alkama, R.; Kageyama, M.; Ramstein, G.; DeNoblet, N.; Friedlingstein, P.
6.2 The impacts of climate, CO2, LAI changes on the global runoff trend during the 20th and 21st century

Anders, I.; Rockel, B.
The influence of prescribed soil type distribution on a regional climate models representation of observed climate

Taylor, C. M.; Garvert, M.; Harris, P. P.; Parker, D. J.
Observing soil moisture - precipitation feedbacks: a case studt from the AMMA field campaign

Bonan, G.
Advances in land-climate interactions for earth system models: The Community Land Model (CLM) experience

Pinty, B.; Lavergne, T.; Kaminski, T.; Gobron, N.; Taberner, M.
Partitioning the solar fluxes in forest canopies in the presence of snow

Kerr, Y
Soil moisture retrieval from space: how and what for

Ashton, H; Taylor, C; Slingo, J
The use of satellite data to improve land surface model simulations in soil moisture stressed conditions

Wang, G; (Han) Dolman, A.J.
Temporal Variability of Soil Moisture in Reanalysis Datasets

Hänsler, A.; Hagemann, S.; Jacob, D.
Determining southern Africas climate characteristics that are essential for the identification of the impacts of future land use change on the regional climate

Ortu, E.; Klotz, S.; Brugiapaglia, E.; Siniscalco, C.; Caramiello, R.
Lapse rates-induced variations of the vegetation cover in the North-western Alps: a model for quantitative reconstruction from pollen data (withdrawn)

Gornall, J.L.; Ineson, P; Huntley, B; Baxter, R
Towards a mechanistic understanding of current and future carbon dynamics in arctic tundra ecosystems

van der Molen, M.K.; van den Hurk, B.; Hazeleger, W.
Land Use and Climate Change, historic simulations with EC-EARTH

Hohenegger, C.; Brockhaus, P.; Schär, C.
The soil-moisture precipitation feedback in cloud-resolving models

Wipfler, L.; Metselaar, K.; van Dam, J.; Zwart, S.; van den Hurk, B.; Feddes, R.
Modification and testing of the ECMWF land surface scheme

Wipfler, L.; Metselaar, K.; van Dam, J.; Vazifedoust, M.; Zwart, S.; van den Hurk, B.; Feddes, R.
Upscaling of soil hydraulic parameters by combining large scale inverse modeling of unsaturated flow with remote sensing based algorithms. (withdrawn)

O'Donnell, D.; Feichter, J.
Global modelling of secondary organic aerosols in present and future climates with the ECHAM5/HAM model (withdrawn)

Topay, M.; Cinar, I.
Determining of bioclimatic comfort structure of Suleyman Demirel University East Campuses situated in the back of Mediterranean Region. (withdrawn)

Korhola, A.; Kulmala, M.; Vesala, T.; Nyman, M.
Science Workshop on past, present and future climate change

Weber, U.; Reichstein, M.; Chevallier, F. ; Lehsten, V.; Kaduk, J.
Model intercomparison of African carbon balance using a new 28 year climate dataset

Matthieu Guimberteau, MG; Katia Laval, KL; Alain Perrier, AP; Jan Polcher, JP
Simulation of soil moisture over the state of Illinois, by the land surface model ORCHIDEE using NLDAS forcing data: comparison with observations

Karaca, M.; Ekici, A.; Sen, O.L.; Yesilnacar, I.; Kindap, T.
Irrigation induced climate change in Southeastern Turkey

Koffi, E.; Rayner, P.; Kaminski, T.; Scholze > (2) and R. Giering (, M.; Voßbeck, M.; Giering, R.
Quantitative network design for biosphere model process parameters

Seneviratne, S.I.; Della-Marta, P.; Lüthi, D.
Impact of land-atmosphere coupling for projected changes in precipitation in Central Europe

Beck, A.; Ahrens, B.
Assessment of soil-moisture memory in a limited-area seasonal prediction framework (withdrawn)

Wood, E.F.; Ferguson, C.R.; Albertson, J.D.
Multi-scale analysis of soil moisture estimation and its dynamical coupling to the lower atmosphere.

Balsamo, G.; Viterbo, P.; Beljaars, A.; van den Hurk, B.; Betts, A.
A new hydrology in the ECMWF land surface scheme

Kanamaru, H.; Kanamitsu, M.
Model Diagnosis of Nighttime Minimum Temperature Warming in Irrigated Cropland

Alessandri, A.; Navarra, A.
On the coupling between vegetation and rainfall inter-annual anomalies: possible contributions to seasonal rainfall predictability over land areas

Gestal-Souto, L.; Miguez-Macho, G.
A high resolution calculation of the climatology water table depth and the climatology soil moisture profile for Europe: does the water table matter?

Kiang, NY; Aleinov, I; Ni-Meister, W; Moorcroft, PR; Koster, RD; Kharecha, P; Kim, Y; Yang, W; Puma, M
The Ent Dynamic Global Terrestrial Ecosystem Model (DGTEM) in the GISS GCM: Algorithms for mixed vegetation communities (withdrawn)

Mazzola, M.; Lanconelli, C.; Campanelli, M.; Lupi, A.; Vitale, V.; Tomasi, C.
Retrieval of the Earth's surface reflectance over the Po Valley (Italy) from MISR data using a BRDF approach

Tomassetti, B.; Colaiuda, V.; Verdecchia, M.; Visconti, G.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Corona, P.; Pompei, E.
Regional model simulation of meteorological effects induced by the land use changes in the Abruzzo Region in the past twenty years. Preliminary results for different meteorological case studies

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