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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSP9 Dynamics of Sedimentary Basins - Evolution, Salt- and Fluid Dynamic (co-listed in GD & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Zoellner, H.; Schikowsky, P.; Reicherter, K.
Pre-Alpine evolution of the coastal Mecklenburg Bay (North German Basin) – high-resolution seismic analysis

Francuski, M; Naglic, V
Increasing exploatation of oil reserves on the field Velebit with the method of rational enrichment of the well’s net

Plotnikova, I.N.
New data of morden activ geofluid regim of fractured zones of crystalline basement and sedimentary cover of eastern part of volgo-ural region

Legler, B.; Schneider, J. W.
Facies evolution of the Southern Permian Basin depending on tectonics, eustatic sea-level fluctuations of the Proto-Atlantic and variability of climate (Upper Rotliegend, Northwest Europe)

Bayer, U. ; Gajewski, D.; Maystrenko, Yu.
Strain localisation during basin inversion in the North German Basin and the Donbas fold belt

Yegorova , T.; Bayer, U. ; Maystrenko, Yu.; Thybo, H.; Scheck-Wenderoth, M.
The gravity signature of the Central European Basin System (CEBS)

Bayer, U.; Magri, F.; Pekdeger, A.; Tesmer, M.
Deep fluid migration combining numerical modelling and hydrochemical data

Cacace, M.; Bayer, U.; Marotta, A. M.
Stress and strain modelling in the Central european basin system during the Mesozoic (withdrawn)

Tesmer, M. ; Magri, F.; Möller, P.; Pekdeger, A. ; Bayer, U.
Hydrochemical and numerical modelling of geogenic groundwater salinzation in the North German Basin

Maystrenko, Yu.; Bayer, U.; Scheck-Wenderoth, M.
Evolution of salt structures in relation to tectonic events

Warren, J. K.; Cheung, A.; Cartwright, I.
Geochemical, isotopic and seismic indicators of fluid flow in pressurised growth anticlines and mud volcanoes in modern deepwater slope and rise sediments of offshore Brunei Darussalam

Khriachtchevskaia , O.I.; Stovba , S.M.
Meso-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Odessa shelf on seismic analysis and 1-D modelling (Ukrainian Black sea)

Bak Hansen, M.; Scheck-Wenderoth, M.; Huebscher, C.; Lykke-Andersen, H.; Dehghani, A.; Hell, B.; Gajewski, D.
Basin evolution of the northern part of the Northeast German Basin – insights from a 3D structural model (withdrawn)

Rodon, S.; Littke, R.; Nelskamp, S.
Thermal and maturity history of sedimentary rocks in the vicinity of salt structures - a numerical modelling study in the North German Basin

Götze, H.-J.; Arndt, S.; Bode, T.; Cremers, A.B.; Hese, F.; Rabbel, W.; Schaefers, M.; Schlesinger, A.; Theilen, F.
Correlation of basement structures and sedimentary basin tectonics - results from the CORTEC project

Nelskamp, S.; David, P.; Littke, R.
The structural evolution of the Netherlands onshore – a 2D analysis

Adriasola Muńoz, Y.; Littke, R.; Nelskamp, S.; Brix, M. R.
Evolution of the Lower Saxony Basin and the Bramsche Massif

Resak, M.; Narkiewicz, M.; Littke, R.
Regional basin modelling in the Polish part of the Central European Basin System – general overview on the project and first results

di Primio, R.; Neumann, V.; Ondrak, R.; Lippmann, R.; Gaupp, R.; Horsfield, B.
Fluid Evolution in HPHT Settings of the Central Graben, North Sea

Schwarzer, D.; Busch, A.; Krooss, B.M.; Littke, R.
MSSV Pyrolysis of Vitrinite - Investigations on Gas Generation and Vitrinite Reflectance

Ondrak, R.; Lippmann, R.; Gaupp, R.; di Primio, R.; Neumann, V.; Horsfield, B.
Diagenesis and organic-inorganic interactions of HPHT-reservoirs in the Central Graben of the North Sea

Bábek, O.; Francu, E.
Thermal maturity of the Palaeozoic Moravo-Silesian Basin: a digital image analysis approach to conodont colour alteration index (CAI)

Sippel, J.; Scheck-Wenderoth, M.; Reicherter, K.; Mazur, S.
The post-Variscan Paleostress History of the Central European Basin System (CEBS) – first results

Lehné, R.; Sirocko, F.
Recent geodynamic processes in Schleswig-Holstein – Cause and influence on (energy supply-) infrastructure of the country

Schmidt, M.; Botz, R.; Aeschbach-Hertig, W.; Bayer, R. ; Schmitt, M.; Boettcher, M.; Stoffers, P.; Bonatti, E.
Biogeochemistry of brines in the Northern Red Sea

Plessen (Mingram), B.; Lüders, V.; Hoth, P.; Wemmer, K.
The generation and migration of nitrogen in the North-German Basin

Stovba, S.M.; Stephenson, R.A.; Vengrovitch , D.B.
Style and timing of salt tectonics in the Dniepr-Donets Basin (Ukraine): implications for triggering and driving mechanisms of salt movement in sedimentary basins

Hese, F.; Arndt, S.; Bode, T.; Cremers, A. B.; Götze, H.-J.; Rabbel, W.; Schlesinger, A.; Theilen, F.
3d density modelling in the southern North Sea Basin

Soto, R.; Casas-Sainz, A.M.; del Río, P.
Geometry of half-grabens with shallow interlayered décollement: insights from sandbox experiments

Botz, R.; Wehner, H.; Schmidt, M.; Stoffers, P.
Organic-rich sediments in brine-filled deeps, Red Sea

Mohr, M.; Kukla, P.A.; Urai, J.L.; Warren, J.K.; Irmen, A.
Analysis of salt dynamics in 4D: structural, sedimentary and salt tectonic evolution of the East Frisia area and its implications for the North German basin

Lüders, V.; Reutel, C.; Hoth, P. ; Plessen, B.; Banks, D.A.; Pettke, T.
Fluid evolution and gas migration in the North German Basin

Nutu, M.L.
Shelf Sedimentation – an Example from the Miocene mixed siliciclastic and evaporitic Succession from Putna Area (southwestern Part of East Carpathians)

Arndt, S.; Götze, H.-J.; Hese, F.; Rabbel, W.; Schlesinger, A.; Theilen, Fr.
Salt diapir evolution in the German North Sea sector (CORTEC)

Schlesinger, A.; Arndt, S.; Götze, H.-J.; Hese, F.; Rabbel, W.; Theilen, Fr.
Fault systems of the southern North Sea acting as pathways for fluid and gas migration (CORTEC)

Hoffmann, N.; Horejschi, L.
The geodynamic Situation of the North German Basin during the Lower Carboniferous - new Magnetotelluric results

Yoon, M.; Baykulov, M.; Dümmong, S.; Brink, H.-J.; Gajewski, D.
New insights into the crustal structure of northern Germany

Nover, G.
Petrophysical rock data from the Schleswig, Fehmarn, Oldenbüttel Glückstadt and Lingen drillings

Tanner, D.C.; Lohr, T.; Krawczyk, C.M.; Oncken, O.; Endres, H.; Samiee, R.; Trappe, H.; Kukla, P.
Determination of small-scale structures around faults using 3D kinematic retro-deformation - Examples from Permian strata in the NW German Basin

Guillaume, B.; Dhont, D.; Brusset, S.; Backé, G.
3-D geologic modelling and tectonic control on stratigraphic architecture in the Tremp basin (south-central Pyrenees, Spain)

Petersen, K.D.; Nielsen, S.B.; Thybo, H.
A fast quantitative three dimensional model of sedimentary basin formation and evolution

Homke, S.; Vergés, J.; Serra-Kiel, J.; Bernaola, G.; Van der Beek, P.; Sharp, I.
Cenezoic evolution of the early Zagros foreland basin in the Lurestan Province (NE Zagros). Insights from biostratigraphy of the Amiran-Kashkan detritic sequence and new fission tracks dating.

Reicherter, K.R.; Lindhorst, S.; Kaiser, A.
Interaction of long-term tectonic uplift and ice-induced processes in the Central European Basin System: a potential georisk?

Ismail-Zadeh, A.; Krupsky, D.; Wilhelm, H.; Volozh, Y.; Antipov, M.; Tinakin, O.
Numerical modelling of the geothermal and structural evolution of the Astrakhan crest, SW-Pricaspian salt basin (Russia)

Bilgili, F. ; Götze, H.-J.; Schmidt, S. ; Lippmann, A.
Intrusion vs. Inversion at Southern Rim of Northwest German Basin: 3D- Gravity Modelling by the Aid of the Digital Geotectonic Atlas

Krezsek, C.; Adam, J.; King, S.; Grujic, D.
3D Gravity Spreading of Passive Margins: insights from Analogue Modeling and Particle Image Velocimetry Analysis

Modelling the geometry of inverted basins by means of paleomagnetic studies. Examples from the Iberian Ranges and Basque-Cantabrian basin (Northern Spain)

Durrieu, N.; Brun, J.P.; Raillard, S.
Lateral variations of salt tectonics patterns in the Angolan passive margin

Enchery, G.; Fuhrmann, J.; Magri, F.; Bayer, U.
Numerical Modelling of Thermohaline Convection in the North-East German Basin: Results of Finite Volume Simulations.

Benko, Zs.; Molnar, F.; Lespinasse, M.; Pécskay, Z.
Relationship of multi-process Variscan and Alpean hydrothermal fluid flow and tectonic in the Velence Mts. (W-Hungary)

Muslimov, R. Kh; Smelkov, V. M.; Borisov, A. S.
Replenishment of Hydrocarbon Resources of Tatarstan as Consequence of Dynamical process in Sedimentary Basin

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