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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS9/OS11 Open session on IMBER/SOLAS and sensitivity of marine ecosystems to climate change (co-listed in BG, CL & SSP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

La Ferla, R.; Azzaro, M.; Caruso, G.; Maimone, G.; Monticelli, L.S.; Zaccone, R.
Investigating microbial parameters for the characterization of biogeochemical variability in the Mediterranean sea

González, A.; Santana-Casiano, J.M.; González-Dávila, M.
Oxidation kinetic of Fe(II) in the presence of exudates from phytoplankton cultures

Tjiputra, JT; Arne M. Winguth, AMW
Adjoint sensitivity of the air-sea CO2 flux to ecosystem parameterization in a three-dimensional global ocean carbon cycle model

Jacquet, S.H.M; Dehairs, F.; Cavagna, A.J.; Dumont, I.; Becquevort, S.; Cardinal, D.; Lam, P.
Twilight zone C mineralization under different regimes of macro- and micronutrient availabilities in the Southern Ocean

Glessmer, M; Eden, C; Oschlies, A
Contribution of oxygen minimum zone waters to the coastal upwelling off Mauritania

Kettle, A.J.; Bakker, D.C.; Haines, K.
Impact of the North Atlantic Oscillation on the trans-Atlantic migrations of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla)

Sanders, R; Morris, P; Stinchcombe, M; Charalampopoulou, A; Poulton, A; Lucas, M ; Thomalla, S
Do opal and calcite enhance the flux of organic carbon from the photic zone

Sanders, R; Salter, I; Pollard, R; Statham, P; Lucas, M
Carbon export from an iron fertilised plankton bloom in the southern ocean

Harada, N.; Sato, M.; Okazaki, Y.; Oguri, K.; Tadai, O.; Konno, S.; Jordan, R.W.; Katsuki, K.; Shin, K.-H.; Narita, H.
Changes in C37 alkenones flux recorded in surface sediment on the eastern continental shelf of the Bering Sea: record of Emiliania huxleyi bloom over the past 100 years

Resplandy, L.; Lévy, M.; d'Ovidio, F.; Merlivat, L.
Impact of Submesoscale Variability of pCO2 on CO2 air-sea Fluxes

Belounis, M.; Mouchet, A.; Beckers, J.M
Modelling the carbon cycle in the Mediterranean sea

Kettle, H
Coupling bio-optics into a marine ecosystem model to enable comparison with ocean colour data

Sempere, R.; Tedetti, M.; Charriere, B.; Para, J.
Molecular distribution of dicarboxylic acids and related polar compounds in the Rhone River and coastal Mediterranean Sea Water in relation with Photochemical and bacterial processes

Sempéré, R.; Durrieu de Madron, X.; Guieu, C.
Presentation of the Marine Ecosystems Response in the Mediterranean Experiment programme (MERMEX) for the Mediterranean Sea

Cavagna, A.-J.; Cassar, N.; Dehairs, F. ; DiFiore, P.J.; Tilbrook, B.; Griffiths, B. ; Elskens, M.
Summer f-ratios and net community production in the Australian sector of Southern Ocean: contrasting regimes of nutrient availability and ecosystems functioning

Iovino, D. ; Levy, M.; Klein, P. ; Tréguier, A.-M.; Madec, G. ; Masson, S.; Takahashi, K.
Impact of sub-mesoscale physics on the biogeochemical equilibrium of idealized oceanic gyres

Henderiks, J.; Rickaby, R.; Zondervan, I.; Rost, B.; Bijma, J.
Coccolithophore growth, chemistry and calcification under decoupled ocean carbonate chemistry

Pulido-Villena, E.; Wagener, T.; Guieu, C.
Impact of aerosol inputs on oceanic ecosystem functioning: role of heterotrophic bacteria

Wagener, T; Pulido, E; Guieu, C
Atmospheric iron dissolution during a one-year time-series in the Mediterranean Sea

Guieu, G; Pulido-Villena, P; Dulac, F; Ridame, C; Pondaven, P; Loye-Pilot, L; Bergametti, B; Desboeuf, D; Losno, L
DUNE (a DUst experiment in a low Nutrient, low chlorophyll Ecosystem): Presentation of the project and results from its pilot phase

Toparceanu, F.; Negoita, T.G.; Nita, I.I.; Sava, D.
The present climate changes open wide frontiers to study ancient viruses

Fujii, A.; Kawano, K.; Boontanon, N.; Yoshida, O.; Watanabe, S.; Yoshida, N.
Production and sea-air flux of nitrous oxide

Vidal, M.; Morguí, J.-A.; Emelianov, M.; Vila, G.; Latasa, M.; Salat, J.
Mesopelagic respiration in the NW Mediterranean as a component of the efficiency of the carbon pump.

Vichi, M.; Patara, L.; Masina, S.; Fogli, P.G.; Manzini, E.
The response of marine biogeochemistry to atmospheric CO2 increase: simulations with a coupled Earth System Model

Salihoglu, B.; Garcon, V.; Oschlies, A.; Lomas, M.
Controls on nutrient dynamics and carbon export at BATS

Oguz, T.; Salihoglu, B. ; Fach, B.
Nonlinear controls of anchovy stock and anchovy-gelatinous regime shift in the Black Sea: A modeling study

Quartly, G.D.; Jaquemet, S.; Le Corre, M.; Monticelli, D. ; Ramos, J.
Climatological effects on the breeding of terns

Peeken, I; Gros, V; Bluhm, K; Zoellner, E; Martino, M; Röttgers, R; Sarda-Esteve, R
Carbon monoxide emissions by phytoplankton off the Mauritanian coast.

Mouchet, A.; Loutre, M.F.; Fichefet, T.; Goosse, H.; Huybrechts, P.
Ocean biogeochemical cycles and climate sensitivity in an Earth system model

Fach, B.; Salihoglu, B.; Oguz, T.
Environmental influence on anchovy eggs and larvae transport in the Black Sea: a modeling study

Simó, R.; Saló, V.; Ruiz, C.; Lana, A.; Galí, M.; Gasol, J.M.
Oceanic DMS emission: a tiny yet climatically significant leak from tight biogeochemical cycling

Álvarez, M.; Brea, S.; Álvarez-Salgado, X.A.
Oxygen utilization rates and C:N molar ratios in the South Atlantic: a new methodology approach

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