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  List of Accepted Contributions - GD12/G14 Kinematics and Geodynamics of the Mediterranean (co-organized by G) (co-listed in NH & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kleshev , K.; Balanyuk , I.; Akivis , T.
Northwestern Part of the Tethyan Region (The Karkinit Basin of the Black Sea).

Riguzzi, F.; Pietrantonio, G.; Piersanti, A.; Mahmoud, S. M.
Current motion and short-term deformations in the Suez-Sinai area from GPS observations

Wallace, L.M.; McCaffrey, R.; Beavan, J.; Ellis, S.
Spinning tectonic microplates at the transition from collision to subduction: a comparison of several western Pacific examples with Mediterranean active tectonics

Van Gorp, S.; Masson, F.; Chéry, J.
The use of Kriging to interpolate GPS velocity field and its application to the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone

Anvari, M.; Masson, F.; Van Gorp, S.; Djamour, Y.; Tavakoli, F.; Daignières, M.; Nankali, H.; Walpersdorf, A.
Large-scale crustal deformation in Iran inferred from GPS measurements

Hollenstein, Ch.; Geiger, A.; Kahle, H.-G.
Crustal deformation field in the eastern Mediterranean determined from 10 years of GPS measurements (withdrawn)

Argnani, A.; Serpelloni, E.; Bonazzi, C.; Anzidei, M.; Baldi, P.; Casula, G.
Pattern of deformation around the central Aeolian Islands: evidence from GPS data and multichannel seismics

Vanderhaeghe, O.; Duchêne, S.; Hibsch, C. ; Martin, L.; de St Blanquat, M.; Barrier, P.; Photiades, A.
From tectonic accretion to gravitational collapse of the Aegean crustal wedge in response to slab roll-back at the boundary between the converging African and European plates

Balbi, P.; Scafidi, D.; Corsi, B.
Geodynamic evolution of the Ligurian Sea area (Northern Italy): hypothesis of modelization from geological and geophysical data

Cenni, N.; Albarello, D.; Babbucci, D.; Baldi, P.; Mantovani, E.; Mini, S.; Tamburelli, C.; Viti, M.
Displacement field and deformation pattern from GPS data in the central and southern Italian area

van Hinsbergen, D.J.J
Quantitative analysis of the influence of subduction roll-back and Anatolian extrusion on Neogene west-Aegean rotations

Govers, R.; Langebroek, P.
Discriminating between possible causes for active tectonics of the SE Carpathians

Garate, J; Martin Davila, J; Perez Peña, A; Garcia Silva, C.
Plate Boundary Deformation at the Strait of Gibraltar Area from GPS episodic surveys and CGPS: preliminary results

Bertotti, G; Hardebol, N
Miocene to Present shortening and vertical movements in the S Adriatic region:

ArRajehi, A.; Mahmoud, S.; Reilinger, R.; McClusky, S.; Vernant, P.
Present-day Arabian plate motion and implications for Arabia-Eurasia continental collision

Valera, J. L.; Negredo, A. M.
Physical modelling of geodynamical processes proposed for the evolution of the Alboran Sea

Mahmoud, S.; Reilinger, R. ; McClusky, S.; Vernant, P.
Constraining the dynamics of plate interactions in the E Mediterranean

Gutscher, M.-A.; Dominguez, S.; Fernandes, R.M.; Miranda, J.M.
Seafloor deformation in the Gulf of Cadiz and GPS data indicate active WSW motion of the Gibraltar arc

Gutscher, M.-A.; Roger, J.
A locked subduction fault plane beneath Calabria (Southern Italy)?: historical seismicity, high resolution seismics and tsunami modeling

Ramirez for the RAP Team, M. E.; THE RAP TEAM
A positioning Network for Andalusia (Spain)

Pavlis, E.; Evans, K.; Mertikas, S.
Back-arc tectonic motion in western Crete, Greece: Chania and Gavdos vs. stable Eurasia

Scalera, G.
A new interpretation of the Mediterranean arcs: Mantle wedge intrusion instead of subduction

Wortel, R.; Spakman, W.; Govers, R.
Deep structure and evolution of the Cyprus Arc

Domzig, A.; Petit, C.; Déverchère, J.; Yelles, K.
Dynamics of the deforming Algerian margin: constraints from flexural gravity modelling

Scisciani, V.; Diligenti, A.; Montefalcone, R.
An integrated approach based on subsurface structural data and on rivers morphological features to explain the mechanism of uplift and to evaluate the strain rates in the Abruzzi Peri-adriatic region (Italy).

Jabaloy, A.; Fernandez-Fernandez, E.M.; Gonzalez-Lodeiro, F.; Sanz de Galdeano, C.
The structure of the eastern Betic Cordillera (SE Spain) according a seismic reflection profile

Mart, Y.
The Tectonics of the Levant Province: The structural patterns of a fading ocean

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