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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSP11/TS1 EUROMARGINS: The Eduard Suess Session on Processes shaping Margin Systems

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Mitchell, NC
Describing the development of submarine canyons using stream-bed erosion laws

Clift, P.; Draut, A.
Reading the sedimentary record in modern and ancient oceanic arcs

Kuznetsov, N.B.; Soboleva, A.A.; Udoratina, O.V.
Architecture of Neo-Proterozoic basement of North-Eastern European margin (Timan-Pechora basin and Northern part of Central Ural Uplifts) as a result of the Arctida – Baltia continental collision

Kouznetsov, N.B.
Comparison of the Late Paleozoic structure of the Southern Urals segment of the Eastern margin of Europe and the present-day nappes/thrust-fold structure of the Alpine segment of the Southern margin of Europe

Joye, S.; Boetius, A.; Kalanetra, K.; MacDonald, I.; Montoya, J.; Orcutt, B.; Samarkin, V.
Biogeochemical Signatures of Cold Seeps in Benthic and Pelagic Environments along the Gulf of Mexico Continental Margin. (withdrawn)

Czuba, W.
2.5-D seismic modelling based on deep seismic soundings in the northern Svalbard region

Dupré, S.; Woodside, J.; Klaucke, I.
Active fluid emission systems imaged by high resolution geophysics on the Nile Deep Sea Fan

Lastras, G.; Canals, M.; Amblas, D.; Ivanov, M.; the TTR-14 Leg 3 Shipboard Scientific Party, .
The Eivissa slides in the western Mediterranean sea: morphology, internal structure and their relation with fluid escape features

Cifelli, F.; Mattei, M.; Porreca, M.; Comas, M. ; Crespo Blanc , A. ; Faccenna , C.; Martín Rojas , I.
Paleomagnetic rotations in the Gibraltar Arc

Depreiter, D.
Mud volcanism and mounds on the Moroccan margin: origin and growth

Olesen, O.; Ebbing, J.; Lundin, E.; Skilbrei, J.R.; Torsvik, T.H.; Hansen, E.K.; Henningsen, T.; Midbře, P.; Sand, M.
A new tectonic model for the Eocene opening of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea - simplified geology by using modern aeromagnetic data

Hagmaier, M.; Steuber, T.; Immenhauser, A.; Van der Kooij, B.; Van der Land, C.; Sharif, L.; Onneken, J.
Evolution of depositional environments of the Apulian Margin (Kefalonia Island, Greece) during the mid-Cretaceous (Albian-Turonian)

Cavanagh, A.; diPrimio, R.; Horsfield, B.
Thermal History, Ice Loading and Inversion of the Southwestern Barents Sea as revealed by Basin Modelling

Thiebot, E.; Camurri, F.; Gutscher, M.A.; Klingelhöfer, F.; Perrot, J.
Deep structure of the Gulf of Cadiz from reflection/refraction seismic data

Rejas, M; Taberner, C; Schouten, S; De Baas , M; Mata, P; de Gibert, J.M; Díaz del Río, V; Somoza, L
Anaerobic methane oxidation and carbonate precipitation in the carbonate crusts from The Gulf of Cadiz

de Gibert, J.M; Rejas, M; Taberner, C; Mata, P; Díaz del Río, V; Somoza, L
An alternative interpretation for the carbonate " chimneys" from The Gulf of Cádiz as concretions around burrows

Domzig, A.; Le Roy, C.; Yelles, K.; Bouillin, J.-P.; Déverchčre, J.; Bracčne, R.; Mercier de Lépinay, B.; the MARADJA team
Geological limits evidenced offshore Algeria from new swath bathymetry and seismic data (Maradja cruise)

Van Rensbergen, P.; Depreiter, D.; Pannemans, B.; Henriet, J.P.
Sea floor expression of sediment extrusion and intrusion at the El Arraiche mud volcano field, Gulf of Cadiz

Fullea, J.; Fernŕndez, M.; Zeyen, H.
Integrated lithospheric modelling combining geoid undulation, elevation, and thermal distribution. A case of study: the Iberia-Africa plate boundary

Breivik, A. J.; Faleide, J. I.; Mjelde, R.
Late Miocene Magmatic Underplating of Oceanic Crust at the Outer Vřring Margin, Norway, Euromargins 2003 OBS Experiment

Schroeder, M.; Jokat, W.
P-wave modelling of the continent – ocean transition of the East Greenland volcanic margin north of Jan Mayen Fracture Zone

Yang, S. L.; Kvalstad, T.; Solheim, A.; Forsberg, C. F.
Parameter studies on the sediments in Storegga Slide

Kiss, J; Madarasi, A; Pracser, E; Schnegg, P; Varga, G
Comparison of structural information of 2D MT inversion with seismic, gravimetric, magnetic and geological data

Mansurbeg, H.; Morad, S.; Amorosi, A.; Garcia, D.; Marfil, R.; Nystuen, J.P.
The impact of meteoric-water flux on diagenetic alterations in Palaeocene deep-water, marine sandstones, The Shetland-faroes basin, The british continental shelf

Gay, A.; Berndt, C.; Contrucci, I.
Fluid migration and pockmarcks related to polygonal faults, hydrate layers and landslides near the Storegga slide, Norwegian margin.

Camurri, F.; Torelli, L.; Zitellini, N.; Thiebot, E.
The Miocene accretionary complex and olistostromes at the front of Betic-Rifian External units (Gulf of Cadiz)

MARRO, G.; Comas, M.
Active processes shaping two segments of the south-Iberian margin (NW margins of the Balearic-Algerian basin)

Magalhăes, VH; Pinheiro, LM; Ivanov, MK; Diaz-del-Rio, V; Somoza, L; Gardner, J
Distribution of Mud volcanism and control of seafloor seepage related authigenic carbonates in the Gulf of Cadiz

Dyksterhuis, S; Mueller, RD
Modeling Rifting of the Iberian-Newfoundland Margin with Ellipsis

Druet, M.; Muńoz, A.; Carbó, A.; Llanes, P.; Álvarez, J.
Analysis of the crustal structure and Ocean-Continent Trasition Zone in the Western Galicia Margin (Spain) from new marine gravity data.

Nuzzo, M.; Hensen, C.; Hornibrook, E.; Brueckmann , W. ; Magalhăes, V.; Parkes, R. ; Pinheiro, L.
Origin of Mud Volcano Fluids in the Gulf of Cadiz (E-Atlantic)

Hjelstuen, B.O.; Eldholm, O.; Faleide, J.I.
Cenozoic Depositional Environments and Mega-slides on the SW Barents Sea Margin

Henriet, J.P.; McKenzie, J.A.; the IODP Expedition 307 proponents
Drilling Challenger Mound (Porcupine Basin, W of Ireland): a contribution to European research on the microbial mediation in carbonate formation at low temperatures ?

Vanneste, M.; Bünz, S.; Mienert, J.
Multi-phase submarine Mega-slide Development on the Arctic Continental Margin North of Svalbard

Amblas, D.; Urgeles, R.; Canals, M.; Lastras, G.; Hughes-Clarke, J.E.
Morphogenetic meso-scale analysis of the northeastern Iberian continental margin

Alt-Epping, U.; Schneider, R.R.; Lebreiro, S.; Abrantes, F.
Organic matter composition in marine sediments off the Tagus River

Gutierrez-Alonso, G.; Fernandez-Suarez, J.; Weil, A. B.
The Asturian Arc: from Eduard Suess description to its relation with lithospheric delamination

Gutiérrez-Alonso, G.; Fernández-Suárez, J.; Collins, A.S.; Abad, I.; Nieto, F.
What is it underneath the core of the Asturian Arc?: Detrital mica ages finish Eduard Suess tale

Iribarren, L.; Vergés, J.; Fernŕndez, M.
The Atlantic continuation of the Betic-Rifean tectonic units: Gulf of Cadiz and NW African margin

Vanneste, M.; Berndt, C.; Mienert, J.
3D Seismic Imaging of Submarine Slide Development on the Western Svalbard Margin

Berndt, C.; Gay, A.; Planke, S.; Svensen, H.; Hili, S.
Vertical fluid pathways in passive margins

Bayon, G.; Loncke, L.; Dupre, S.; Gontharet, S.; Migeon, S.; Caprais, J.-C.; Huguen, C.; Mascle, J.; Pierre, C.; Foucher, J.-P.; The Nile Pockmark Group
Active pockmarks, mounds and slope instabilities on the Nile margin: In situ observations, geophysical, sedimentological and geochemical evidence

Scheck-Wenderoth, M.; Eue, E.; Falleide , J.I.; Mjelde , R.; Di Primio, R.; Horsfield , B.
Deformation at the Norwegian Continental Margin

Gac, S.; Geoffroy, L.
Axial magnetic anomaly segmentation along the East-Greenland volcanic passive margin compared to magnetic segmentation of the Mid- Atlantic Ridge: a similar origin?

Feseker, T.; Dählmann, A.; Foucher, J.-P.; Harmegnies, F.; Schlüter, M.
Thermo-hydrodynamic modeling of Isis mud volcano based on heat flow measurements and geochemical pore water analysis

Huguen, C.; Foucher, J.P.; Mascle, J.; Ondreas, H.; Thouement, M.; Loncke, L.; the Nautinil Scientific party, and
Active brine seepage on the Nile Deep Sea Fan: “in situ” dive observations on mud mounds in Menes Caldera (NAUTINIL Cruise, 2003)

Raum, T.; Mjelde, R.; Faleide, J.I.; Breivik, A.J.
Deep crustal models across the entire Vřring Margin (withdrawn)

Klein, G.; R. Ranero, C.; Klaeschen, D.; Reston, T.; Westbrook, G. ; Mjelde, R.; Pinheiro, L.
Illuminating sub-seafloor structures in 3D with Swath-Seismic mapping

Raum, T.; Mjelde, R.; Kravik, K.; Kolstř, H.J.
2D and 3D wide-angle imaging in the southern Vřring Basin using OBS-data

Raum, T.; Mjelde, R.; Faleide, J.I.; Breivik, A.J.
Deep crustal models across the entire Vřring Margin – from wide-angle (OBS) data.

Klaucke, I.; Sahling, H.; Bohrmann, G.; Weinrebe, W.
The variability of fluid-escape features imaged with deep-towed sidescan sonar: morphologies, backscatter facies and controls

Wienberg, C.; Dorschel, B.; Hebbeln, D.
Distribution of Cold-Water Corals in the Gulf of Cádiz under changing Late Quaternary climate conditions

Leroy, M; Gueydan, F; Dauteuil, O
Post-rifting passive margins uplift induced by conductive 2D thermal evolution of the lithosphere

Gumiaux, C.; Stephenson, R.; Verges, J.; Fernandez, M.
Structure and tectonic evolution of the hinge zone between the Valencia Trough, the Betics and the Alboran Sea

Duarte, J.C.; Rosas, F.; Pinheiro, L.M.; Matias, L.M.; Carvalho, A.M.; Terrinha, P.; Ivanov, M.
Interpretation of recent sedimentary and tectonic structures off SW Iberia from multibeam bathymetry, seismic reflection and experimental modelling

Seno, S.; Dallagiovanna, G.; Vanossi, M.
A kinematic model for the Central Ligurian Alps

Rovere, M.; Bortoluzzi, G.; Gutscher, M-A.; Matias, L.; Zitellini, N.
A New Magnetic Anomaly Compilation off SW Portugal

Biarc, A.I.; Andriessen, P.A.M; Juez-Larré, J.; Hartz, E.H.; Pascal, C.
Timing of the vertical movements of the Northern European margin system

Johnston, S.T.; Stampfli, G.M.; Borel, G.D.; Hochard, C.; English, J.; Mihalynuk, M.G.
The Plate Tectonic Odyssey of the Tethyan Cache Creek terrane of the Canadian Cordillera

Tsikalas, F.; Faleide, J.I.; Eldholm, O.; Wilson, J.
Conjugate mid-Norway and NE Greenland continental margins: Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectono-stratigraphic correlations and margin evolution

Nygard, A.; Sejrup, H.P.; Lekens, W.; Haflidason, H.; Iversen, H.
High output rates of subglacial till at the outlet of a paleo-ice stream draining the southwestern Fennoscandian Ice Sheet

Tsikalas, F.; Faleide, J.I.; Eldholm, O.; Breivik, A.J.; Mjelde, R.
Crustal structure of the Lofoten-Vesterĺlen continental margin off Norway

Omoregie, E; Alain, K; Boetius, A
Microbial processes and diversity at cold seeps in the Nile Deep Sea Fan

Wilson, R.W.; Imber, J.; McCaffrey, K.; Holdsworth, R.E.; Jones, R.R.; Welbon, A.; Roberts, D.
Lateral segmentation of the Lofoten-Vesterĺlen Margin, Northern Norway: insights from 3-D digital geological models

Duarte, J.; Niemann, H.; Magalhaes, V.; Boetius, A.; Pinheiro, L.
Anaerobic methane oxidation reduces methane efflux in sub-surface sediments of mud volcanoes in the Gulf of Cadiz

Huvenne, V.A.I; Masson, D.G.
Of sands and corals : the sedimentary environment of the Darwin Mounds, N. Rockall Trough

Foubert, A.; Henriet, J.-P.
From piston coring to IODP-drilling in recent carbonate mounds, Porcupine Seabight (SW of Ireland)

Caja, M. A.; Marfil, R.; Garcia, D.; Remacha, E.; Gual, G.
Dolomitisation processes affecting the yellow marker beds in the turbidite systems of the Hecho Group, South Central Pyrenean Basin, Spain

Acosta-Vigil, A.; Cesare, B.; Perini, G.; Tommasini, S.; London, D.; Morgan VI, G. B.
Partial melting of the mid-lower continental crust of the Alborán domain -western Mediterranean- during the Neogene

Gaullier, V.; Déverchčre, J.; Le Roy, P.; Domzig, A.; Sage, F.; and the MARADJA Team
The sedimentary and tectonic consequences of the Messinian salinity crisis on the Algerian margin, southwestern Mediterranean: insights from the MARADJA cruise

Huismans, R.S.; Beaumont, C.
Roles of Strain Softening and Heterogeneity in Determining the Geometry of Rifts and Continental Margins

Pinheiro, L. M.; Comas, M.; Magalhăes, V.; Carvalho, A.; Moedas, J.; Aguado, B.; Somoza, L.; Gardner, J.; Ivanov, M.
Structural control of hydrocarbon-rich fluid venting in the Gulf of Cadiz: new insights from the TTR-14 and MATESPRO cruises

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