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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS25 Lakes and inland seas under anthropogenic impact and climate change (co-listed in CL & ERE)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gourgue, O.; Deleersnijder, E.; White, L.
Renewal of epilimnion water in Lake Tanganyika

Zavialov, P.
Ongoing Changes of the Aral Sea’s Physical Regime as Observed in Recent Field Campaigns (2002-2006)

Zavialov, P.; Pelevin, V.; Rostovtseva, V.; Grabovskiy, A.; Khlebnikov, D.
Rivers of the Russian Black Sea Coast: Can their Impact on the Sea be Quantified?

Elshamy, M.E.; Wheater, H.S.; Huntingford, C.; Gedney, N.
Adapting a land surface scheme to model lakes: an application to Lake Victoria (withdrawn)

Pelevin, V.; Khlebnikov, D.; Karlsen, G.; Rostovtseva, V.; Hapter, R.
Ultraviolet laser fluorometry of Gdansk Bay waters (Baltic sea)

Mirabdullayev, I.; Abdullayeva, L.; Musaev , A.; Zholdasova, I.; Mustafaeva, Z.; Jumaniezova, N.
Sharp fluctuations in ecosystem parameters of the East Big Aral

Veleva, B.; Valkov, N.; Iordanova, L.
One year experimental investigation of the atmospheric deposition in the Varna region-Black Sea coastal zone

Fagel, N.; Gilson, D.; Mattielli, N.; Bertrand, S.; Lepoint, G.; Chirinos, L.; Urrutia, R.
Tracking of anthropogenic influences in the last centuries in Southern Chilean lakes: Organic (C/N, d13C) and Pb isotope geochemical signatures of Laguna Chica de San Pedro (36.4°S) and Lago Puyehue (40.7°S) sediments

Friedrich, J.
Uranium contamination of the Aral Sea

Perroud, M.
Comparison of three 1D lake models for reproducing the vertical distribution of temperature in the deep pre-alpine Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Melentyev, V.; Chernook, V.
Ice atlas of the parameters valid for sustainable development and marine animals’ welfare:

Burak, S.; Alpar, B.; Ünlü , S.; Dođan, E. ; Gaziođlu, C.; Öztürk , K.; Mat, H.; Okdemir , S.; Yaţarol , Ţ.
Industrial water use and related environmental concerns in the Gebze Industrial Area

Dođan , E.; Burak , S.; Ünlü , S.
Ecological consequences of hot-spots in the Marmara Sea

Ozturk, K.; Unlu, S.; Alpar, B.; Vardar, D.
Hydrocarbon pollution in sediments from Lake Iznik (Turkey), determined by fluorescence technique

Unlu, S.
Chemical fingerprinting techniques following the Haydarpasa Port pollution; Sea of Marmara, Turkey

Kashulin, N.A.; Shumilov, O.I.; Kasatkina, E.A.; Vandysh, O.I.; Sandimirov, S.S.
Interannual dynamic of zooplankton in Lake Imandra (Kola Peninsula) as influenced by heliophysical and anthropogenic factors

Stevens, T; Mee, L; Hingston, S
Mapping benthic communities in the Black Sea using a towed video array

Amrhein, C.; Reese, B.K.; Anderson, M.A.
Biogeochemistry of the Salton Sea, California

Stanichny, S.; Burduygov, V.; Stanichnaya, R.; Soloviev, D.
Satellite monitoring of the processes in the Aral and Caspian Seas

Laptev, G.V.
Proxy-reconstruction of SST anomaly in the Black Sea for the last 2000 year using biogenic carbonate records in the deep-sea laminated sediment

Intsiful, J.; Boateng, A.; Amisigo, B.
Impacts of climate change on the Volta Lake of Ghana, and its implications on socio-economic development of communities of the Volta Basin of West Africa

Elguindi, N.; Giorgi, F.
Projected changes in the Caspian Sea level for the 21st century based on AOGCM and RCM simulations

Delavar, M.; Morid, S.; Shafieefar, M.; Moghaddamnia, A.; Cluckie, I.D.
Simulation and Analyses of Uncertainty and Sensitivity of the Changes of the Urmia Lake Level to Water Budget Components

Zagar, D.; Rajar, R.; Horvat, M.; Kotnik, J.; Cetina, M.
Natural and anthropogenic sources of mercury in the Mediterranean

Gritsenko, V.; Chubarenko, B.; Chubarenko, I.; Kravtsov, V.; Chugaevich, V.; Kozhevnikova, E.; Sapozhnikova, E.; Demchenko, N.; Chibisova, N.
Complex researches of a coastal waters condition of the Kaliningrad area in the summer - autumn 2006 near the cape Taran and the Vistula spit.

Mazurkewitz, E.; Jacob, D.
The effects of climate change on water availability in the Aral Sea region (withdrawn)

A simple model of the eco-hydrodynamics of the epilimnion of Lake Tanganyika

von Rohden, C.; Ilmberger, J.
Hydrology and vertical Transport of a meromictic Mining Lake traced with SF$_6$ on the Background Level

Turunçoglu, U. U.; Dalfes, H. N.
A three-dimensional circulation model for Lake Van

Boehrer, B.; Schultze, M.
Climate sensitive circulation of lakes (withdrawn)

Kalitina, E.; Buzoleva, L.
Influence of the chronic anthropogenic pollution of the superficial sea-waters on microbe communities structure and state

Olaka, L.
Hydrology and Land Cover Changes of The Nyando River Catchment, Kenya

Shibuo, Y; Jarsjö, J; Destouni, G
Hydrologic responses to climatic changes and irrigation expansion within the Aral Sea basin

Draganits, E.; Zámolyi, A.; Gier, S.; Hodits, B.; Exner, U.; Janda, C.; Grasemann, B.
Neusiedlersee/Fertö Tó area (Austria/Hungary): minimum estimates of former lake levels

Zlinszky , A.; Molnár , G.; Horváth , A.; Hámori , Z.; Székely , B.
Mapping of lacustrine sediment thickness and water depth of the Lake Balaton

Sauer, T.
Agriculture and aquatic Biodiversity - Impacts of Land-use Changes on the Suitability of European Freshwater Lakes for Conservation (withdrawn)

Kavusan, G.; Orhan, A.
Geology and invert sugar distribution in peatland of modern Karamik Lake-Afyon/Turkey

Alekseeva, I.; Jarsjö, J.; Schrum, C.; Destouni, G.
Reconstruction of historic changes of the Aral Sea water budget and sea-groundwater interactions by a coupled 3D sea-ice-groundwater model

Chalupova, D.; Jansky, B.
The Elbe River fluvial lakes - water and sediment quality as a result of anthropogenic activities

Artioli, Y.; Friedrich, J.; Vermaat, J.; Wulff, F. ; Gilbert, A.; Humborg, C.; Palmeri, L.
Nutrient budgets for European seas: a measure of the effectiveness of nutrient reduction policies

Gilbert, A.; Artioli, Y.; Daunys, D.; Friedrich, J.; Humborg, Ch.; Lowe, Ch.; McQuatters-Gallop, A.; Mee, L.D.; Olenin, S.; Palmeri, L.; ELME-WP3
Estimation of future nutrient enrichment in Europe’s regional seas

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